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The Mystical Community: A New Hybrid Hero for a New Century (Season 1)

[Words from author]
- This will be a concise account of present history of the Mystical Community, but changes might occur due to the process of historical disagreements with me and the other writers. Everything written here will be the basis (if possible) of a manga written by me (drawn by ??????); I didn't use the word "The" because I believe there are more than a thousand stories that can be told in this Mystical Universe, and a thousand versions of it's writing and art styles. This will also be the basis of how Political, Cultural and Hierarchical mechanisms work in the M. Universe.

- There may be a time where I will be using characters owned by other members, but only to either introduce their importance to the Universe that I've written; or to make the plot shift into a different level. I will not use them to the extent that I've changed their personality, abilities, history and biography. And if I do happen to abuse the character, the creator of that character can correct me.
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Opening: Trials of Champions - by 3 Inches of Blood
1st Episode: Telling The Tale of a Powerful Hybrid

"Come on Vance," said the lady. "I don't want you getting mixed up with that old man again."
"But Keiri," he replied, "I never heard about this part before, you always-"
"-Now Vance; need I remind you that that man is a fool and probably senile," she answered. "And I don't want you ending up as one."
"Missy!" cried the old smelly man, "Child with no tales grow old, cowardly and lame. Lame lame lame, don't let this young grow lame! "
The lady covered her nose and shivered to the stink of the old man. "Don't ever get near us again, you you, you old coot. And you Vance," she said, "you know better than talking to strangers."
She dragged him away from the old coot and gripped his forearm tight. The old man grinned and showed a sign that he will meet the young Vance again in his sleep. Vance smiled cheerfully.

At a cottage in Glycosa.

A young boy snugged tight beneath his blanket. He wiggled his toes and waited for his aunt. Stretching his body, blinking his eyes and getting drowsy. Finally she comes, she sat beside him and brushed his hair. He kissed his forehead goodnight but he didn't want her to leave yet; his hands was evidence of that.
"Tell me again about Mom and Dad," he requested.
"It's already late Vance," she replied. "And you already know almost every story about them."
"But," he mumbled.
"I promise," she said, "next time, I'll tell you something new."
She smiled and patted his head. She left the room and soon he fell asleep.

*Poke* *Poke* *Poke* "I'm too tired" *Poke* *Poke* "It's sunday, I don't have to work to-" *POKE*
"Wakey wakey wakey, sleeping little baby" said the old man.
Vance jumped to the surprise and suddenly remembered their promise- also curious as to how the old man enters the second room floor; it was fair to observe the old man was weak with his age. Vance sat down quietly on his bed and waited for the old man to start his tale; But suddenly the old coot stood up and started to survey around Vance's room. The boy watched as the old coot started looking at his toys and books, at his table and chair, and then at his toy sword. Then the old coot took the wooden sword and hid it under his clothe; it was a fine looking toy sword too. Vance was tearful but did not make a sound.
"Price for stories. stories ain't cheap," the old coot said. "Not worry, none worry. I will bring this back when you need it. Swords for Stories, Swords for Stories," said the old man, which made no sense and confused our young Vance even more.
"Okay" he whispered back for formality.
"Yes," he said. "Sirberius yes? his story; not the stories of knights of chivalry and or mighty Gods that was in wars? not Noble Tales of the Vampire Kings that made peace possible for centuries; not the Sea Beasts, not? yes?"
"Yes," he said then he said, "I mean no," His eyes returned to being tearful because of the confusion.
"Okay," the old coot responded, "I will tell you the story, before the Council, before the King of Glycosa built Glycosa. Before Sirberius is Sirberius now." The old coot slipped his hands under his clothe and took out a large dusty book. He started to flip pages and pages, and started to smell them.
Vance, to his curiosity sneaked quietly behind the old coot's back, stared at the pages and was surprised again! The pages had no letters, no runes, no symbols! And not even a magical face to tell the tale. He gripped tight at the old coot's clothe, wanting some answers for the lack of letters.
The old coot urged the young boy to return to his bed and wait, "Tricky thing stories; they hide when you most need thems. I am finding them, but you musn't look. No, you musn't."
"But, But-"
"You don't trust me?"
"I do, I do. But Keiri said that you're just making these stories up."
"No, no. These stories, she don't know. Stories only I know; stories only I can read, I steal them from the library-"
"-The Royal Council's Library!"
"Yes! Shhh Shhh," The old coot answered. "Something attacked Glycosa once, Library got struck and Books fly like angels. I like angels so I took books, and they took it back. But they don't know I hid some. Hiding special things is what I do, quite well. Quite well indeed."
Young Vance was excited and couldn't wait for the story to start, but he had to wait. The old coot was still flipping pages and sniffing at them; for some reason even I [the author] don't know.
"It's here," the old coot proclaimed.
"The story?" asked Vance.
"Yes," he answered. "The beginning of how Council King Sirberius is King."
"You mean leader-"
"King is what I say and I say it's final," he declared. "The Tale of a Powerful Hybrid, name: Sirberius Reono. It was three hundred and forty seven [347] years ago whe-"
"-Wait, Sirberius is that old! But he looks so young."
"Stop interrupting. Stories now, magic lessons later."
"You know magic?!"
The old coot sighed and continued, "It was 347 years ago, a hybrid was. . ."


347 years ago, in the desert plains of Ard Dune, a Hybrid trudged under the hot scorching sun. He was thirsty, and was suffering from a mild amnesia. He could see the hot air around him and mirages were very frequent, but that wasn't enough to delude him; again.
"Hey Sparda," he said to himself. "We could at least try and check out that beach there, just check if it's real."
No reply.
"Come on!" he cried out, "It's clearly there, it won't harm us if it isn't."
"No, for the last time," a voice said, "we should just continue straight till we find water."
"But what if we're just heading north, or south," he complained. "We don't even know where east is; we really should have listened to father when he was lecturing us about traveling." He chuckled and quickly fell silent.
The voice was silent.
Sirberius screamed and fired his Rengito [Dual Guns] at random directions.
"Stop," Sparda proposed. "We still don't know how we got here, the enemy could still be out there."
"Enemy!" another voice interrupted; this voice was Zane Hediyoshi. "If that bastard, whoever he is, even tries to get close; I'll cut him like- ah fuck! Too tired."
A man slowly appeared in the horizon; he was covered in a brown cloak. He was walking towards Sirberius and Sirberius towards him. The man was holding a staff and dragging it on the sand, he was occupied with something and didn't even notice Sirberius. Sirberius was in his fighting stance expecting a battle, but it was clear he was of no interest to the man.
"Hey mister," Sirberius said. "Hey."
The man then turned his head, he looked like a blind man, jerking his head like that.
"Yes you," said Sirberius, "the only guy with me in the desert."
The man fell down, face flat on the floor, and Sirberius ran to assist. As he tried to force the man up, Sirberius felt a stabbing pain in his belly but didn't mind it at first, then it started to bother him and it turned into great pain.
"Get away from him now!" commanded Sparda and Zane. He leaped far from the man and started to fire his Dual Guns in full speed, but served no good.
"Good," the man said. "You're not fully weakened by the desert."
But Sirberius did not listen and drew his Dual Swords and started to dash towards the man. Sirberius was about to stab him, but the Swords quickly became heavy. He was confused and annoyed at the same time, he wanted revenge for whatever this man has done to his stomach.
"Your Kim-Un-Kur is wise," the man said; shocking Sirberius but not enough to stop his objective. "You feel the swords weighing in on you?"
SIrberius used all his force, wanting to stab the man; or should I say Zane (Sirberius alternate persona) wants to stab the man.
"Stop it," the man requested. "You should listen to the other one. It's not the weapon that's heavy, it's your arms."
"What?!" Sirberius shouted.
"It's your arms."
He looked at his arms and saw that the man was right, it wasn't moving as he wanted it to. It wasn't heavy in particular but not following his commands. "What did you do to me?!" he screamed again. [as we can see here, Sirberius is such a kid.]
"I told you, listen to your other self," he poked SIrberius forehead to bend it.
"Stop Sirberius!" cried Sparda who was apparently screaming for a long while.
"Good, now follow me."
Sirberius fell down on the sand and asked Sparda: "What are you doing, we can take this guy!"
"Look at your belly. it's a binding seal," replied sparda, "a really old one too-old enough for me to have no knowledge of-, it would be suicide for us to kill this man."
Sirberius stood up and picked up his weapons. "What do you want?" asked Sirberius.
"Follow me," he said. "It was hard enough bringing you here in Ard Dune, and looking for you was even harder. I had to make a line so I wouldn't lose the gate," the man said looking at the line drawn by his staff.
Sirberius cautiously followed him, and strange enough, he wasn't tired anymore. They walked for long time, not longer than Sirberius's trudge in the desert, they had to fight sandworms, tribes of Sand Bandits, and beasts. It wasn't very easy for Sirberius, not for the reason that he was inexperienced, but because it felt like he was fighting for a long time under the scorching sun; it was also annoying for him to focus seeing the man, eating desert Kaiwaan leaves, rarely disturbed by battle. It also annoyed Sirberius following a line drawn in the desert, and sometimes there were lines that intersected the original and it took awhile for the man to know which line was the correct one-they were lost twice but succeeded in choosing the right line when they drew a symbol to tell them which line they already crossed.The full moon was above them now, and Sirberius lost all his patience; if he ever had any.
"Ok!" he cried out. "That's it! I've had it with this, you-"
The moonlight started to fall straight down in front of them, then a mirror door appeared. Even though Sirberius was ignorant of many things this, to him, was clearly no strange artifact made by amateurs. It opened and it was too bright, but he entered easily, following the man inside.
Amazing! it was like a great hall filled with many Mystic Beings watching over them. He could tell there were two sides; in his left were Demons and hellish creatures; while on the right were angels and elementals. And in front of him was a mystery, they were powerful beings, even powerful than Gods. Sirberius have little trust when it comes to Gods, and we have not enough time to tell you the reason to this.
"So this is your candidate!" a voice cried out on the left side.
"This is absurd if you think that rubbish will own up to the-"
"-Well at least it looks a lot stronger than you pansies chose!" interrupted a different voice from the left side.
"Enough," the voice from the front said, "We will not discard the opinions of every Elder. Elder Immortal, Velorudeist, this is your final hour. Are you sure that this will be your candidate-"
"-Hey you assholes!" Sirberius shouted, "I don't know what's going on here but-" Velorudeist quickly slapped Sirberius throwing him off his knees. "Why you-"
"-Elder Elemental, Oron, forgive him. Yes he is the one I've chosen," answered Velorudeist to the being that was covered in Black Flame.
Slowly Sirberius discovered that the beings in front of him were so beyond him, that he was sure he can't even beat one. The left side and the right side of the dome had their own strong ones and weaklings; but even that Sirberius is certain that he will have trouble. There were 15 beings in front of them, and no doubt the beings on both sides were spectators, or audiences; but for what.
"Clearly he has no quality of a leader," said Elder God Alberic. "That childish tone is a sign of it; weakness. That is no leader."
"Do not judge a child by the blood on their cheeks, Elder God Alberic" said Elder Devil Orverius[Don't let the name fool you, Orverius is female]. "This one seems to have some nasty qualities, would you care to offer the reasons Velorudeist."
"Yes, he is a hybrid of a a vampire."
"Ah," Elder Devil Orverius delighted, "no wonder I'm fascinated."
The beings on the right side screamed, protested and leaped from their seats in protest. "This is ridiculous!" protested an wizard, "not only have you chosen a Hybrid but a Vampirian too. You mock us immortal."
"Vampires are weak!" screamed a Infernal Angel from the left; there are so much differences in every Angel that is born in hell/DeathDimension/Inferno. "Why do we entertain this tomfoolery! this is a joke having a Vampire Hybrid. It wasn't even funny having a impure blood as the Warden in Bloodspire. Now this!"
A squeaking voice started to interrupt, a noise somewhat like a rat. It was Elder Fairy Nymph Essina, who finally used a sound spell to increase the volume of her voice, "Gentlemen, I wish you not question and doubt the Elders process," she said. And in this it was enough to quiet them down for a moment.
One of the beings in front was a black, thundering Cloud Demon. He reached his cloud parts and let it feel around Sirberius. Sirberius shivered with disgust as the evil cloud surrounded him; it was bile-like evil gas. The clouds quickly withdrew and shrank, returning to its owner, "a Kim-Un-Kur," announced the Black Cloud; whose name and race slipped my mind.
The crowd whispered and gossiped to the shock. Some of the gossips were novel and important, while some were out of curiosity of what is a Kim-Un-Kur.
"So the Kim-Un-Kur already died and passed into this," Elder Devil Orverius grinned. "Even if this is a Kim-Un-Kur, it's no certain validation for the seat, Elder Immortal."
"Yes, I know that Elder Devil Orverius. But I am certain, Sirberius will surpass all the candidates for Council leader."
The left side of the crowd laughed and cheered, as the right side crowd stared fierce for they know what a Kim-Un-Kur can do.
"Not only is he powerful, but he is perfect for the seat with such political potential," said Elder Immortal Velorudeist.
"And why is that?" asked Elder God Artifact; an orb floating in front of them.
"Cause he is also half Dragon," he replied.
The seats screamed as both sides stood up in angered protest. [btw imagine this part as the old coot talking]Both sides were furious, for you see; Hybrids are very rarely strong and often weak; Vampires have been known to be a lower form of demon kin; and lastly Dragons even though Noble and strong, are raciocentric (only caring for their race-and human- and often a bother to both angels and demons) and often times could care little about the world.
Elder DemiGod Uzoldi stood up and announced, "if both sides are still at a disagreement whether this particular candidate is of no worth, they are welcome to kill this Hybrid."
"What!" screamed Sirberius.
"Don't worry Sirberius you're not going to lose," assured Elder Immortal Velorudeist. After his words he disappeared and appeared again in the front stage, sitting beside the other Elders; I should also remind you, that Elders are also a rare breed of race; often they don't even care or know that they are an Elder.
Elder Devil Orverius slid her thighs on top of Elder Immortal Velorudeist and sat on him-most seductive. "Is that really the reason why you chose Sirberius," she said as she nibble on his ear.
"As I have said before, a Hybrid is the best for the seat," he said. "They neither serve the DemonLords of hell nor the Gods and Angels of Heaven. A perfect leader neutral to both sides."
"But to put such an impulsive creature in that position," said an Elder; who shone brighter than light itself, whose image I cannot fathom. "I'm not doubting your decision Velorudeist-I'm a pessimist forgive me."
"It's probably who I doubts my decision most," he said as he watched Sirberius, hacking, slashing, shooting and dodging on the arena. Sirberius was screaming and complaining, but Elder Immortal could not hear him or bother not to; he was also confused as he is angry.
"It's cheating you know," whispered Fairy Nymph Essina to Elder Immortal. "Binding your immortal life force to him for the time being. I'm sure the other Elders already knew but decided to let this slip."
Velorudeist did not reply and did not bother to sense his surroundings; he had them left in a trance. Not noticing the small Fairy Nymph getting licked by a large Demonic tongue, Elder Devil's saliva made the Fairy Nymph tearful and blushed.

End of Story

"And then Sirberius died of a heart attack as he made love to a Hundred Banshees and a thousand Succubus's" said the old coot.
Young Vance was already asleep, dreaming the epic battle of Sirberius, his Hero. The old coot whispered, "Next time, when you're ready, I will tell you the story."
For a strange reason, Young Vance heard the old coot while sleeping, "Ok, promise me ok. Promise," young Vance said in his dreams. But he returned back to sleep and cheerfully blissed in his dreams.


