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Posted 8/8/09 , edited 8/8/09

Ironoside's Surprise &It's link With 1000 Swrds-Man

Friday 03/07/2009

- Oh no two princesses
- Which one I must choose now…
- Who will win?
- I think it’s early for our little princess to fight…
- Princess Otara is stronger but …
- I will cheer for both of them
- ….
(Two teams came in Fighting Circuit)
(VIP part)
Onas – I think we should be silence here
Shano – yes that’s better…
Fira – {…}
(In Spectators)
Ayoma – Ironoside go for it
Dani – Kora go for…
(Ayoma hit Dani)
Ayoma – why you cheer Ironoside’s opponent?
Dani – oh I don’t know…
(Another hit on Dani’s head)
(In Fighting Circuit)
Storm – {Kora Prince of Fire Vs Ironoside with that power…}
(Storm remembering)
…(Ironoside’s sword which was on the ground started to shake, over the time the tremble become faster and faster)
…(Storm, Fira & Mady notice the shake on Ironoside’s sword)
…(When the ball became very near to Ironoside the sword flies by itself and stops the attack)
…(No one knows what’s happened; all the people thought that the Ice and Water balls hit Ironoside)
(back to real time)
Storm – {… it will be an awesome fight I think… also two princesses fight…..}
(Ironoside with his 4 Swords & Shino one side)
(Kora with his sword & Otara on the other Side)
Storm – are you ready?
Ironoside & Shino – yes
(Otara moves his head down [she meant they are ready])
(Storm Started to Fly)
All people – Yahhhhhhhhhhhh
Storm – Fight….
(Shino again starts her full attack and Ironoside again throw his two swords in the sky)
Otara & Kora - !!!!!!
(The wood’s attack with high speed was going toward Otara and Kora)
(Otara uses her Wood as Defense to avoid the attack and Kora Slashs those woods that was going toward him)
(Kora thought Ironoside will attack like yesterday)
Kora – Princess be careful he is going to come….
Otara – let him come…
(But they saw Ironoside was standing there without any move)
Ironoside – as I planed…
(There was one sword behind Kora and another sword behind Otara)
Kora – what the hell…………
Otara – impossible… where those two swords came from…
(The two swords were flying by their own)
Ironoside – those two swords are under my control and they can slash you two anytime I want…so submit yourselves?
- What is that?
- How those two swords can fly?
- is it his Ultimate Power?
- I heard about so many kinds of Ultimate Power but this one…
- ….
(In the Sky)
Storm – {so he really can control them….}
(In the old Store, Yabis is watching the fight from TV)
Yabis –hahahaaha no wonder thatI felt such power was coming from him….
(In the Middle of Spectators)
Ayoma – is that Ironoside’s Power?
Dani – it seems that way…
(In VIP Part)
Shano – that power… Fira did you know about that?
Fira - …
(Fira left)
Shano – Fira… Fira….
Onas – Shano leave him alone…
Shano - …..
Onas – that’s right this boy Ironoside has the same Power of 1000Swords-Man but…. Is it possible? ….
(At Fighting Circuit)
Shano – {… so this is what Ironoside meant by his power…}
Kora – { … he planned for all of this…. He made me and Otara concentrate on the Wood’s attack and to take our attention from him, but those two swords…….}
Ironoside – No answer???
Otara – who you think we are
Ironoside - ….
Kora & Otara – yaaaaaaaaa
(Otara Surrounds herself by Wood and Kora surrounds himself by Fire)
(The sword that was behind Otara attacks her but it hits the wood, and the Sword that was behind Kora attacks him to but it hits Kora’s Fire Sword)
Ironoside – Fire Sword???
(Kora removs the Fire that was around him while his sword is disappearing)
Kora – I think I must use my full power against you Ironoside…
(From Otara big wood came toward Ironoside)
(Ironoside jumps back to avoid the attack)
Otara – we didn’t expect this power from you… any way it’s the time to fight with our real power
Ironoside – as you two want
(One of Ironoside Swords was attacking Kora and Kora was defending himself whereas the other sword was attacking Otara)
Shino – {… what I am doing …Ironoside’s is fighting and me….)
Ironoside – what wrong Ren?
Shino – you are fighting them alone what about…
Ironoside – and who said on my own? What you doing here then? You are with me right?
Shino – yes but…
Ironoside- hahahah your real mission hasn’t started yet
Shino - ?!!!
Ironoside – you must defeat Otara that’s your mission can you do it?
Shino – big sister?
Ironoside –somehow she thinks you are weak, so you must show her she's wrong.
Shino – but how? defeating her? It’s impossible she is in level two and me…
Ironoside – at first I didn’t know I have Ultimate Power but I didn’t scare from my enemies… you know why? Easy…. because nothing is impossible… you must believe this too
Shino – thanks Ironoside
Ironoside – ok then I will fight Kora and you fight Your Sister don’t let her to win Ren
Shino – Sure……………………………………………….

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter29

Writer : Ironoside
Posted 8/8/09 , edited 8/8/09
Konbanw writer.. Ogenki desuka?
so (There was one sword behind Kora and another sword behind Otara) …sogiiiiii attack u r smart not a baka after all..

BUT WHEN HE SAID you know why? Easy…. because nothing is impossible… you must believe this too
o so now we have wise kid not a dragon kid any more lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllz but really nice words..

u know (fact) when I read this story I live in it not just to imagain .. hmm creepy to see his power even thought I think it's nothing untill now....any way this how the story have to lets watch it ..wating for the next chapter ..GO WRITER FOR ITがんばってね!

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Posted 8/9/09 , edited 8/10/09
aww thats so sweet of him to say that to Ren...=3
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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 4/10/10 , edited 4/11/10
woah u never cease 2 amaze me ironoside i admire ur courage old man . how nice of u to say that 2 me . i mean 2 ren chan so sweet u better win man or i'll be ur next opponent and i won't go easy on u ... got it
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