Grindell's Past: Nirvana War
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Posted 8/8/09 , edited 8/8/09
This will be replacing "Grindell's Past: Link". Unlike other stories, this will be done by different authors, starting with dmitrivalentine. Each author continues where the last author left off. Currently only 3 people (dmitrivalentine, Sirberius, and blacksheep12) have signed up. Also, to make things interesting, authors cannot share ideas for conspiracies or things like that, in order to make the authors have to tie things together on their own. I'll write the first section first and then let either Sirberius or blacksheep12 go next.

Preview: This story will focus around the Nirvana War, a three-way war between Nirvanism, HyBreed, and an Atlantis army controlled by Elder God L'rac'magi. Currently Nirvanism is controlled by ex. Elder God L'rae'de while HyBreed is ruled by Solomon Gregorovitch, otherwise known as Count Grindell.
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Posted 8/8/09 , edited 8/8/09
Grindell's Past: Nirvana War (part 1)

"Solomon, come in here," said Count Rudolph Gregorovitch.
Rudolph's son, Solomon Gregorovitch, a hybrid, walked into his father's study. To his horror, he found his mother, Cloud Darling, dead on the floor next to the decapitated butler, Owl Fletcher. He screamed.
Rudolph, holding a bloody knife, began walking towards his son.
"There's nothing to fear," said Rudolph. "I'm just gonna get rid of a pest from your mother's affair."
Solomon took a step back.
"Don't be afraid, this knife is going to help you," said Rudolph.
Rudolph was now a couple feet away. Solomon could smell the alcohol in his father's breath.
"Good... Good..." said Rudolph as he hugged his son. "Still will only hurt a bit."
Rudolph lunged the knife into Solomon's back and...
Solomon Gregorovitch woke up to a cold sweat.
"I had that nightmare again," muttered Solomon.
Makat Mitzrayim, Solomon's second in command of HyBreed, walked into the tent.
"Are you okay, Count Grindell?" asked Mitzrayim, heir to the Makat family fortune.
Grindell... the name Solomon had adopted after he killed his father. The beloved father who tried to kill him.
When Rudolph tried to kill Solomon, something awoke. Something inside. Before the dagger could pierce Solomon's back, two "others" emerged and stopped the knife. They were Legato and Heliosephysis. Solomon and the "others" then proceeded to killing Rudolph. Afterwards, Solomon became Grindell and started HyBreed, an army of hybrids.
Ten years later, a new religion of sorts in the Southernlands was created by an ex. Elder God named L'rae'de. It was called Nirvanism. The followers gained strange abilities called Crystals. When the Makat family, a rich hybrid family in the Southernlands, showed concern about the tip of power in the area, a group of Nirvanism followers led by Baas Bates slaughtered the Makat family; only Mitzrayim and his younger brother, Bechorot, survived. This led to a war between Nirvanism and the HyBreed. When Elder God L'rac'magi, L'rae'de's brother, sent a proxy to stop Nirvanism, the proxy was killed by Barad, a HyBreed member. This caused L'rac'magi's army to not only fight Nirvanism but HyBreed as well.
"I am fine," snapped Grindell. "Any news of L'rac'magi's forces?"
"Dever found out from Lord Ish'Rai that L'rac'magi made a prophecy Zar' Crah so he's believed to have stationed there," reported Mitzrayim.
"A prophecy?"
"The townsfolk are calling it the Prophecy of World's Salvation. According to the prophecy, a king's brother will guide the heirs of Ish'Rai, Cross, Drauest, and Darling will bring salvation from the End of the World."
"The End of the World? That's only a legend parent's tell their children before bed," Grindell said, remembering how his mother Cloud always told him about it.
"Irrelavent. Our scouts tell us that Nirvanism has an army heading towards Zar' Crah."
"Interesting. If we wait, we can let those two sides destroy each other and then we can wipe the remaining forces out."
"I like that. Who should we send?"
"The Plagues."
The Plagues was HyBreed's elite unit that consisted of Dam, Tsfardeia, Kinim, Arov, Dever, Shkhin, Barad, Arbeh, Choshech, and Mitzrayim's younger brother, Bechorot.
"You know what, I want to watch it myself. Mitzrayim, you're coming with me. We'll leave the rest of HyBreed here with Seithereen."

An hour later, Grindell, Mitzrayim, and the Plagues, plus a small task force, were advancing towards Zar' Crah. A servant of Dam ran on ahead, eager to see the fighting. He was about ten feet away from the group when he blew up. The HyBreed quickly mobilized.
From the smoke appeared St. Sutherland, one of Nirvanism's strongest Maesters. With him were two angels: Jou'se and Darrel.
"What's going on!" demanded Grindell.
"Nothing much," said St. Sutherland, " we just so happened to have ambushed you. Now, Count Grindell, say your prayers."
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