After playing with his friends and doing some errands, Vance quickly ran to the corner where the old coot usually begs, but sadly the old man was not there; not in the market where he receives free food; not in the farm area where he steals food; and not in the bar where he fondles the beautiful waitresses. Vance walked towards the City Guard to ask if he had seen the old man, "Sorry kid, but I just heard that the old guy was exiled just before noon. There were too many complaints about him and, well you know. Was he your grampa?"
"But he was about to tell me Sirberius' story today, he promised."
"I'm sorry kid, how about we both go to the library. I'm sure there's a book about Council Leader Sirberius there."
But the child was already left, saddened by the disappearance of his friend.

Ending: Balisong - - by Rivermaya
Words from author: Guys I hope you enjoyed the first production of the anime. I hope that I wouldn't get in trouble with the format that I just declared as the one true-or close to it- format. It was hard changing from script form to novel form so it took me some time and editing. I will post a story every seven days, or next week sunday. I hope you guys enjoyed it, Bye nee~
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Opening: Warriors of Time - by Black Tide
2nd Episode: History begins? His story begins

Twelve years after the first episode. Vance Auraguard is now seventeen years old.
"Really Vance," the librarian said, "It's your sixth batch of books this week; I'd be happy if you teach me how to get my little brother to read like you."
"To tell you the truth, it's even a mystery to me," he replied, "I just have a craving for it that's all."
"You going to watch Sirberius's Parade later?" he asked.
"Certainly," he cried out, "I wouldn't miss it. Not even for a rare history book written by Krisz Rello* or Dr. Dmitri Valenti's unfiltered copy of Anatomy of Evil: Hearts of Darkness*."
"He's [Krisz Rello] a good War Historian and Magus," he said, "He's written a lot of books, if only someone had written a book about him; He's a mystery. And Dr. Dmitri is by far, the best of what Humans can do armed with knowledge alone."
"Indeed," he replied. "Well, see ya. I'm off to to make sure these books get home safely. I don't want to be late in the Parade. And I hope this time more than three Council Members would be show up in the Parade, I've always wanted to see all the full council circle."
"If only you could get a pass to the Royal Council's Library; I'm sure you can read the full history there. As far as I know there are thirteen council members, others say twenty four."
"Twenty four," Vance said as he drooled over by the information. "But that's just their opinion," he remarked, "I want to know the whole story. The Royal Library kept denying me access."
"I'm sure one day they'll grant you. What books will you be taking?"
"Archeological research about the Besaidians**, I still can't wrap my head around the fact that a growing town involved itself in the Great God Civil War. If they had survived, they would be competing with the Glycosian economy of today."
"There's more to your obsession about Besaid**, I bet. Let me guess; because it's Sirberius's hometown."
"Well there's that. And I'm just curious of the past."
"That's nice. Remember that you don't have to work tomorrow, the library will be closed starting tonight; I don't want you waiting in the front door again like the last time."
Vance nodded.
"And Vance, the Frost Dancer's Hall won't be so tight tonight, I could get you in. I'll leave you a window open if the doorman won't let you in; I'm sure you're old enough and I heard you've been learning wind spells from your Aunt Keiri. It's a great place to learn wind spells, and the female anatomy."
He chuckled, blushed, dropped his books, picked them up and left.

After leaving the books in his room, he quickly ran off towards the Lexisonns street. With his knowledge of the celebration, the Parade always slows down at Lexisonns street because of it's untended city floors. When he reached the street he saw that it was already packed, but not packed that he would be cut out from the scenery. He couldn't fly not for the reason he couldn't, but because it was prohibited during the ceremony as past attempts of assassinations were done by Flyers. He just floated a little just enough for his head to see. And he could see and hear the trumptets of the Elementals;and the metallic, clanking footsteps of the Glycosian Royal Guards. Elementals fired flames with lightning wrapping it's hot molecules, as Magicians turned the spell into Flame Doves. The angels were carrying harps and swords. It was grand, colorful and loud.
And there he was, Sirberius, riding the Royal Float-unbeknownst to the audience, beneath the float were Humans and Human Hybrid soldiers testing their strength. Like the children on Lexisonns street, Vance drooled over the sight of Sirberius wearing his Council Robe and Dual Swords. With Sirberius were Council Member Alchemist Calintz-wearing a military Chain Mail-and Council Member Elemental Aeris-wearing her own personal Robe. Vance was disappointed but was still satisfied to see a magnificent Parade, it was better than no Council Members at all, for in the past celebration no Council Member appeared; the reason not specified.
"If only all of the Council Members would participate," Vance said.
"Why would they," someone replied.
"Cause, I dunno. I'm just curious to see what the other members are like," Vance said. "Some say the council is composed of rare beings; probably the last of their race!"
"I doubt that," he replied.
"I heard they have a Elder, a God of the element Divine, a pure breed Dark Angel, God-like Wizards and a Vampirian God."
"Rumors that is. Rumors," he proposed.
"What do you know you're just an old man-"
"-I am old but Vance is lame," said the old coot.
Vance stood quiet.
"Yes," the old coot said, "I love Parades. People always have free food after the Parade."
"But-but. I thought you were exiled," Vance cried out.
"I was, I was. Uh-huh" he nodded. "But I'm now inside."
"It's been a long time; a really long time," he said. "I've always enjoyed your stories when I was a kid. But now I know better. Most of what you told me about history were totally unempirical. But still, I enjoyed a lot, especially tales about the City of Dragons*** and the Underwater Civilizati-"
"-Mind you sonny, mind you," he interrupted along with his dirty finger on Vance's lips, "history has lots of eyes; lots of them. You need all to see all. Mind you, I don't lie. No no."
Vance didn't want to argue with an old man who's senile, he replied, "I'm sorry to ask, but I've seem to have forgotten your name. You know mine but-"
The Parade music, oddly enough, stopped and Vance turned to see what the commotion was about. It was a small child, a young girl, in front of the Parade, halting the celebration and the cheers. The Glycosian Royal Guards stood and drew their swords aimed at the child. The youngling did not budge, and the crowd were getting worried; assassinations have often occur during this Parade because it's the only time Sirberius leaves the Castle.
"Move out of the way kid," said the Royal Guard with his sword held firm.
"You killed them. . ."
"Don't get yourself into anymore trouble kid," said the Royal Guard.
"You killed my family!" she screamed and turned into a powerful black flame. She fired her flames towards Sirberius but the flames were blocked by the Guards Crystal Armor and Shield. Particles and ashes of the flame started to gather, and quickly, she materialized in front of Sirberius with a well crafted enchanted dagger, the women screamed loudly at the scene. As she struck, Calintz blocked her; Calintz held the dagger with her well armored hand. Without moment's notice, Aeris quickly covered the girl with ice.
The crowd were already gossiping about the scene, 'how awful these rebels use children' one said, while another said 'A black flame, she's probably a demon.' Aeris stepped down the platform carrying the frozen assassin, she ordered the high ranking Guard to take the assassin to be interrogated.
Then sharp projectiles suddenly filled the sky, the angels dodged while some drew their swords to break the long, sharpened arrowheads. The Glycosian Royal Guards quickly intercepted the arrowheads with their shields, protecting the citizens first. Sirberius, with his dual swords, defended himself well; as for Calintz needed no weapon but only her fist. The projectile struck a lot of Angels and some Guards, for it was too many for all of the arrowheads to be dodged. The Angels that were struck fell from the sky, and the guards fell to the ground once struck with one arrow.
The parry of arrowheads stopped, with this opportunity the Guards assembled and the ones beneath the Royal Parade Float exited their hiding place. Some of the Guards assisted in helping the citizens leave, though some civilians were fear-stricken and could not move.
"Attend to the wounded quickly," ordered Sirberius.
Calintz stepped down healing the injured. Women were still screaming out of fear.
A few of the crowd then took out spears; longer than the arrowhead projectile. They quickly threw it at the weaponless Sirberius who returned his swords to it's scabbard, Calintz managed to break two while Aeris stopped two of the throwers before they could even aim. A party of assassins leaped off too-some exited windows, and some were in the crowds-, towards Sirberius with their weapons firmly in their hands. luckily two winged Vampires appeared grabbing a few of the assassins; one vampire skewered one and choked another, while the odd looking vampire with six long arms restrained more by wrapping their whole body. Sirberius hacked and slashed at the assassins while dodging the spears.
One spear struck Sirberius on his left sholder, but he didn't even flinch. He took it off with his left hand but dropped it like it bit him.
The vampire-not the odd looking one-widened his jaws and feasted on one of the assassin. Blood rained over the Parade.
"For fuck's sake Dante," the odd looking Vampire said, "they're more valuable alive."
"I hate Parades," replied the other Vampire. He obliterated the assassin that he held, showering more blood on the crowd, the houses and Sirberius.
Calintz leaped to Sirberius, "Are you alright?"
"Yeah," Sirberius answered. "It's just a spear, the blood is from Dante's lack of control."
"The spears have BioMagical properties in them," she said, "You need to return to the castle immediately." She held out her hands to check the wound.
"I'm fine," he insisted, "it's not like this is my first time being poisoned," he held his left arm and wrapped his left hand around Calintz neck and gripped tight.
"Sir-be-you're-cho-" said Calintz as she tried to break from Sirberius's left arm.
The odd looking vampire's neck stretched and reached Sirberius's left wrist; He bit Sirberius and grinded his sharp teeth. Sirberius took his hands off Calintz as the pain grew.
"Demon magic, you idiot," said the odd looking vampire to Sirberius.
"Laissenne's Party," Aeris calling for specific Angels, "Fly Sirberius to the fourth tower, hurry!"
The Angel's quickly followed the order, and carried Sirberius(he struggled because he has issues with being manhandled) to the 4th tower in the castle fortress.
"If Larac's Intel only knew the exact street we wouldn't have this problem," complained the blood covered Dante (the normal looking Vampire).
"He was still Correct," replied Aeris. "Demons have infiltrated Glycosa."
"This is bad," Calintz said to Aeris.
"How bad?"
"We need to take everyone infected, this is no ordinary Demonic Possession-"
"-She's right," interrupted Larac (the odd looking Vampire), "the Demon Magic is tapping and fueling their negative impulses."
"I'm out. Not my problem," said Dante then flew away.
"Get back here!" demanded Aeris.
Dante flipped her the finger as he flew.
"Leave him," suggested Larac. "It's morning, Pretty Little Miss Daisy needs his beauty sleep."
"This is no joke Larac," Calintz said. "It already took hold of Sirberius left arm in minutes and-"
"-Do you see me smiling," Larac said as he handed Calintz a letter.
"What's this?"
"I took it out from one of the Demons. They've been brooding here for three days judging from the letter. That's an unfinished letter from a newly recruited Guard, I know his profile. he's no spy."
Calintz quickly commanded the Guards to quicken their pace.
"Mewt would've been a great help," said Aeris.
"Gods are useless, especially that one."
"Guards!" Aeris cried out, "take everyone that's been injured to Castle Wall Area Seven."
They Saluted.
Now it may have crossed your mind where, in all of this, was our Hero; Vance Auraguard. Sadly I'm not proud of what I'm about to tell you, but during the earlier attempt of the assassination I lied, it was not all of women that were screaming. . . Yes, as a sad fact, Vance was one of the screamers upon seeing the dagger. He turned numb and hard.
"Hey kid," said a Royal Guard, "you can stop screaming. It's safe now, are you injured?"
It took a second for Vance to hear the voice, "Oh no, no. I was just exercising," he said, "My vocal chords. Good for the vocal chords."
"Sure," replied the Royal Guard.
"Well, I'm off now," he said as his legs vibrated, trying to make a step.
"You sure you gonna be ok?"
"Don't worry, for someone who reads War History like me, these things are nothing." He fell knocking his head on the ground.

Someone screams in their bedroom.
"Vance!" Keiri said after destroying Vance's bedroom door, "are you alright?"
"I'm alright; I had the nastiest dream. There was an attack during the parade, and Demons were everywhere."
Keiri embraced Vance, with her young breast pressed on his head.
"Keiri. . ." he said while feeling the pressure, "your breast."
"Yes Vance, you can rest. Today must've been traumatizing."
"What do you mean?"
"One of the Royal Guard said you screamed like a girl."
He leaped off the bed, "what time is it?"
"The Parade is already over."
"So it did happen. . ."
She smiled knowing he's fine.
He changes his shirt, "I need to go to the library Keiri."
"Vance I don't think It's safe tonight. I'm sure you can continue reading books tomorrow."
"Don't worry Keiri, I'll just return these books," showing the book he just borrowed.
"Then why are you dressed like you're meeting a young lady."
He chuckled and couldn't anser straight.
"Well you are at that age already."
He moaned, "don't give me the thing about the birds, the bees and the werewolves again."
"Well you are," she insisted, "I'm just happy you didn't do anything stupid with the spells I taught you, I don't want you to get harmed Vance."
"Yeah. . ."
"I know I'm not your mother but I really do get worried."
"You don't have to," he said. "Besides, like you said, you're thirteen years younger than my mother, your good enough to be my older sister. And I'm a fast wind dasher, I did learn from the best after all."
She smiled, "I'll leave the key under the red flower pot." She left.
He walked outside with his book, walking and thinking of what it might be like inside the Frost Dancer's Hall, but he was reminded of Keiri's worries. He grumbled, "I'm so stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. I could have at least helped the Council when the assassin struck." He imagines himself, as the assassin struck, he used his wind spell to give him speed and stopped the assassin. Then he saves Calintz and Aeris from trouble, "Oh! Vance, you're so strong and wise. You should be a Council Member," they said(while sporting a bikini) in his thoughts. "No!" screamed Sirberius "He should be more than that. Vance will you be the Council Leader from now on?" He accepted and together with twenty four Council Members they won battles against Demons.
He was blissful and dreaming as he walked to the Frost Dancer's Hall. When reaching the Frost Dancer's Hall he knocked on the door.
"What do you want," said the yellow eyes that appeared on the door.
"To watch the maiden's performance of course."
"Sorry we're close."
"But the sign says closes till four in the morning." And it did say exactly!
A Vampire came out of the door, "I said we're close."
"Oh, ok," said Vance, "I must've misread the signs, off I go then."
When the Vampire went inside Vance quickly dashes to the side of the Hall. He turns his head, looking for a window, and there he sees an open window up on the second floor. He levitates, perfectly as someone who mastered wind magickry, and leveled himself to the window, he locked the window as he saw a vampire roaming around where he was. He snuck in and used his spells to silence his footsteps. He was blushing, excited with his prowess; able to avoid the vampires, also to the fact that young maidens would be attending to him.
From the second floor he took a peak. And there he saw, to his surprise, Vampires, ten beings in cloaks and twenty more Fire Demons conversing casually. His heart rumbles upon seeing that, and seeing the other Glycosian(Male) civilians tied up along with the female dancers. What a terrible situation he is in!
What the hell is going on, he asked himself, I need to call someone! But I don't know anyone who could help. What did I get myself into, these beings are obviously the assassins from earlier. . . No, I must keep calm. I'm in a war, outnumbered and outmatched. I'm doooomed! Keep calm, keep calm. In this situation there's only one thing I can do.
He silently creeps and found a cloak the dancers wear before the show, he wore it and descended from the top. The Demons and Vampires looked at him but was disinterested and returned to their conversations. He found the librarian and untied him first using a wind swords spell. The Demon's could only see Vance standing like he was guarding the hostages, the wind was doing all the work.
"Vance," asked the Librarian, "is that you?"
"How did you know?"
"You're scent," answered the librarian, "listen Vance, they slipped us some drug so we couldn't use our abilities. You need to get out of here and call for help. "
"I know, but I can't. I'm already shaking, I thought maybe-"
"-Hey kid," called one of the civilians who was just untied, "you're a wind user right?"
"They've already covered this place with magic, only Vampires could open doors," the citizen said troubling Vance. "I need you to use all of your wind energy and make a way for us." By us he meant the friends he's with.
"You can't give that much responsibility to a kid," said the librarian who said earlier that Vance was old enough.
"There's no other way, he's the only one not nullified. We're Council High Guards. We'll protect you kid, all we need is a way." said one of the untied civilians.
"Hey what's going on here!" screamed a Vampire.
"Now!" commanded the civilian Council High Guard.
In haste, Vance quickly used his Gust Spell blowing the vampire away. The fire demons attacked but according to magical law Wind! always has advantage over fire. Vance used all his energy to cast wind spells to blow the fire into another direction. The hall was starting to spark and the civilians tried to defend themselves. The Council High Guards used physical moves to attack and defend. Vance wasn't nervous but he was pressured and weakening by the amount of energy needed from him. Demons and Vampires tried to get close but we're stopped by the brave civilians.
"Kid!" called a Council High Guard, "Blow that Vampire to break the door! that's the only way."
"Yes!" And the wind that was accumulating inside was getting stronger, the fire followed the flow of the wind and then Vance directed it to the Vampire who was guarding the door, blowing him far with an intense heat of the fire; also disintegrating.
The other civilians were still inside, only a few got out including Vance and the three High Council Guards. One of the Guards made a rather large incision on his forearm and dropped the blood on the city floor.
"Kid, don't let any of the Vampires come out."
Vance nodded as he slowly feels his life depleting from him. His wind spells were more powerful outside because of the gathering air. Every time a Vampire tried to exit the door, Vance would just blow them back inside, none could leave for it was already a vacuum and inside was a suppressed hurricane of civilians, Vampires, Demons, and the objects inside; weapons, cups, tables and chairs. A pressure of flame and air could not get out because of the protection magic done by the Demons.
The Council High Guards were chanting, they couldn't use any spells but Invoking an ally they could. The blood now turned into a seal, started to boil, then turned into a Blood Eagle. It flew high and started to squawk, loudly. It was like an alarm and more of a ritual calling.
Vance fell down on the floor, tired and lesser of life. All was quiet. They were now surrounded by Demons. The civilian's situation I could not tell. The Guards surrounded Vance to give him as much protection.
The Vampires and the Demons chuckled. One by one the Demons started to fall dead, something crystal-like was shining in the atmosphere and was killing off the Demons one by one. The Demons and Vampires quickly separated and escaped, those who flew started to lose heads and those who ran were skewered by silver spikes from the ground.
So many deaths that night. The civilians could not hear the slaughter outside because a Sound Mage was present, silencing the screams. And in that very night, Vance experienced his first shower of blood. He'd seen half of the slaughter, heads rolling, blood splatting, and screams ending. He wanted to close his eyes but he was too tired to close it. Finally he closes his eyes and bids farewell to the Mystical World he has yet to explore.
"He helped us sir. . ."
"I don't give a fuck if he's the son of the Imperions or the Prince of Wallmart," said a Vampire. "All I want is a status report."
"Yes sir, we were tasked with observing the Frost Dancer's Hall, but we got distracted; and then drugged. . ."
". . . Vance Auraguard, age seventeen, lives with his Aunt, hybrid, and a works at the public library," said Beggar looking Bum.
"So," replied the Vampire, "What do you want, a fuckin medal."
"I know you're just brute force and slashes when it comes to battle Dante," said the Beggar, "this young man knew what to do, and did it well."
"And the medal goes to Larac," said Dante, "for talking about shit I don't give a fuck."
"What I'm saying is," said Larac, "this kid knew he had to create a hurricane inside and keep the demons in. Something your disciples lack: strategic thinking."
"He was lucky the Hall was laced with Wind Enchantments for the dancers," said Dante.
"Luck is part of the battle."
"Pfft." Dante threw a Demon's penis at Larac's face. [I'm sorry but that's what he really threw, how he got it, I dare not know.]

Someone screams in their bedroom.
Keiri throws a shoe at Vance, "It's Saturday morning Vance! Take a bath, you stink; and hurry you have a visitor."
"A visitor?"
"Yes it seems important. Now hurry."
Vance takes a bath and notice that he did stink. He came down dressed, and he saw a beautifully and pale looking guy; he quickly identified the guy was a Vampire. He sat down near the window, thinking it would be safe for him.
"Vance what are you doing," said Keiri, "don't be rude to Mr. Dante."
"It's no bother Mrs. Keiri," said Dante, "light doesn't bother me much."
Keiri blushed, "it's just Ms. Keiri-"
"-I'm sorry Ms. Keiri," said Dante, "forgive me. But I thought someone as lovely as you would've been taken by a prince who left his kingdom just to live with you."
She blushed and giggled.
"I'm sorry to interrupt," said Vance, "but who are you, and what are you doing here?"
"It's ok," said Dante, "my name is Dante and-"
"-The Vampires last night," interrupted Vance, "are you one of them."
"Yes Vance," said Keiri, "Mr. Dante is one of the Vampires last night."
"He's one of them!"
"Yes," she answered. "And Mr. Dante is asking for an apology."
"Apology!" Vance cried out. "Keiri he-"
"-I'm truly sorry Vance," said Dante.
"When you came home last night stinking of blood," explained Keiri, "I was terrified. But I'm happy Mr. Dante made it all clear."
"I'm sorry Mr Dante," said Keiri. "He's usually more civil."
"Vance I know your angry," said Dante, "I'm truly sorry when I spilled my glass of blood on you. I was too ecstatic of it and did not see you reading your books."
"He should be the one who's sorry," said Keiri. "I told you Vance, never read while you're walking."
"Let me make it up to you Vance," said Dante, "I heard you wanted to enter the Royal Council's Library. I can get you a free pass inside."
"Eh?" he blinks miserably to the confusion.
"Hear that Vance," said Keiri. "Thank you for your kindness Mr. Dante."
"Well I'm off," said Dante, "thank you for the tea Mrs.- Ms. Keiri."
"Wait!" demanded Vance, "How do I know you're telling the truth?"
"Ah yes," replied Dante. He showed Vance a crest of some sort.
"Waaaahhh?!" cried out Vance.
Dante nodded.
"But but-" said Vance, "this is a Royal Crest; Gold, diamond and angel tears(holy crystal) embedded form of identification."
Dante smiled, "I knew you'd trust me when you see this, I'm sorry Vance but I have other appointments. . You can meet me at Library tomorrow, show me the crest; I'll be waiting inside. And as for the incident last night, it would serve best only in your memories." He smiled again and left.
Someone was cheering and shouting with glee in their own home.

The Vampire who visited Vance was honoring the burial of the Mystics they lost. A special burial also for Laissenne's Party; their death classified.

*: Krisz Rello is a renowned Historian and Wizard who's written various books; War History, Magic, Magical Seals and Mystics.
*: Dmitri Valenti's Anatomy of Evil: Hearts of Darkness, is a collection of biographies powerful Mystics who ruled using might and evil.
**: The Besaidians were citizens of Besaid, there was no dominant race in that town.
**: Besaid is now a ghost town and ruins.
***: The City of Dragons is called Lemures. But to be factually accurate, Lemures is another dimension made by Dragons and Humans for Dragons and Humans. Lemures is a racially strict population, no race of hellish descent is allowed to live in Lemures.

Ending: Cast of clowns - by Wolfgang
Words from author: I know it's long, and I think it would exceed the normal anime episode time. I couldn't help it. Also to remind readers, when I mean Royal I don't mean Royalty; in the Mystical Universe to be Royal is to be part of a powerful Heirarchy. For the Glycosians, it is Royal to be part of the Council.
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Opening: Trials of Champions - by 3 inches of blood
3rd Episode: The Value of a Book

"Vance," said Keiri, "you're up early."
"Yeah, I want to use the whole day reading books at the Royal Council Library."
"So that's what the big empty bag is for. You're going to borrow plenty of books aren't you?"
"Is it bad?"
"No, I'm happy you're learning rather than training for battles."
Vance smiled and bid farewell to his aunt. Once leaving his aunt's home, his smile turned to a frown. Yeah he thought, if I had done some training I could have faced the situation at the Frost Dancer's Hall much better. He went to the direction of the public library, to tell the Librarian he can't come today. And thank to his luck, he came across the librarian buying some herbs and ointment.
"What happened to your face?" asked Vance.
"And a good morning to you to Vance."
"Oh no," gasped Vance. "It's my fault. I burned you. . ."
"For not coming," replied the Librarian. "You sure did. I was waiting for you at the window."
"No-no," said Vance. "I mean about the Demons and Vampires-"
Then Dante's voice came into mind, ". . . And as for the incident last night, it would serve best only in your memories."
The Librarian placed his burnt hand on top of Vance head, "You and your excuses. That's the last time I let you get a chance to get inside the Frost Dancer's Hall."
"You really don't remember do you?"
"Remember," asked the librarian.
"The Vampires, the Demons, the Firestorm that I created..."
"Firestorm," said the curious librarian. "Your aunt may be a great magyck user Vance, but I don't think you can conjure up a firestorm."
"Then how do you explain your burns."
"Ugh, one of the civilians felt it was too cold and accidentally ignited a firestorm. Good thing some High Council Guards were present."
"But. . . that's not what happened, last night," said Vance.
"Yeah, if only it didn't happen. Don't beat yourself up kid, us werewolves heal fast during full moon."
"I'm not going to the library today."
"Yeah, I've asked the another librarian to take my shift. He can handle the place on his own. And I lost the keys during the firestorm, so, clumsy me."
Vance just stared, and tightly gripping his empty bag; his teeth crunching with the same strength.
"It was nice to see you Vance, I'll be going now. Ointments don't rub themselves on you by their own you know," the Librarian left with his bag of herbs and ointments.
This is a tactical clean up job. From what I can tell, a lot of the civilians have lost their memories of the Demons that jacked the Frost Dancer's Hall. No gossips of what happened, not even Aunt Keiri knew of what happened the other night. But why do I still have the memory of it, and why let me have my memories untouched. . . Ah! I'm wasting time here, this is not my problem. For now, I get the chance to read the books in the R.C.L.
I'll ask later why I can still remember, the incident in the Frost Dancer's Hall. And it's none of my business anyway.

He now reached the Main Council Road[it's the road that surrounds the higher Echelon or Hierarchy of Glycosa]. Vance felt a little uneasy and worried, for in this pavement it would be illegal for him to cross if he lacked the proper papers. But he had enough confidence, knowing that what he had is better than Paper Pass. Two Guards stopped him and asked for his papers, but once he showed the crest he was greeted with a salute and on they go, leaving Vance to continue his up-city travel. After a couple of interruptions from other Guards, he finally arrived to his destination; the majesty dawned on Vance.
The Library exceeded his expectation, the insignia was well etched in the Library door.
"Can I enter the Royal Council Library?" asked Vance to the two Guards, whose weapons were massive pole-axes.
The two Guards did not reply. Vance dug his hands quickly into his pockets reaching for the crest. He held the crest out in the open and the two Guards moved, surprising Vance.
The Guards inserted their pole-axes vertically on the door. It clicked. And the door started to creak as it opened. Inside was a small room, with six Guards with their swords pointing on the ground; it had no furniture in it or a door. Vance entered, and behind him the door shut loudly, terrifying him. He stared on what the room was, and what the Guards were for.
"Uhm, I want to enter the Royal Council Library. . ."
"And you are," said a voice.
"I am Auraguard, Vance. . ." He said, trying to look for the voice. Clearly the Guards weren't the one talking, Vance was confident of that-being a wind Dragon and all.
"In which Division are you from Auraguard Vance?"
"Are you Military or Royalty?"
"None, I'm a civilian."
"I see," said the voice. "Then how did you get in?"
"I used this," answered Vance as he showed the crest to all the Guards, for he was baffled as to where the voice came from.
"Stand still lad," demanded the voice; and Vance followed. "Ah, yes yes. Very good. It's not a forgery. How did you get hold of this?"
"Dante gave it to me."
Someone clapped, and the room started to move. The walls started to disappear and something started to present. Books were flying, Mystics were reading, and large book cases filled Vance's vision. Alas, he had finally seen it, the Library that has been kept from the public. The book cases reached forty feet tall, and the light was just brilliant.
An old man walked in front of Vance, "Young Vance Auraguard, Dante will be informed that you are here. You'll expect him at midnight, for now you're welcome to read any of the books here in the first level."
Vance could not reply for his tongue was left in awe of the sight.
"The second and third levels are the above floors. You're not allowed there. This crest will not be fully valid unless it's in the hands of the owner."
"No worries," said awed Vance. "I'll take my time."
Vance quickly moved to the nearest book case, and took out a random book; The Art of Air Dragons[lucky draw]. He flipped the pages, looking at a few sentences and a couple of pictures. He grinned and tapped his feet nervously, then he stopped. At the end of the book case, he'd seen someone staring at him. Now it was gone. He returned to his book, but his gut feeling made him uneasy. He turned his eyes on the corner, and there it was. Murderous eyes that would have made anyone feel quite uneasy. He started to sweat, and his feet began to weaken.
No-no, I'm old enough to handle my own problems. But what if that thing out there is more powerful than me, what if I'm in a trap, what if this is. . . Wait Vance, let's assess this:
1. We're in the Royal Council Library; it should be safe, no rebel would dare enter it and why would they.
2. If there's trouble I'll just run, I learned enough wind spells to outrun anyone.
3. Three. . . Three. . .

Vance screamed as he'd seen the eyes in front of him, hidden on the other side of the book case. "Shhhhhh," said the eyes and the other Mystics in the library. Vance quickly ran to the other side to confront the mysterious stare, but bumped into a young girl.
"I'm sorry," said Vance as he helped the young Angel to stand up.
"Thank you," said the Angel as she let her warm hands feel Vance's.
They both stared at their hands.
Then inexperienced Vance quickly withdrew his hands, "uhm. . ."
"Yes," excited the Angel.
"Have you," blushed Vance as his eyes mesmerized at the young Angel's bosom, "seen anyone staring into the book case."
The Angel fell silent and wrapped her hands around her breasts. Clearly this is not the owner of that murderous stare. And Vance, ashamed of what he'd done, escaped the awkward scene and looked for another book case.
Idiot, idiot! I acted like a jerk and treated her like some kind of object. I should've known better, but I couldn't help it! how could I, when I bumped into her, it was like crashing into the most soft, sexual bed ever.
Mystics suddenly called for a nurse, as they thought Vance had contracted some disease or had hit his head. He was left alone after he explained that he usually have nosebleeds in the morning, and drool's like a sea creature from time to time.
Vance continued reading some other books, mostly concerning about the Council, but it was a disappointment as he'd found nothing that would satisfy his curiosity. The stares were no more and the thought of the beautiful Angel had not disturbed him. He found nothing new about the Mystic Council, and he was starting to get bored. He fell asleep on the couch along with the books he had taken. Mystics pass him by, and from day the night started to come.

"Ah, here's the young lad," said someone.
"Hey kid, wake up."
Vance groaned with dissatisfaction.
"Kid, I'm not as patient as you think I am."
He groaned some more.
"Yes," said someone. "It is comfortable to sleep in that couch, I sleep there once in awhile."
"Not helping."
"Sorry Lord Dante."
He groaned even louder.
"Hey kid," Dante whispered, "I heard they're burning rare books and-"
Vance screamed before Dante could finish his sentence, falling from the couch to the floor. The old man from before shushed Vance and left, leaving Vance alone with a Vampire whose killing intent choked Vance with fear. Dante's furious look took Vance ability to utter a word. Dante extends his right hand.
Vance touched Dante's hand, like a dog would to his master asking for a shake.
"Hey kid," said Dante, "I don't have time to play games-my crest." His hands extended to Vance.
Vance returned the crest to Dante and said, "thank you very much Dante, sir."
"Thank you?"
"Yes," Vance replied. "At first I didn't believe you, but now I do. Uh sir Dante-is it possible if you could get me into level 2..."
"Wow," Dante admired. "You got some guts kid, asking me that."
Vance lowered his head, "I'm sorry, I just saw an opportunity-But the library here is great, level 1 will do nicely for me, thank you."
Guards appeared beside Dante.
"But how will I enter the R.C.L. now," asked Vance, "if you have the crest?"
The Guards then grabbed Vance by the shoulder, and bound his hands with magick. He protested but was cut short when his mouth was bound. He was scared and in a frantic flight. The wind started to move furiously, reacting to Vance's fear, and was accelerating fast. He wanted to escape but the Guards were too strong for him. Then a strike, from a butt of a sword handle, took his breathe. He was knocked out.

He wakes up wet and cold. He sees three walls-covered with seals-and with only that, he knew he was in a dungeon. He wanted to scream, but it was muffled by some strong force. Something moved behind him, stinking of death. His hands were bound and his body was erect; feet shackled, waste strapped, and neck restrained to a wooden post. Tears slithered on his cheeks.
"My my," said a voice from behind. "Why do we cry?"
Vance moved his head, trying to see the one from behind.
"How could a weakling like you, be in a position like this," she said as she showed her face.
Vance pleaded but his voice was not his to command. A chair rose up from the ground in front of him, she sat on her seat and just whistled. She had a dark atmosphere to her and it gave Vance more fear than he have awhile ago. Her whistling was getting to Vance, and it started to get louder and louder. He started rattle his head to shake away the sound.
"Now be honest with me," she said.
Vance nodded, a bit relieved as the whistling ended. "I will I will, I'm sorry for whatever wrong I did." He was shock to hear his voice again.
"Good. Now say your name," she ordered.
"My name is Vance Auraguard," he said as he hears himself add a cry of despair.
"Now don't cry," said the woman. "For someone who has the balls to steal a Royal Council crest you sure are a cry baby."
"But I didn't steal anything. Dante gave me the Crest himself," Vance explained.
She groaned, "I hate this. You're not lying. . ." She started to whistle again.
"Stop!" Vance screamed. "Please stop! I can't take it-"
The woman didn't listen and just continued her whistling.
"Please. . ." He begged. "Please stop," he begged even more not minding the salty tears down his throat.
And she stopped, "now tell me, why did you steal Dante's crest."
"But I told you already I didn't steal his crest," he cried.
"Ugh. You're really telling the truth aren't you," she said.
"Yes," he said "I'm telling you the truth, I didn't steal it."
She whistled again, and this time it was more tortuous than before. Vance screamed for her to stop, but even his voice cannot be heard now. He felt he was falling into a deep abyss where his body was being stabbed, and his ears were being inserted with long needles. He felt he was about to die, then she stopped whistling. He cried, it was like coming from being drowned, and he couldn't help himself.
"So you didn't steal that Royal Artifact?"
"I said no you dumb bitch!"
"My my," she said, "I like boys who curse. But I hate it that that's the truth you're saying."
"You want me to say that I stole it?!" he cried out.
"Did you?" She asked.
"No Dumb Bitch! I said no!"
She whistled again, this time it was much longer and powerful than before. His mouth uttered please stop but no sound came of it. His saliva fell form his mouth. He lost consciousness.

"I don't get it," she said, "the brat is telling the truth."
"He's not going to be happy about this," he said to her.
"The seals didn't light up. He's telling the truth."
"Like I said," he replied, "he's not going to be happy about this."
"I did my job, he's telling the truth. The brat is free to go."

He wakes up in a dark carriage. In front of him was books and his bag. His head was killing him, he wanted to remember what happened but he couldn't get the memory. He tried to remember what, what happened before now, where was I: in the library... The carriage stopped. The rider knocked, "I'll carry your books for you, I will leave them in your room. Lord Dante is waiting for you," he said.
Vance stepped down the carriage and thanked the rider. he could tell that the rider was a Vamp, a lesser one he thinks. He walked towards the castle, his legs were a bit shaken by some past event. He was never afraid of the dark, that he was sure of, but the castle just reeked with bloody murder and evil.
He knocked on the castle door and it opened. Greeting him was a seductive Succubus, and that really grabbed his attention. He wanted to ask questions, but she was quiet the whole time she'd been with him. He followed her from room to room. At the end of the hall she left him in one of the rooms. It was a dining room with a chandelier with black candles, a long dining table with chairs, and paintings of Vampirs. His thoughts were still preoccupied with what happened to him before the carriage ride, as he couldn't remember getting on it.
"Have a seat Vance," said Dante who was apparently sitting at the end of the table.
"Oh-thank you," he said taking a seat.
"I'm sorry," Dante said, "I'm a forgetful Vampire sometimes, can you remind me on when I gave you my crest."
"You gave it to me yesterday," Vance answered; he also wanted to scream for some reason.
"Ah yesterday," Dante chuckled.
Vance sat quietly but his stomach grumbled.
"Your food will come shortly," he said as he swirled the drink on his glass.
There was complete silence. Dante continued to swirl the drink and not minding Vance.
Dante asked, "so you want to go to level 2?"
"Yes," answered Vance quickly. He smiled waiting for the answer of the Vampire who enjoyed swirling drinks in his glass.
"You can't enter the second level."
His reply was oh and just sat idly. The Succubus knocked and entered with a large silver plate. She laid it before Vance and left. The food wasn't Vampire food, so Vance thought he was expected. He was extremely hungry and so he ate the personal dinner. He didn't even know how to converse to someone like Dante. The food gave him joy, it was as if he was starved for days.
"You need to be either Royalty or Military, to access level two," Dante said.
"But I'm just a civilian."
"I know," said Dante. "But I think I can come up with something, something faster without going all through the paperwork."
"Really," Vance asked, "you'd do that for me?"
"Question is," he said, "would you do anything..."
"Yes. Anything, I'll do anything to be able to read such-"
A small booklet then landed on his plate of food. He picked it up and scanned through the pages, there was nothing on it. He looked at Dante, "that will get you what you want," Dante said.
"I don't understand."
"Of course you don't," he said. "He wouldn't be in the business of hiding information if someone like you knows about that booklet."
"Do you know how to navigate through star cartography?" asked Dante.
"Not so much, I just read about it but never tried it."
"I see," Dante pondered, "I think I'll have someone take you there."
"Take me where," he asked with a feeling of great insecurity.
"You should rest now Vance, you need it. I'll leave you in the care of my servants, do what you want with them." He said and left.

The Succubus directed him to his room; dissatisfied with himself and Dante, he also remembers that he had forgotten to ask why he has the memory of the Frost Dancer's Hall incident. He was also afraid, but tired. He wanted to sleep in a soft bed so bad though he doesn't know why. He slams through the soft king size bed, slowly falling to deep sleep.
He wakes at night, someone was touching him, and the pleasure was so good he didn't wake till a few minutes later. It was the Succubus. He pushed her back, and left the bed but only to bump on another Succubus. Everything was so slow, and he couldn't fight it. He was afraid but knows at the same time that he was safe. He flew towards his bed by a great force. He was naked and clearly he was outnumbered as another Demonic female appeared. The first Succubus dropped her tongue inside his mouth, the second played with his body, and the third Demon rubbed her breasts on his body. Three women were overpowering him, but giving all the power to him. He commands them but doesn't know how. The women moaned as they licked each other, Vance couldn't help but indulge in the sex. They were wet with saliva as Vance was wet with them.
Vance wakes up energized and full of vigor, but it was already dark; he slept through the whole morning. The room was bigger than he once thought, he left the bed to survey the room-only the moonlight to show him the furniture. He didn't notice he was naked. His books were there, and his bag full of other books he didn't pick up. Someone knocks on the door and quickly he jumps to the bed, looking for his clothes. Someone entered, wearing battle gear and armed for battle. The stranger threw a light chain mail on the bed.
"Who are you, what is this?" Vance asked.
"I'm Abraxas and that is a light weight chain mail," said Abraxas.
"I know what this is," Vance replied, "why are you giving me this?"
"Hurry up, I don't have time to deal with your nonsensical talk. We're already late."
Vance quickly wore the mail in fear of retaliation from Abraxas, who at first sight send chills to his spine. He went out of the room, looking for Abraxas, but he still felt shy because the mail was all that covered him; and it was cold the chain mail was. Then the Succubus from earlier came out of nowhere with a new pair of clothes.
"Clothes first, then leather, then the chain mail," instructed the Succubus.
"Oh ok," blushed Vance as he followed her instructions. He wore the cloth, then leather, then the chain mail; then the final wear was a Royal Guard suit and pants. He thanked the Succubus, and she replied that Abraxas is waiting for him in the armory. In the armory, Abraxas was already looking at weapons and armors.
"What weapon do you wield?" asked Abraxas.
"What weapon," said Vance.
Abraxas pulled out his daggers in quick fashion, and it reflected the moonlight. "Weapon," said Abraxas.
"Hey wait," Vance cried out. "You're not making any sense, why would I need a weapon. And what are 'we' late for?"
"I really don't have time to waste with you," answered Abraxas. Abraxas grunted, "I don't know what the Commander sees in you. You're obviously someone who has no clue about fighting."
"What," complained Vance. "I know Wind Magyck more than you know how to handle your dagger-"
But before Vance could finish his sentence he felt a cold blade touching his neck.
"Abraxas!" cried out Abdiel who stands close to the door, "your orders were to escort Vance to his target and bring him back."
The dagger disappeared as Abraxas composed himself, "I don't think he has a clue of what he's about to do."
"It's like you never even listened to one of your classes," he said. "You heard him, he's a Wind Magyck User. Sir Vance, what weapon do you wield?"
Vance bewlidered said, "Weapon. . ."
"Yes," said Abdiel, "I heard from Commander Dante that this is your first target. And we're here to assist you."
"Target?" asked Vance.
"Yes target!" said Abraxas. "Show me your Bingo Book."
"Book. . ." pondered Vance. Then he remembered the small booklet that appeared on the dinner table, he took it out and showed it to them. Abraxas grabbed the book and flipped through the pages, he then made his energy flow from his body to the book. Letters and words and sketches started to appear.
"Your target: Class S Bounty, Demon Rebel Leader Ackrr," said Abraxas, "Location: Outside Mystic Council territory... This is in Ard Dune. I can't escort him that far with just one day remaining till-"
"-Of course no one can travel that fast," butted Abdiel. "Dante had requested from Sector 4 to lend us their Transpod Cannon. You'll be there faster..."
"...He also has to look for his pair, he was paired with someone..." said Abraxas.
"I trust Dante, our commander, and you should too Abraxas."
"...I still don't know what the heck is going on..." spoke Vance softly that none had heard.

Abraxas and Vance are now strapped inside a spherical metal tank, with nearly indestructible glass so they can see their directions.
"Wait-wait," demanded Vance. "What the hell is going on?!"
"Would you lower down your voice," asked Abraxas. "I don't know how this goes, but it doesn't look pretty."
"Don't worry," said Abdiel. "I've packed the sphere with all Wind attribute weapons and armor. Take care of Abraxas will you Vance."
"Wai-" then the sphere was sealed with magyck. Three personnel used their psychic ability to insert the sphere into a cannon, that stood on top of Dante's castle tower.
"Ten seconds to fire. Nine, eight, seven,' counted the research personnel.
"How many times was the Transpod Cannon tested?" asked Abdiel to the top researcher.
"This is the first time," answered the top researcher.
"Oh," said Abdiel.
"Six, five, four, three, two, one. Fire!" commanded one of the research Personnel. A colorful ray of energy started to gather inside the cannon and then it fired. A medium sized portal appeared, just the right size of the sphere, twenty feet away from the cannon. It swallowed the energy engulfed sphere while absorbing the energy from the cannon. The portal closed and changed into a tiny speck of light, flying fast to a targeted direction; like a shooting star at night, only it was no star.
"Strange," said Abdiel.
"The procedure is normal, no anomalies so far," said the top researcher.
"No not that," said Abdiel. "Dante sent a first timer to a Class S Target...Kid is barely Class E... Ard Dune of all places..."
"We're the Research Sector, not Information/Data Sector. Go to Sector 8 for those questions."

The desert was cold during the night. Ard Dune was, the continent that breed strength rather than social interaction, better known as the Desert Continent. Here it was rare for weaklings to live but for that night there was one-barely-Class E warrior, barfing and puking all the food he had eaten because of the extremely fast travel. They were beside the sphere, gathering their senses.
"Vance," said Abraxas, "look for a weapon now."
"No!" said Vance, "not until you tell me what's going on."
"We're about to be slaughtered," Abraxas replied. "That's what's going to happen, if you don't pick-up-a-weapon."
Apparently their arrival attracted a ton of mindless sand beasts. Sand Beasts are like animals, only with the unconscious ability to use magyck. They're often strong and fast. They only come out at night because their prey is often asleep during that time. They have beautiful fur, quite ironic that they're killing machines bred by nature. There are multiple breeds of Sand beasts, some have different anatomies than the others, and they travel by pack. Unique anatomies are often different claws, tails, mouths, teeth, body shape, etc etc.
One sand beast dashes towards them. Abraxas quickly pushed aside Vance behind the sphere and blocked the massive claws with his bare hands. Before the beast could blink, his claws were already diced twice, forcing him to back off. The other sand beasts saw what happened, and slowly they felt aggression taking over.
The sand beasts attacked from all direction towards Abraxas, but the ones who flew suddenly got blown away. Sands blew to the eyes of the beasts, blinding them for a few seconds. They backed off giving Vance a chance to create a tornado for defense.
"You're not as weak as I thought you would be," said Abraxas.
"You're still weak though."
"Hey!" complained Vance. "But seriously, tell me what's going on."
"What," Abraxas cried out, "you really don't know what we're doing here?"
"That's what I said from the beginning!"
"But I told you already," he said, "I'm here to escort you to your target."
"Yes," he said. "A Demon rebel named Ackrr."
"Rebel? Target? You mean I'm going to kill..."
"Yes, that's what your Bingo Book said. The status for his capture is N/A, only elimination."
Would you do anything? asked Dante, Yes, I would do anything... he answered.
Sand beasts were entering through the top portion of the tornado, but they failed only to be caught up by the wind force and be thrown out again. Vance increased the power of the tornado to keep the defense more secure.
"let me out," said Abraxas.
"Give me an exit so I can fight them," he answered.
"You're not going out there. You can see that they're more than you can handle."
"Let me out or do I have to knock you out to stop the tornado-"
-A sand beast came out from the ground and knocks both Abraxas and Vance off their feet. They stood up quickly, Vance in fear of his life and Abraxas stood up through years of training. Two sand beasts attack but was quickly taken out by Abraxas. All of the beasts were focusing on the strongest, it's even likely that they don't notice Vance. Abraxas dodges and breaks their claws, and at most inserting his dagger into their soft spot. But they weren't slowing down, and it looks like the numbers weren't decreasing.
"Vance, in the sphere," said Abraxas, "there's a glove inside. Take it!"
"But why?!"
"Just wear it quick!"
Vance quickly dodge an attack and ran to the sphere. He found a pair of gloves and quickly wore it. "I got it!" shouted Vance.
"Good, now I don't-" A massive claw from the ground emerges and impales Abraxas's shoulder and abdomen. Vance screamed with rage to the sight of Abraxas. He used the wind to separate Abraxas and the sand beast. He controls the wind to do his commands, and he controlled them to throw sand beasts into another. But this was useless, because sand beasts have grown up into a much harsher environment, if he wants to weaken them he should make them bleed.
Vance quickly sensed a claw coming from behind, but he knows it was coming way too fast. His feet felt too heavy to move, the only thing he could do was turn his head back. Vance couldn't believe what he'd saw: it was Abraxas holding two sand beasts down with their own claws.
"What's with you," asked Abraxas. "It's like you've seen a ghost."
"But-but-but, I thought-"
"-Vance," interrupted Abraxas, "something's coming, watch out for something."
The sand beasts then slowly backed off, not because Abraxas was still breathing, not because they seemed unstoppable, but because of something else. Abraxas quickly leaped away from his position, dodging an attack from the dark.
Vance gasped, "It's a-"
"-Sand Beast King," continued Abraxas. Then it disappeared.
Chibi Vance: The Sand Beast King is a higher form of Sand Beasts, it's ferociousness usually ranks in classes XX, X, SS, S, and AS. They are much more dangerous than normal Sand Beasts because unlike the lesser forms Sand Beast Kings had mastered full well Magyckry; unconscious or consciously. They even harass their tribe members, the weaker ones, for the reasons of either joy or alpha male mentality. In the past, Sand Beast Kings have been used as lethal killing machines in taking out large numbers of Mystics. And they have proven themselves quite well as lethal killers, taking lives of even Gods beyond their level.
Chibi Abraxas: Also to add to Vance's excellent detail, Sand Beast Kings have been used as training, usually by more brutal killers. Because of their skill in magyck, they are also often prey to Alchemists-and other Mystics that uses enchantments-for their esoteric fur; bones; skin; and energy source.
Chibi Vance: Oh, yes, and though they look(and move) like savages Sand Beasts are really civilized as documented; when governed by their King.
"Heat that exists; light that vanquishes dark; illuminate to me! spirit of the Flame!" Abraxas spelled. A flame escaped in a very small bracelet of Abraxas. It was his fire bracelet that he wore just in case. Flames dropped and stationed around them lighting the surrounding. Something was definitely moving-aside from the the Sand Beast King-in the dark Abraxas thought, but where is it was his main concern; the Sand Beast King was also a concern but something else was more stronger, and it was coming fast. Then Abraxas disappeared.
"Abraxas-Abraxas where are you?" Vance whispered.
Something large started to approach the flames. It was bigger than the Sand Beasts, it was the Sand Beast King-it was gigantic-himself out in the open flames. The thing was staring at Vance quite furiously. And our hero could do nothing but shiver with fear, for he had never been in such a dangerous situation like that(aside the Frost Dancer's Hall incident). The Sand Beast King raises it's arm high, it's claws started to accumulate energy as it's eyes started glare. The Sand Beast King swiped! throwing Vance far. But what a surprise! I don't know how[I really do] it happened but it did, Abraxas's dagger was holding off the Beast's humongous claws; he used his energy to create a force to counter the beast[Abraxas was did not totally disappear, but he used his knowledge of Demon Magyck to hide his presence behind Vance]. But it's clear, even to me, that this Beast was too much even for the experienced Abraxas. The Sand Beast King laughs at the sight of the puny young boy trying to stop his attack. Abraxas's rage and frustration is starting to take over. The Sand Beast King became curious; this little thing might be a challenge might have been in the thoughts of that beast.
The Sand Beast King increased his fury more at Abraxas, but to his surprise a large flaming tornado tries to knock him off. The flames swirled and it burned some of the furs of that strong beast; but not enough to throw the beast off it's feet. The flame grew larger and larger. Vance was controlling the flame from where he was thrown off to. Small gems glowed a teal light, it shone more as the tornado grew more immensely hot.
Vance and Abraxas now has the advantage for the moment, but the King's minions notices the situation and presents themselves. Sand started to spray towards them, like a geyser with rage. Also, an additional threat started to go their way, something to be feared more than the Sand Beast King, and only Abraxas felt it's strong presence coming. To Abraxas's desperation, he leaped towards Vance creating a large dark energy cloak to block out all the attacks. Between a second of that action, fireballs out of nowhere appeared quick and threatening; it had missed Vance and Abraxas. But to everyone outside Abraxas's dark energy cloak received a far more destructive blow of flame and cuts. The Sand Beast King's wrathful war cry sang last night, it had been long since someone had pained the Sand Beast King that much. Most of the Sand Beasts were lying unconscious from the flames(fireballs) and cuts from an unknown assailant.
Vance and Abraxas hid in the energy cloak; they couldn't tell what was happening outside the cloak that was how Abraxas dark energy cloak, it protects but blinds them.
"Vance you need to listen to me," he demanded, "something out there is stronger than we can imagine, I can't promise you now that we will survive. But the only choice we've got is to fight that thing that's far worse than the Sand Beast King."
Vance gulped, "but what is it..." Vance referring to the assailant that provokes the screams of the beasts.
"I can't tell for certain," Abraxas replied, "all I know is, this thing is almost close at taking out the Sand Beast King. When I remove the Cloak, I want you to create the strongest wind magyck you can produce."
Vance stared at Abraxas eyes.
"If you don't, then I'm sorry that you couldn't say goodbye to your family..." Abraxas counted to ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. And the cloak started to wear off, a strong wind burst explosively outward; even blowing Abraxas away. Then, within the darkness of the desert, Abraxas successfully parried three blade attacks from his neck, from his leg, and from his back; with only his dagger, without even seeing anything. [I'm sorry] I made a mistake, Abraxas didn't parried all the blade attacks after all, he received one in the wrist, one in the abdomen, and one in the shoulder. Abraxas stumbled but rose up quickly without a sweat.
"Vance!" Abraxas cried out, "don't stop your magyck, you need t-"
"-I'm surprised that," said a voice from behind, "someone actually knows how to fight in this poor excuse of a desert. And look at you, your leg's aren't even shaking-I like that."
Abraxas quickly turned defending himself, but to his amazement he saw a kid choke holding Vance. The kid was somewhat of Vance age, probably a year younger. The kid was restraining both of Vance's hands; and it was dreadfully painful for Vance.
"Abraxas, leave me!" Vance cried out.
Abraxas quickly dropped to his knees and stabbed his two daggers to the sand. He lowered his head and said, "My Lord, I'm sorry that I crossed blades with you. Forgive me for my incompetence..."
The kid sighed and pushed Vance away, "I knew it, you two are Council property," said the kid who wore a poorly woven suit, with matching head piece(cap). His suit was covered with stitches and buckles, and his eyes were as aqua blue as his hair. He scratched his head, removed the cap to clean the sand off of it, and smiled. "Hey," said the kid, "you wouldn't happen to be one of Dante's messengers. He was suppose to be meeting me, somewhere close here..."

Ending: Rivermaya - Balisong
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Opening: Warriors of Time - by Black Tide
4th Episode: The Meeting

A man dressed in a white royal robe entered Dreaming Flower's Hall, a room once used for banquet now used for meeting; due to its past usage, the hall was a bit larger than average. The man had short, spiky gray hair, and oddly gray colored skin which was covered in veins. He sat on his royal seat with a "5" engraved on it's upper portion and cautiously surveyed the other empty seats that surrounded the marble table. There were five doors surrounding that hall, each with it's own unique design. A door opened, the one that the man had used, and came a Mystic Knight.
"Lord Mewt," said the knight to the man seated, "you're early. forgive me for not escorting you to the hall. I was informed, by your underlings, that you could not attend."
"I've changed my mind," Mewt replied.
"Is there anything I can do for you, my lord?"
"Well, I could use a warm drink...anything will do..."
"Of course lord Mewt, I shall bring you your drink at once."

The door burst open and in came-unfiltered sunlight and-a woman, accompanied by dozen others wearing laboratory coats. The woman was just putting her white royal robe on, and disrobing her lab coat. Her hair was a long and white, but when she sat on her seat-with a "4" engraved on it's upper portion-her hair turned quickly into black. She said to the others to leave, and that their conversations will have to continue after this meeting. Everyone left except for man, he was holding a medical chart, and continued his conversation with the long haired woman.
"The chief researcher of Sector 4," said Mewt, "needs to take a break once in awhile."
The woman with the long hair told her assistant to pause for a moment and stared at the man with white short hair and perfect bone structure. "Unlike Sector 5," she said, "my sector tackles a much more serious matter. Any Council member can raise their swords, and take a life."
"I didn't mean to insult, Calintz."
"Who's insulted," answered Calintz. Then she returned to the conversation she had with her assistant; while ignoring Mewt, who now wore a slight smile.

Abdiel(wearing Royal Guards' armor and cloak)walks beside Dante towards the Mystic Council Palace. From Dante's castle to the Mystic Council Palace was a long walk, but Dante enjoyed it nonetheless. on the way to the palace he humored himself by wearing commoner rags and coats to hide himself from the sunlight and from the public, Dante also didn't like the way sunlight touch his Royal Council Black Coat.
"Alpha and Punishment," said Abdiel referring to a specific group, "are still under their training session, Lord Dante. Lord Dante, permission to speak freely my lord."
"Go ahead Abdiel, you know your counsel is valuable to me," said Dante.
"I'm still worried that we're recruiting younger, and inexperienced, soldiers, my lord."
"Your worries are sound," Dante said. "But I enjoy the youth's enthusiasm for battle, Abdiel."
"But to put them in such sensitive squads, sir," he cautiously asks.
"It's better to groom them while they are young," Dante answered. "And the Royal Families have been pressuring me to put one of their kins to be part of the Mystic Council; it can't be helped. My decision is final Abdiel-you worry too much."
"Forgive me sir," said Abdiel. "It's my job to worry as second in command." They were outside the Mystic Hall, on the east side, talking to the Guards. The Guards informed Mystic Council Member Dante and Abdiel that the other council members have entered. Abdiel left his weapon to the guards, for weapons inside the Mystic Hall was forbidden[though it doesn't really matter, because half of Mystic Council can kill any mystic with one hand]. Dante took a seat with a number "7" engraved on it's upper portion, and Abdiel took the the "6".

"How's the security on area 13," Aeris Nightstalker asks. Her long and beautiful hair was clear in the day, most of the Guards enjoyed seeing Aeris Nightstalker for she's such eye candy. She was attractive and seductive in her own way, with her moderate clothes and proper etiquette.
"Area secured," answered Akirael, an angel. "Day and night, Guards will be patrolling the area where the rebel have struck. We've captured a few of the Demon rebels, and intercepted Impostor guards."
They continued to walk towards the Mystic Hall. They were interrupted by minor interferences, mostly about security and noblemen greeting the Head of the Nightstalker clan Aeris. A few times they, Aeris and Akirael, have stopped to remind slacker Guards that they were hired for a reason. Akirael's presence was like an alarm to the guard, it was a sign that they have to be on their very best. Akirael was the head of Council Security and Affairs, he commanded most of the Guards that patrol and guard infrastructure; he usually was very good at his job, the only time anything bad happened was when Noe tried to overthrow Sirberius and the incident at Dead Fox Swamp*. Aeris was second in command after the Grand Mystic, her job was making sure that everything were as normal and peaceful as she possibly can; outside or inside Mystic Council territory. However, privately to the other Councilors, Aeris, or "Youichi" by her friends, was Sirberius' babysitter.
Akirael asks, "what is this meeting about?"
"The Fallen Order," she said. They entered Deaming Flower's Hall and saw that the room was starting to fill up. Aeris sat on the seat with a "1" engraved on it's top portion, while Akirael sat on the seat with a "3". Akirael was probably, among all, the most loyal to the cause of keeping peace, having seen so many wars come and go. He was originally the representative for the Valentine Organization during the Meeting of the High Lords and had aided Sirberius in stopping WiZe, a mysterious High Lord, from killing the other High Lords. Rumors were that he didn't get along well with his brother, whom was the president of the Valentine Organization.

"I hope you slept well," said Tiolee, a Shinigami, otherwise known as a death god.
"Somewhat," admit V. N. Vinealent, a Nirvanism Maester. "Akirael kept sending guards to check on me. I don't think he's gotten over my prank."
V. N. Vinealent was a Maester, one of the leaders of the religion Nirvanism, which was very powerful in the Southernlands. He had once served as the High Lord for Nirvanism but had originally put down Sirberius' offer to join the Mystic Council. However, after Noe's failed coup, there were a few vacancies. While Tiolee had taken his son's seat, Sirberius again offered the spot to Vinealent. Vinealent agreed to temporarily hold the seat until an appropriate substitute could be found. His charms did well with some of the women but after he dyed his hair white, put on fake wings, and guised as Akirael at a gala, Akirael had harassed Vinealent with bodyguards and people checking up on him, almost more than what Sirberius received.
Tiolee Cross was the Shinigami King: ruler of Isla Noche and leader of the Shinigami of his Kingdom. He was the father of Noe Cross, a Council who had attempted, and failed, a coup d'etat. Not wanting to severe connections between the strongest faction of Hi-Ave and Isla Noche, Tiolee agreed to take his son's place. Like Vinealent, he was kept under constant watch.
A single Guard stood in front of them on their way to the Mystic Hall. They were on the western entrance. The Guard was smoking, clearly not attentive of his surroundings, and had coughed three times before noticing Tiolee and Vinealent.
"Halt," said the Guard. Then he coughed violently for a second.
"It's alright," Tiolee said. "I'm from Sector 11, I was invited to this meeting. This is V. N. Vinealent."
The guard was still a bit suspicious of the Maester, due to his resemblance to Akirael.
"He will be taking the 9th Seat," Tiolee continued. He showed his Royal Crest to the Guard, and to that, the Guard understood and opened the door for the two to enter. There were already Mystics sitting around the marble table, it had seem they weren't the only ones who had gotten there early. Vinealent, when passing the Guard, covered his nose to block the smell of smoke-and sewage for some 'odd' reason-from entering to his nose.

"You know, you should really hurry up if you want to make it to the meeting on time," said Rubi tapping her foot against the floor and staring at Sirberius.
"Who ever said i was going anyways," Sirberius replied, "these meetings are such a drag, and I already know what most of it is about."
On the way they passed a beautiful garden filled with statues and plants from other countries. Sirberius, from time to time, receives gifts from different foreign nobles because of the preserved peace. He is also visited by Nobles that have heard of the Grand Mystic's name. It was good for him to know many people, having an ally was important for keeping things intact, and keeping those relationships was a must as his role of Grand Mystic [though I think he never expected to have that kind of role from the beginning].
Rubi frowned, "You know that this meeting is important for you and Glycosa."
"Yea but i doubt that these stalkers aren't all that important to me," Sirberius says while giving a cold glare to the people behind him.
By stalkers he meant the Royal Guards that was ordered by Aeris to guard him at all times, and if they could not follow their orders they were to be demoted to the bottom ranks. For Sirberius, it was easy to escape these "stalkers", he was the Grand Mystic after all; but even Grand Mystics has it's limits, and with Aeris not the best person to be around when she angered, Sirberius went with it.
Sirberius, the Grand Mystic whose job it is to keep Glycosa out of harm's way, has a bad habit of going out of the Hall of Mystics, the Mystic Council's headquarters that once had belonged to a warlord from the Order of Ocularis Infernum named Ackrr, and tracking down wanted criminals; it's not truly his job. but he classifies it has 'keeping the Community Safe and out of harms way (even though he causes collateral damage to buildings. That's what mainly angers Aeris as for the other Mystic Council Members, their opinions are unknown).
"Well the Royal Guards," Rubi said to Sirberius, "are just here to escort us to the Mystic Hall. They're just following orders."
"It's not like we can't protect ourselves," complained Sirberius.
Rubi sighed, "I know. But Aeris is not in the best of moods right now, I don't want her to be mad at you again."
"Who does Aeris think she is ordering me around like some puppet? She should really learn to relax and have fun." he said rolling is eyes slightly to the right.
"Now, don't say mean things about Aeris." said Rubi [though what Rubi had said was calm and rational, it can also be interpreted like this, "Holy shit Sirberius! don't say things like that. Don't you ever, ever, ever say things like that. She might hear you. You're an idiot if you're going to say things like that."
"Big brother!" Someone was shouting from afar, but was slowly closing in. Then a young woman appeared in front of them, in a flash, followed by a gust of energy blowing the plants strong enough to distort their shape. Rubi and the Guards were also pushed a little out of balance. The young woman then leaped on Sirberius arms, the Guards didn't budge for it seems they already know the identity of the young woman and didn't find her a threat to Sirberius.
"Evangeline, shouldn't you be in the Mystic Hall already?" said Sirberius.
Rubi sighed, "Oh, come on, Evangeline. Was that really necessary?"
Evangline stuck her tongue out[for someone her age she acts pretty childish at times around Sirberius, but is mostly a serious person]. "No it wasn't, but sometimes I want Sirberius to remember me as his little sister instead of just being a Council member," she said.
On their way they were greeted by a Guard, who was inattentive and smoking. He was blowing smoke and had a lousy pose; if an enemy struck he would have probably been dead or not. The Guard, after blowing his second smoke ring, coughed surprisingly after seeing Evangeline, Rubi and Sirberius, nearly swallowing his cigar. He dropped his weapon after saluting.
"Lord Sirberius." He coughed. "Almost half of the seats are filled, the other council members are already in the Mystic Hall."
"How long were they waiting?" Sirberius asked staring at the guard curiously.
"Not long, sir," he responded.
"Geez," said Rubi while staring at the Guard. "You're a Royal Guard fer cryin' out loud. You're paid and housed well."
"I'm sorry, my queen," said the Guard. "I wasn't expecting that today the Council would have a meeting."
"It's ok, Rubi," Sirberius said looking around. "Where's the other Guard, shouldn't their be two Guards per door."
"I'm sorry my lord," the Guard said. "We weren't expecting that to-"
"-That the Council would be having a meeting," Sirberius repeated while starting to smile devilishly "Oh and be careful with that cigar Guard. You wouldn't want to annoy any of the other members or guards with that smoke." The Guard open the Mystic Hall door after giving Sirberius a grin. Rubi dragged Sirberius inside sensing he was starting a conversation with the Guard to avoid attending the meeting. Sirberius sat on the throne that had a crown engraved on it's top portion; Rubi sat on the seat with a "2" engraved on it's top portion. Evangeline, whose chair had a "10", sat down after creating a few vines of black roses around the chair.
A chime sounded. "Everyone," announced Aeris, "we're about to begin. Guards you may leave the room now." The Royal Guards and some of the knights that have entered saluted and left. The doors were still unlocked, but it was closed. Aeris was waiting for something, or someone.
"Alright lets get this going," Sirberius said loudly with his head in his hand leaning on the table. "Not sure about the rest of you, but i personally would rather not be here too long."
Aeris knocked him on the head within a few seconds of him finishing his sentence.
"Is it ok Aeris if my assistant, Saiq Espion, stays," said Calintz. "I trust him."
"I'm sorry Calintz. Larac and Mewt requested that this meeting will be for Council Members only," replied Aeris. Calintz's assistant, Saiq Espion, left after a few words from Calintz.
"Uhm, Council Member Aeris," interrupted Vinealent. "The 8th and 12th Seat are empty."
"Knowing that bastard, he's probably somewhere harassing women," said Dante to Abdiel who didn't find the joke funny but laughed anyway.
"Its not nice to bad mouth people Dante, especially when they aren't here," Sirberius said staring at him. "And to do it in front of the person who can assign you to that person as partners is even worse."
"Don't go abusing your authority," Aeris yelled at him with a cold stare.
Sirberius stayed silent, and Dante laughed under his breathe.
"Zaephunzuel is busy," informed Akirael.
"Don't worry about them," Mewt said to Vinealent. "They're here when needed."
Evangeline raised her hand, "when can we finish this, cause there are things I must do within the Market."
"It depends, Evangeline," said Aeris. A chime sounded twice, then the room started to turn dark. The designs on the doors slowly vanished as the door itself, the space became empty and the floor felt like it disappeared. Orbs appeared and illuminated the whole space of what used to be sensed or perceived as a room. A chime sounded three times.
"Let's begin," said Aeris. "We will start this meeting with information about the rebel uprising that has been happening for the past 7 months. Tiolee?" asked Aeris to the Shinigami sitting on the 11th Seat.
"The Royal Vampire Clans, including the Lamia Faction," said Tiolee, "have identified some of the vampires that joined the rebels, but they have assured me that none of them have inspired or supported this revolution."
"Is that how they see it," asked Aeris. "A revolution."
"I'm sorry. No," replied Tiolee. "A slip of the tongue. The vampire rebels called the attacks a revolution, not the Royal Clans. They've signed a creed, all the Vampire Clans, of their support for the Mystic Council." Tiolee takes out a scroll and a thick folder of files. Both levitated towards Aeris, softly landing on the marble table.
"And what of SALIGIA?," asks Aeris.
"What about SALIGIA," said Tiolee and paused for a few seconds. "SALIGIA is, as they were before, keeping the balance and moderating the flow of transgression of the divine." Tiolee glanced at Akirael but it wasn't given much attention to.
"Is that all," said Aeris. "Do I need to confirm it with Larac?"
"It's my only job, Aeris," said Tiolee, "to keep our communications with other countries and factions. Don't insult me by having that mongrel take over."
Aeris affirmed Tiolee's irritation with a nod. "Maester Vinealent," Aeris calling Vinealent. "You could start with introducing yourself."
The Maester stood up and said, "I'm the temporary replacement for Vode con Len," said Vinealent, who forgot to first introduce his name but since most of the Councilors knew him from past experiences, it wasn't asked.. "I'm here to provide the records that the Grand Maesters have summed up. And I'm new to the 9th seat until Aeris can find a new replacement." said the Maester.
"It shouldn't be too much of a hassle," said Aeris. "The 9th Seat is responsible for relief, reserved military and health services. You don't have to bear all that responsibility to yourself. Since you're also here to voice the other Maesters, you will mostly be in contact with the 3rd, 4th, and 5th."
"Maester," interrupted Calintz. "Did the potions take any effect?"
At first Vinealent was puzzled, but then remembered to take out the book that he was commanded to bring. He asks if she meant the potion for plant growth and healthy soil on the southern territory, she nods, and he continues his report that the potion helped the plants grow healthier with a great resistance from pests. Though some plants were not so much affected as the others.
"I'm sorry to stop the good news, Calintz," said Aeris. "But I need to know if he has the reports about the rebels from the Southernlands. Have your conversation with the Maester for next time. Maester, please, the report about the rebel hideouts."
"Yes ma'am," said Vinealent. He takes out a different book and continued, "our assessment of the data are 90% certain. But-"
"-Maester," interrupted Mewt as he held his hand up in a sign to stop. "You don't need to cite the report here."
"Yes," said Aeris. "You will have that conversation with Akirael and Mewt. They are in charge of security and territorial defense. I just wanted to know if the reports are finished. Thank you Maester." Vinealent sat down embarrassed, something he was not use to.
"its alright Maester," Sirberius said with a smile. "The atmosphere is a bit stuffy, but we are all mostly easy going. So no need to be embarrassed."
Aeris felt that last bit was referring to her, but ignored it. After an hour of Aeris' briefing about the rebels, about future plans and policies, about relations with other countries, the meeting ended with three chimes. Then two chimes for the room to return to normal.
"Everything reported here will not be discussed outside," said Aeris. "Maester Vinealent, I hope you enjoyed your first meeting. You don't have to worry, it's a rare occasion for the Council to gather like this, we often use private messengers like the Del Viento** that the High Lords used. Enjoy your time at the palace." A door opens, and in comes the-still smoking-Guard to escort Tiolee and Vinealent.
"As for you, Evangeline," Aeris said to the lady half asleep, "you can return to your sector."
"I think I'll stay for the second meeting," stated Evangeline half annoyed. The statement was heard by Tiolee who was a bit troubled that there was a second meeting that he wasn't invited, but he sighed knowing that there was nothing he could do anyway.
"You don't need me for this one. Right," said Calintz.
"Nope," replied Aeris. "But you could stay, even if it doesn't concern your sector."
Calintz quickly walked towards the door she came in, while disrobing and putting on the laboratory coat she wore before the meeting. She said she was sorry, that she had to finish a project of great importance. Along the way, Calintz (with her white hair look) dragged Evangeline to the exit where Espion was waiting. Evangeline made a bush of black roses on Aeris's chair so the thorns would stab her, but Aeris caught on and burned them away.

At the western entrance. "Aeris is scarier than what Magnus had told me," commented Vinealent. He then got a little depressed. Magnus Nightstriker, Aeris' father, had been a good friend of Vinealent. Like a few other noble High Lords, Magnus had perished during the Meeting of the High Lord. "I was scared."
"I'd be scared too if Aeris is around," said the smoker Guard.
"You did well," complimented Tiolee.
"Well, I think I'll just go straight to my room," said the Maester. "I haven't slept well. I've spent the whole night worrying about the meeting."
Another Guard appeared and escorted Vinealent to his room.
"Well," said the smoker Guard, "I think I'll be returning to my post now. I'll be on my way, Lord Tiolee."
"I'm sure you will," said Tiolee. "Try not to smoke while on duty, you'll give yourself away."
"I'm sorry?" the Guard asks.
"I don't like repeating myself for mongrels." Tiolee grew wings and flew away after waving goodbye to the Guard.

"And the real meeting is about to begin," said Dante as he drinks from his glass of wine. The Guards brought food while the other council members exited. It was a small meal so they can keep up with the next meeting. A chime sounds and the Guards cleaned up the marble table and exited. A door opens, and a cough or two entered. A Guard enters and was coughing frantically, he closed the door and sat on the seat with an "8" engraved on it's top portion.
Akirael slapped his face in disappointment. He asks, "what the hell did you do to my guards now Larac?! And don't tell me you ordered them elsewhere while impersonating me. It was bad enough when Vinealent did it."
"They're fine." The Guard coughed. "See Aeris. This is how weak our security is," he said.
"Only to the few that don't recognize the smell of your cigarettes," Sirberius said grinning. "You always use the same dried herb, and for a Dragon's sense of smell, its very easy to detect it miles away."
Dante laughed cause he too knew too well it was Larac (due to the fact he recognized the smell of Larac's cigarettes). He says, "it never gets old, Larac. But don't ever try that shit with my men. . ."
Two chimes sounded, then the room darkened with a empty atmosphere. Orbs illuminated the room after a few minutes. Six chimes played, then red and white rays of light started to crawl in their dark surrounding. The rays formed into complex seals and the room started to gain sunlight. The room's design changed. There were no doors to exit from, only the seals allowed light from an outside somewhere not in Glycosa. The atmosphere calmed as the Council members settled in their seats.
"Why didn't you enter the first meeting?" asked Aeris.
"Tiolee the Death fuckin' God was stinking up the room. And the only ones I needed to talk to were the Grand Mystic, seats 1-3, and seats 5-7. But it would have been nice having Zaephunzuel here," said Larac.
"Larac, the Shinigami King has helped the Council. I even feel guilty for not having him here in this meeting," said Sirberius in a serious tone.
"I don't like it. I just don't. His son was a backstabber when my guard was down, I'm not going to make that mistake again. And it's not like I missed anything, I can recite all the reports of the Maesters by heart. We also need to tighten the security around the Maester. Akirael, your men guarding the Maester are tied up in guest rooms B4 and B5, have someone check the rooms after the meeting."
Akirael sighed. He really wished he had a gun right now. If not for Larac, for himself.
"We'll start the discussion about the rebels that have amassed," said Aeris.
"Not them again," complained Dante. "Aeris, when I came here, I was expecting a much more distressing news."
"I don't enjoy wasting everybody's time, Dante. Larac," said Aeris with her eyes on the Guard.
Larac, the Guard, stood up and started talking. "My investigation started before, and after, the attack at Sirberius' Parade. We've managed to intercept the planned attack, with the thought that Class XX's and SSA's were with the rebels. But what we had at that time were false information, it was to get us all out of our sectors. The true goal of the attack was a message. A message to the Council that they know our system, that they're inside lurking through our defenses with ease."
"But we already did background checks on every security force, Larac. You don't have to remind the council of that," said Akirael.
"Fair enough. But the numbers were beyond expectation," said Larac. Akirael lowered his head when reminded with the data that almost 1/3 of security forces were either paid, possessed, or blackmailed by the rebel group to leak information.
"It was," said Rubi. "Even in the Mystic Knights, we had a couple of assassins just waiting to take us out. One even succeed." She looked down on the floor, remembering the final moments of her friend, Mare Mara.
"It was never intended, or even expected, that they would succeed in assassinating the Grand Mystic. Though there was a tiny ounce of hope placed on the plan though. The Demon venom that was used on the parade was clearly for someone like Sirberius or Dante," said Larac. "But it was just that, nothing more, no evidence so far that I've investigate that came up with a finale of Sirberius' death. Also, we know now that these rebels and wanted criminals didn't coincidentally flock onto our territory at the same time; increasing our crime rate. It was planned of course to keep us occupied, which Sectors 3, 5, 8 and 10 should have noticed earlier.
"Information was leaked, of course, that our brainless Grand Mystic," said Larac using his formal words to introduce his friends, "and his bird for brains Military General spend their free time impersonating as Bounty Hunters and Bingo Book Players. Hunting down wanted criminals, even though clearly their job is to stay in the Palace. That's why these outlaws have been gathering close to Glycosa-"
"What the fuck are you talking about Larac!" Dante cried out. "We're not the only ones hunting and impersonating as Bingo Book Players."
"Are you talking about me?" asks The Guard. "Impersonating Players and hunting is a part time job of mine. And at least I don't give off signs that I'm a council member, using Mystic Council weaponry!"
"Or from the Valentine Organization, which manufactures half of our weaponry," added Akirael.
"Weaponry, my ass," shouted Dante. "Of course you don't use Council weaponry, that's because you steal the ones in my barracks and private collection!"
"At least he returns yours," muttered Akirael quietly so that no one could hear him.
"And part of my job is to keep things safe within the Community," said Sirberius. "Saying I am impersonating a Bingo Book Player is calling my authority and position into question, seeing how I'm the one that assigns the targets in the first place. As for weapons," he said slammed his dual guns on the marble table. "I highly doubt that Mystics know anything about Abyss Weapons and just know they belong to someone in the Council."
Aeris' glared heavily at Sirberius, "That may be true, but they would recognize your face you idiot. You never wear a disguise nor, do you even try to fool the public on your appearance. You even draw attention to yourself with your wild and flashy techniques."
Sirberus raised a finger, "Also something i doubt due to the fact that no one outside this Council has seen any of my Hybrid forms. My Ka'dai signature is also broken apart and distorted thanks to Zane and Sparda. Now continue, Larac," Sirberius said with a look of victory.
"Very well," said Larac. "Just a reminder Sirberius, I think there's a minority of the population that can remember energy signatures. And I'm sure it's easy to associate your Ka'dai and your hybrid forms. Try not to get their attention. Anyway, we found out that this group, along with the Demon rebels, were being paid for by certain individuals."
"And you wouldn't have known the connection if it wasn't for me bounty hunting," said Dante.
"And we could have gathered more information if you hadn't killed the Lycan, Salvado Summers, on the spot," said Larac.
"Pfft," Dante replied.
"My theory: the first wave of attacks were for recording data about the Mystic Council Members. Two rogue Gods have appeared clearly for the sake of testing out Sirberius' strength, and Bingo Book Players that have encountered the gods have probably perished. The first God was taken out by me and Dante, his name was Oran, a Class A God. And the second, the one that committed the gruesome massacre at the center of the Ashen District of lower Glycosa, was taken out by Sirberius. They already know our movements, by that time. The God's name was Vasharan, another Class A. I guess Vasharan was for measuring Sirberius and to force him to show his abilities, which eventually he did."
Sirberius slams his fist on the throne. "You trying to say something, Larac?" There was a silent pause due to everyone becoming shocked at Sirberius's sudden seriousness. It was rare that he ever got mad and serious within the meetings. "You can say I showed him my abilities, but do any of you know what i am capable of?" The room still stayed silent because in all truth, no member besides Rubi and Dante have witnessed Sirberius fight, and even in those times, he never used the infamous Kim-un-Kur 'Complete Hybrid Form'. Sirberius sat back in his seat.
"Don't beat yourself up, Sirberius, and you're a bigger idiot for giving them what they want," said Larac. "Mewt and Akirael are partly to blame. You made the patrol Guards' movements too predictable, Akirael. The same with Sector 5." Everyone showed their guilt (except for Larac, Abdiel, and Dante). The massacre was a tragedy, it was a first in a long time, that someone had successfully killed that many inside Glycosa; and that Sirberius was just close by to have changed the situation but was too late to act.
"The Fallen Order made a mistake by provoking the Council," said Aeris.
"The Cult made a mistake indeed," said Larac. "They have given us their name, along with their face grinning. the Shinigami Ferrinez, the one that claimed to be your brother Dante, gave Sector 8 enough information to go with-though I wish Dante kept the Shinigami alive. Their main target is Sirberius and they had the balls to say that to our faces.
"After spending time gathering information, and capturing prisoners ALIVE, I've located the Fallen Order's leaders: it's outside Council territory on the desert Continent Ard Dune. Sectors 8, 5, and 2 have already played decoy with their bases inside Council Territory, to make it seem like we've taken the bait. For the ones outside, Dante's Alpha squadron are monitoring them and waiting for my-I mean Dante's orders. It's easy to make them bark if they see Dante's face."
"Larac, I have no problem lending you my men at a time like this. But next time, ask me first or Abdiel."
"I'd be waiting too long. Besides I need a squad that doesn't need any paperwork to get them moving."
Aeris glared at Dante upon hearing what Larac said.
"But I'm still uncertain about everything," said Larac. "It's obvious what the Fallen Order's long term goals are, and that's to wage war on the Gods of Atlantis. We have damn good concrete evidence in our archives to support that fact, along with Akirael's first-hand knowledge, that this cult is planning to raise a fallen angel-formerly known as Azazel-now called Draethius to command them in the later future. He called himself the Demon Lord, just before he was banished to the Death Dimension for acts of treason. With God-class banishment curse spells, no wonder this summofabitch is having a tough time getting back to the Mystic Realm. That's why I'm still uncertain..."
"Uncertain of what," asks Rubi.
"That it was just too easy," said Larac. "It makes sense that they have to take care of the Mystic Council first, in order to occupy Hi-Ave. Hi-Ave is the continent to be for gathering forces because of it's resources. And in order to take over Corradine they have to prepare for years. But I can't help that there's something I'm not seeing. Something much more personal or intimate. It's just so fuckin' simple, that I can't believe it, but just that one thing that I'm still missing bothers me."
"Are you thinking of a trap," said Dante, trying to avoid the last topic: of his men going doing missions with out filing paperwork.
"I know it's a trap," Larac replied.
"Is that the gathering of a forces that Sector 8 told me about?" asked Mewt.
"Yes, and no" said Larac. "Some of the Fallen Orders' platoons have been taken cared off, but for every unit we take out it wouldn't take long for them to resurface a new one in a new location, new captains and new supplies. The Fallen Order and the rebels should be treated as separate entities. They [the Fallen Order] are not even hiding the fact that they know that we're on to them."
"You see!" Annoyed Aeris shouting at Sirberius ears. "This is why I told you not to go out and keep on fighting these... these groups, the?"
"The Fallen Order," said Dante to fill in Aeris who lost her composure.
Sirberius's eyes shifted into blood red Serpent dragon eyes, and the stare he gave Aeris would have made a common person pass out with fear.
"I say: let them come," said Sirberius.
“You are such a fuckin' retard," said Aeris. "You say let them come, Well what if they do? They would destroy all that we have worked for. Is it really worth it?”
Sirberius stands up and says, “Then we will kill them all before that happens if we go out and find them before they find us, then we are saved. As a matter of fact, I think I will go and take out the Hybrid destroying the village of Shanra. I’ll go there and give them what they want!"
"That's absurd," says Aeris. "That's how the whole mess started. When The Fallen Order found out about your stupid habit of bounty hunting. Don't forget that these people are gathering Mystics to attack Glycosa."
“No, I’m not just gonna sit here and wait for them to attack us. I am going to protect this civilization with my power and crush those who oppose me before they can even get close.”
"And you think that's a plan," said Aeris. "You're going to risk yourself getting killed. You really are a bigger idiot than I thought."
"Only if this fails," said Sirberius.
"Larac," said Aeris, "I want your sector to make sure Sirberius won't be leaving his quarters, and I want you personally to be there."
"No Aeris." Larac takes a cigarette and lights it for a smoke. Sirberius and Aeris was surprised that Larac declined the command of restraining Sirberius, and the chance to play boss. Dante sees that Larac had something and was curious enough to ask, "you're thinking of something stupid again aren't you, well I doubt that you could even think something."
Larac gave a smile of annoyance. "I propose what Sirberius had said," replied Larac. "We already know their bases, and so far, as far as we know they haven't recruited any class XX's and X's."
"What are you saying Larac," asked Rubi.
"I say, we clean this mess up before The Fallen Order could properly organize an attack. I say, that five council members should destroy these bases all at the same time. I've already designed an attack, and with it an end to The Fallen Order's leaders."
"That's the dumbest idea you've proposed yet Larac," said Rubi.
"It's my best case scenario," said Larac. "The best outcome is, not a lot of Mystics will die. How about we vote on it."
"No Larac, Rubi is right," said Aeris. "That will just be a burden. Better we keep our defenses secure and screen our security."
"And what," said Larac. "It's clear that some of these rebels come from the Royal Vampire Clans, and some from Atlantis. Face it, no pure blood wants a Hybrid to be on top of power. I hear what your 'noble' friends say Aeris when you and Sirberius are not around, and it's not all bunnies and rainbows that come out of their filthy mouths."
"That's enough Larac!" Aeris commanded. "Don't make this personal. Larac, it's just stupid of us to let five of council members out there. You have to know that."
"No, not stupid. It's insane," said Dante. "It's crazy of us to let five council members out. And The Fallen Order wouldn't expect a crazy move from us. Well except for Larac of course."
"No, Dante," said Aeris. "I will not accept that as a valid plan."
"I say we vote on it," proposed Mewt, who had been quiet up until now.
"We're incomplete or have you all forgotten that we need all Sectors to vote for situations like this," said Aeris.
"It doesn't matter as long as I say to go ahead with the vote," Sirberius said with his eyes closed. "And if you try to go against it, I'll show you how they torture people in DD."
Larac grinned. Dante chuckled. Mewt yawned. Abdiel sighed. Akirael placed his palm on his face. Aeris wishing that she hadn't sealed the room so that she can use magick on Sirberius. And while Rubi stared at Sirberius to tone his language down.
"How about we vote: that we don't need all Sectors to be present for a situation such as this," Mewt proposed.
"Fine. Sure. You want a vote, let's vote on it," Aeris said. "All in favor that we move on and forget the preposterous plan raise your hand."
Aeris raised her hand, and along with Akirael who raised after an awkward pause. Rubi looked down at Sirberius and saw the stern look on his face. Aeris waited for Rubi for some support but found none.
"I'm sorry Aeris. He has that look in him. You shouldn't have played along with their game."
"All. Who. Oppose," asked Aeris with her teeth grinding.
Sirberius, Mewt, Dante, Abdiel and Larac raised their hands.
"Then it's a democracy," said Mewt. "Those in favor of applying Larac's crazy plan, give me a HOORAH!"
"HOORAH!" Sirberius, Mewt, Abdiel, Dante and Larac shouted.
A cricket cracked.
"I love democracy," said Larac. "And as a reminder, for this plan to work, no one, not even our underlings, must know about this."
All the chimes played, enough for the room to return to it's normal state.
"You planned this didn't you you bastard," said Aeris to the Guard.
"It takes two to tango love. Don't blame me that a majority of the vote was in favor of my plan," replied the Smoker Guard.
A lightning from outside the Mystic Hall entered, aiming for Larac but he vanished in the shadows before the lightning could strike.

A hooded Councilor entered a room with six people, all but one hidden in the shadows. The one visible is revealed as one of The Twins.
"So?" asked the center figure.
"It's as he-" The Councilor glanced at the Twin. "-guessed."
"Then we should begin our operations. Soon, we'll finally be rid of an annoying pest," laughed another.
"We need to be cautious," warned the Twin. "Any mistake could prove to be fatal." He glanced at the Councilor. "Continue with your reports. Tell us immediately if anything drastic happens."
Later that night, Sirberius, Mewt, Abdiel, and Dante received documents of the planned attack.
"And, that's how the decision was made for us to be here," said Zane, who gathered around the campfire.
Abraxas was damned dumbfounded. "My Lord," said Abraxas, "Vance is not even a Class B Bingo Book Player. I told you that already, and you've just exposed to him classified information."
"I did?" asked Zane. "It doesn't matter anyway, besides I think it's just right that you two should know. Seeing that you two are the replacement for Abdiel and Dante. And me the replacement for Sirberius."
"You're a replacement?" asked Abraxas, "I don't understand. You have the same Ka'dai energy signature as the Grand Mystic..."
"Replacement," asked confused Vance unnoticed.
"It's classified information, Abraxas," said Zane. "Still, I'm the replacement for Sirberius for this mission. Don't think less of me."
"Replacement?" asked Vance who had been exposed to details that he had been dying to know. Systems that he would have died for (but not really) to know. He was frantic, ecstatic, excited, scared, confused; but mainly just confused about all the information that was just given to him, it was too much for that night.
Even though Zane said a lot, he had, during at some point in the conversation, removed vital information and parts of the stories. He didn't tell them much about Sirberius' journey from town to town heading towards Larac's planned location at Ard Dune: the hideout of the Fallen Order's leaders. Zane was saving that for Larac.
Abraxas was in a confused state as to who the hell this kid really was. To know so much detail. Abraxas, trained in all sorts by Abdiel, was a master at telling bluffs and misinformation; he just couldn't get the fact that this kid wasn't lying at all. He was now in a gloomy state.

*Dead Fox Swamp was the swamp where Irmao and Quazar attacked Rubi in "Bingo Book: Noe's Reminiscene"; it was also where Dante fought Quazar
**Del Viento (Spanish for "of the wind") was a mail delivery system created by the Valentine Organization that teleported purple envelopes containing messages to other High Lords, now to Councilors

Words from author: The final version of EP 4. Edited by the others and reedited by moi.
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Opening: Warriors of Time - by Black Tide
5th Episode: The Desert Fortress Midnight Siege

Vance was already dodging arrows, parrying swords, and blowing away as many enemies, vampires and demons, as he can. He was feeling a massive rush in his system, scared of death, scared of pain, and most of all scared of losing this one time opportunity to have a royal class membership to the Mystic Council.
The Demons couldn't stop Vance, Abraxas, and Zane from moving from corridor to corridor looking for the targets. They had a good defense form-Zane was in charge of command and long range attacks, Abraxas dealt with the Demons that got too close to them with his dagger handling skills, and Vance was charged with blowing away enemies so they wouldn't be cornered and creating wind tunnels.
Vance wore a gloves with gems that increased his Wind Magyck capabilities, it was now easier, too, for him to create wind forces with little effort. He was given a Wizard Staff, along with the gloves, to increase his energy-the staff was developed by sector 4 R&D. He didn't know much about the equipment's effects, and he only noticed little of what the staff and gloves had really given him-power.
Vance used sand to blind the demons, the wind to disarm them, and the objects of the fortress to create chaos for the rebels. They couldn't stop the three, even at the east entrance they couldn't even slow them down. They would surround the three attackers, but to only fail because of the Wind Magyck that Vance created to destroy their formation. And whence the strong Demons came, they are taken out by both Abraxas and Zane. Everything was going smoothly, beside the fact that Vance couldn't think of anything else but survival and disarming Demons and Vampires, and with the three together nothing can go wrong.

There were two Mystics training under the hot Ard Dune sun.
"Again!" demanded Abraxas.
"I've slept for only four hours," pleaded Vance, "could I at least have a little break. . ."
"You'll sleep forever if you keep acting like a librarian!" screamed Abraxas.
Vance created circles of winds to perfect his form, he created gusts of sand like it was a tsunami, but what Abraxas wanted was for him to be disarmed by Vance's Wind Magyck. Vance conjured a powerful wind tunnel and fired it at Abraxas. Abraxas dodged the magyck easily since he was trained much more at fighting. A wave of sand overshadows Abraxas and tries to crush him, but again it was too slow. He flew to see Vance's position.
Vance was gone, and Abraxas couldn't detect him because of his weak energy. But unknown to Abraxas, Vance was trained about in almost every technique there is needed to escape a fight. He was taught by his Magi Aunt who, knew sorcery well, taught him one technique that would allow him to distort his energy signature by using Wind Magyckry. She taught him magyck that would make him blend with the wind around him.
Abraxas tightened his defenses, and held his daggers tight. It was the first time that Vance had totally escaped his senses, and he was caught off guard a by the sense that Vance wasn't a total weakling. He needed to train Vance well-that was the goal that morning-so Vance would not rely on Abraxas' protection during the siege. And he developed better than expected during training, even in just a few hours-but it was also important for Vance that he get use to the equipment. The equipment had enchantments in them. He needed to secure that Vance would be comfortable to the rush of battle, so in the time of the siege he wouldn't freak out.
It took him a second too late to detect Vance's accumulation of wind force above him, and was caught at the wave of wind stampede. Abraxas slams on the sandy dunes as the wind blows the sand away from the target. He lay face down, beside his daggers. Abraxas lay on sold ground, because of the sand blown off from Vance's attack. The stone floor was hot, and he lost.
Vance hovers down, and ran towards Abraxas. "I didn't mean to," said Vance. "I thought you could take it. I gave it all, I'm sorry." Vance held out his hands.
Abraxas shoved the hands away. "I'm fine," he said. "That was nothing. Now that you've disarmed me, you can rest-I need a bath." Abraxas moves away from Vance to the spring nearby.
"I'm sorry," said Vance but Abraxas was far from them to hardly hear anything. He turns to Zane, "is he hurt?"
"Don't worry, he can fight," said Zane. "You just hurt his pride, nothing serious."
"But at least he trusts you now, to cover our backs."
"Yes, I'll definitely do that."
Zane laughed, "all of this just to enter the library."
"I know it's silly but this is the only chance I've got, if I ever-"
"-Ey, don't give me that mushy stuff, okay? Everyone's got their reasons for wanting some things that others find silly."
"You're right-"
"-I can't even understand why other people bother about getting rich."
"I never thought you were so philosophical Lord Zane, from what I observed last night, I thought you were just some really powerful Mystic who only thinks of fighting."
"What, you think I'm stupid?"
"That's not what I meant, what I meant was. . ."
Zane jumped at Vance to put some sense into him, by beating him up.

"Get them!" screamed the Demon. They would leap, but would soon be thrown from the air by Vance. Every time they make a formation, Zane would shoot them down. For those strong enough to get close would be cut by Abraxas. Zane was laughing the whole time as he enjoyed the fights, Abraxas held a cautious look, while Vance sweated a pool. Oddly enough, Vance had the confidence he never thought he had.

It was a mess inside the fortress, and outside a battle was also brewing.
"What's taking you so long!" screamed the Vampire commander. "It's just one guy!'
"We can't stop him, commander. He's too strong," said a Vampire who paid his life for giving praises to the enemy.
A vampire would move forward to cut down the man moving close to their fortress, but he would lose a head or an arm before he can raise his sword. It takes three soldiers to get one attack close to him, the other two to distract the man's attacks and the third to land a weak blow. The three would die eventually, beheaded or entrails spewing. The man wore a set of royal armor, but the Vampires and Demon's could hardly distinguish since he was almost entirely covered in blood.
Sand Demons finally slowed him down, they came out from under the sand and bit on his legs. Some of the teeth broke because his leg armor, but some sharp fangs were long enough to inflict damage on the skin. The man stabs his sword on one of the Demon's skull, but the biting creature won't still come off of him. A couple of Vampires jump at him, when they saw him weaponless. One or two Vampires took a strong blow from his left fist.
One of the powerful-not lesser-Demon saw an opportunity and chopped the man's left arm off. The man screamed, and in a fit of rage grabbed a weaker Vampire by the back and ripped the spinal cord from the body. The man turned the spinal cord into a bone-spear and skewered other Demons into a barbecue-three demons were maimed by the spear altogether. He attacked anyone getting near, thus giving him a lot of space once again. He threw the skewered Demons afar, and like fish he spears his arm and attached it back again to his body. He screams as he slowly takes the spinal spear from his reattached, rejuvenated arm.
The Demons and Vampires howl and screeched at the sight, it would seem they would need to do more than just cutting him off from a body part or two. The man stabbed the spear, to the ground, beside him and finally freed himself from the Sand Demons that restrained him from taking steps, by using his fists.
The Demons and Vampires silenced. The man was surrounded, but there was no hint of being attacked now, he knew what was going to happen. The Rebels started to tap their weapons into a rhythm, and surrounded him, creating a wide arena for the man-the trespasser. A Demon stepped forward, but unlike the previous Demons who only wore rags and cheap body armor to protect them from the sand, this one was different. The Demon wore a armor, more durable than the other Demons, and he too held a sword.
"Wonderful," said the Demon. "You've made too much of a mess here. Do you have a death wish?"
"I'm not afraid to die," said the man.
"You're obviously a distraction," said the Demon.
"Distractions have to only make a ruckus, not to show their faces," said the man.
"You're brave, that's something I admire in my enemies. My name is Lord Visc Vreushii, and what is your name, my naive little nuisance?"
"The name's Mewt M. Morakami," said Mewt.
The Demons and Vampires around him laughed, while others confused on why some of the Demons laughed.
"I never knew I had a funny name," said Mewt.
"You think we're stupid?" asked Lord Visc, "we know the name 'Mewt Morakami' we're not stupid."
"You wouldn't be fighting the Mystic Council if you're wern't."
"Funny. Well you'll die nameless." Lord Visc danced with the moonlight and started to appear and disappear. Mewt closed his eyes, and within a second he blocked the sword from behind. He spins his spear to back Lord Visc off. Lord Visc disappeared again. The crowd was silent, waiting for the kill of the intruder. Mewt still has his eyes closed, listening to every grain of sand that moves, and lucky he thought that the crowd was just watching, not chanting.
He felt something cracking from his behind, it was his armor and a sword has slithering through it and his body. The sword tip exited his chest plate. He screamed and choke out blood. The red goo dripped out his lips, but he still stood strong. The sword's tip transformed into a anchor-shape tip.
Lord Visc lifted him and threw him far, crashing to the crowd. He was attacked by swords by the Demons and Vampires but he fought back, forcing them to back off.
"Leave him," said Lord Visc Vreushii. He walks cautiously to Mewt.
Mewt tried to break anchor-sword, but it was too durable and he was already starting to weaken because he had to fight a lot of them. He consciously close his chest wounds, but it wouldn't fully close because of the anchor-sword. He throws the bone-spear at Lord Visc, out of anger, but Lord Visc dodged it easily. The spear struck a weakling vampire from the crowd. He couldn't keep his focus, only anger, because unless he fully heals himself, he will still feel the pain.

Mewt sat on his bed, looking at his armor stacked against the wall. He breathed calmly, trying to convince himself that Glycosa will be safe without him. He walks casually to the door, and opened it.
"My my," said a smelly, dust-covered, bum covered in rags. "You're always one step ahead of me sometimes."
"Is it done, Larac?" asked Lord Mewt Morakami.
"I always admire Sector 4 for their works," said Larac. He pulled someone by the arm, and it was Mewt's look-alike. Mewt and his double stared at each other.
"Can it talk?"
"It's a good thing it can't, or else I'd killed Sirberius's and Dante's. He has the same energy signature as you, I decided to mobilize you first. You know where to go, and what time, But you'll have to travel it by foot. You up to it?"
"I've traveled by foot before I joined the Council."
"That so. . ." Larac then shoved the double into Mewt's room. The double wore Mewt's armor, leaving Mewt with a spare; a not so perfect spare as the original.
Mewt exited his room, and accompanied the smelly, dust-covered, bum covered in rags. "You should take a break sometimes, Larac. You need a bath."
"I'd be happy to do that, if someone qualifies for my job."
"What is your job, exactly?"
"And that's why you're not fit for my job, my friend." Larac laughed and rest his arm on Mewt's shoulder. Mewt could tolerate the smell, it was Larac's attitude he wished gone.

Lord Visc kicks the anchor-sword damaging Mewt's rejuvenated flesh and bone. He kept disappearing again and again, and appeared when Mewt had a spot exposed. He couldn't fully maneuver his bone-spear since the sword is hindering his movements. The crowd would cheer, and some would even laugh at the sight of the once strong intruder turn into this cornered rat.
Lord Visc appears again with another sword. Mewt tried to block it with his arms, but it skewered right through both his arms, and through his neck. He couldn't scream because his throat was clogged with blood. He squirmed on two feet so he could forget the pain.
Lord Visc was disappointed, he moved towards the crowd and gave them the signal to call the archers. Archers appeared and aimed at every vital organ, the crowed broke so as to not get hit by the arrows. When Lord Visc commanded to fire, the arrows flew. Every arrow struck Mewt, but he was still moving, unscreaming and in pain.
Wizards then appear, and again Lord Visc commanded for them to conjure fire. Mewt, now, was covered in flames. The wood of the arrows turned to ash, and his voice finally escaped as the blood boiled inside his throat. He screamed for pain, it was loud, loud enough for someone miles away to hear.

"What was that?" asked a Vampire who was guarding the south side.
"What was what," his companion said.
"I heard a scream."
"Must be your imagination. Hold your sword, someone's coming."
A Vampire with the same cloth as them, with slight differences, appeared in front of them. "Yo!" he said.
"What are you doing here, go back to your post," said the first Vampire.
"I thought I heard a scream, I came to check you guys."
"Go back to your post," repeated the second Vampire.
"I'm not going back there," said the third Vampire.
"Why the hell not?" asked the first Vampire.
"Cause I don't take orders from scum like you."
"What the fuck are you talking about Riddley?!" asked the first Vampire.
Riddley's arms quickly elongates, his left hand gripped the skull of the second Vampire, while his right hand was choking the first Vampire. They tried to struggle, and even tried to change to their second forms to increase their energy, but it was already too late for the second Vampire. The first Vampire was blinded by a light, by the time the bright white light ended his eyes met with a fist.
"So your name is Rebe," said Riddley, "nice suit Rebe." He was undressing the armor he was wearing and slowly wore Rebe's, the second Vampire's, clothing. He started whistling as he dress himself. "Hang on there Mewt, I wouldn't put you in that situation unless you couldn't take a bunch of them." He added more wood to the campfire, so the guards on the next post won't see the camp fire from Rebe's post die out so soon. He continued closer to the Desert Fortress, and continued his whistling. He coughs up blood, but he didn't stop or let the blood ruin his new armor.

Mewt screams, the Crowd cheers, and Lord Visc was dissatisfied. He was waiting for the corpse to die down already, so he can retrieve his precious weapon. When the smoldering kabob stopped screaming he moved closer. What he saw was man covered in ash, grunting trying to pry the anchor-sword off himself by damaging flesh inch by inch, and breaking bones. As soon Lord Visc saw that the intruder was still alive, he quickly appeared in one of the soldiers and stole his sword and disappears. He appears beside Mewt to behead him, because it was the only way to kill a non-mortal. Someone like Lord Visc knows, non-mortals are usually Gods or Demons.
Lord Visc approached, but when he got closer a spear struck heart. It was a new spinal-cord-spear, Lord Visc could not see it because it came from the person who is using it. Mewt commanded the spear and forced Lord Visc to the ground. Finally Mewt removed the anchor-sword, he did that by letting the sword cut through him, and the sword on his throat was pulled out. He raises the bloody sword high, and slashes Lord Visc.
A female Vampire parried Mewt's sword with her chain sword. She kicked Mewt, to separate him and Lord Visc. She screams, "everyone, attack the intruder!"
The crowd stopped being a crowd and returned into a motley of desert warriors. They attack Mewt with the more veracity than before, because he looks weaker.
"Thank you for saving me, Lilicka," said Lord Visc.
"You lowered your guard sire," replied Lilicka.
"A mistake," he said. He painfully removed the bone spear from his chest, it was no easy task since the spine had collars. "Let's move to the fortress quickly, I need to warn the others that one of the Councilmen is here. If Mewt is here, there's a chance that two more council members are here also."
"Could he be a double sire?" she asked.
"Can't be, only Gods regenerate that much flesh and bone that fast."
"I'm sorry to inform you this late sire, but there was a report of an attack earlier at the eastern entrance."
"Where there any progress?"
She shakes her head. "No one reported back ever since."
"They're attacking from all sides?"
"It looks that way, but the southern and northern entrances are still intact, I believe. Those corner entrances never reported any attacks."
"They are either planning to flush us out, or box us in." The wound on Lord Visc's chest are now gone, only his broken armor reminds him of his foolish underestimation of the intruder-Lord Mewt Morakami, Mystic Council Seat Fifth. "I'm fine now Lilicka, tell every high ranking officer that they need to be guarded at all times. If Mewt is here, it's likely that Abdiel, Akirael, Larac, and Dante or any one of them are here too. And have psychics in their party, that shapeshifter is probably inside now. Let them be guarded by five Mystics."
"You, sire?"
"Have them protected first, once that then gather them to my barracks."
"As you wish."

It was hot under the afternoon Ard Dune sun. Three mystics were lingering beside a desert mound far from the Desert Fortress.
"I'm not gonna die-I'm not gonna die-I'm not gonna die," whimpered Vance.
"We will be if you won't shut up," said Zane.
"I can't cast any Wind Magyck, what do you expect me to do, cheer with glee," said Vance. "Unlike you two, I have no other way to fight."
"Shut up, someone's coming," whispered Abraxas.
Two Vampires walked on top of the mound and smoked a cigar. "It's boring not in the front lines," said one of the Vampires.
"Boring, but safe," replied the other Vampire.
"What I wouldn't give to beat the crap out of their coward leader," said the first Vampire.
"The last time a pack of Sand Beast appeared you ran faster than I did."
"Sand Beasts are different," the first Vampire said. "All I'm saying is, I'd rather die in the battlefield than rot in my post eating smoked mushroom rat." He flicked his cigar to the wind and it landed on something.
"What was that?!" The first Vampire draw his sword and the second one followed.
"Your wish is my command," said Abraxas who appeared behind the first Vampire. Abraxas dragged the Vampire down the sand.
Zane kicked the other Vampire with all his strength. The Vampire flew far and high and unconscious.
"Vance it's ok now," said Zane. He then carried Vance on his arms and swung him like a baby.
"Vance you have to get use to the rush," said Abraxas polishing his dagger from the sand and blood.
"How can I get use to the rush, when you took all my Wind Magyck away!"
"We can't get close to the fortress with our energy shining like a beacon. Aurists will spot us a mile away. The pill doesn't only take away your power temporarily, when it comes back you'll be fully energized."
"Is that true?" asked Vance.
"You should have said that earlier!"
"I did."
"Vance was sleeping that time, Abraxas," said Zane cleaning his ear from the sand, "I didn't want to disturb your passionate discourse with Vance, but yeah, he was asleep. He nods from time to time even when he's asleep."
Abraxas blushed, and was embarrassed because it was the first time he was serious of protecting someone, and it was the first time he had to use words to express it.
"You both are idiots," said Zane. "Come on, let's get to the next post, we're still on time my friends."
They left the sand mound that was tainted red.

"That's great Vance!" said Zane. "It's like you're a born warrior."
"It's so easy," said Vance. "I feel so-so-so powerful." The wind was slowly getting stronger inside, the Mages that tried to attacked the three were only fire and earth Mages. They couldn't even properly cast a spell because of all the chaos, and it was easy for Vance to hear them because his magnified sense of hearing, giving Vance a chance to either tell Zane and Abraxas of the Mages location or he would shut them up himself, by creating a small wind bubble temporarily choke their lungs. They were deep inside the fortress now, and the longer they stayed the stronger they got.
"It's the pill's side-effects. Don't worry, we're not feeling the peak of the pill's potential yet!"
They stopped at a dining hall, leaping from table to table. They made a hell of a mess in the hall, and the fortress inhabitants are none too happy about it. They were now in the middle of the hall, not cornered, just withholding further attacks. They still have the same form, and no Demon could go near because of Zane, but not for long.
"OK guys, I think I'm going to go on ahead with my target," said Zane.
"What -what?!" screamed Vance.
"Thank you for your assistance Lord Zane," said Abraxas after casting a dark energy at the enemies.
"Don't leave us! We'll help each other take our own targets!" Vance cried out.
"You've read war journals, right," Abraxas asked Vance. "what do you think is going to happen when the higher ups know that they have been infiltrated?"
"Once they are notified, they will probably escape. . ."
"Lord Zane has helped us enough," said Abraxas. "We're at an advantage when inside, because outside they could easily outnumber us, inside they have to find us first."
Vance was dumbstruck, he knew that strategy well but because of his fear he couldn't rationalize well. On the battlefield and reading about battles are two different things, Vance thought.
"I'll see you then my comrade at arms." Zane summoned his fiery soul and created a burst of energy, causing some of the enemies to cower. "You can't run from me!" The explosion of energy almost broke Abraxas' and Vance's composure, but it also inspired them to succeed in their mission. Zane exited taking out almost ninety-nine-percent of the enemies with his dual guns, fists, and kicks faster than Abraxas could have imagined.
"Wow, he got rid of almost all of them," said Vance.
"Come on," said Abraxas. "We need to find our targets, I think we should start with mine, because his rank is lower than your target."
"I'm starting to get scared thinking about our targets," said Vance.
"Don't worry, you'll be warming up soon and feeling good, when you're in a battle again. The Pill will rejuvenate you. Take out your book."
Vance took out his book, and one of pages started to light a green glow. When he opened to the page, there was a liquid arrow pointing to a direction.
"That's your target," said Abraxas. "Chances are, I might die and lose the battle. When I lose, I want you to find your target and take him out, I know it sounds impossible, but you have to do your work. You can hide, if you want, and wait for reinforcements, but they'll be here in four days, and by that time I'm sure you already know where your target is: not here."
"Do I have to kill him?"
"If you can keep him knocked out for four days to be captured, sure you could keep him alive," answered Abraxas.
The two started to undress and looked for the enemy clothing so they could blend in. Vance had a little bit of trouble finding a suit and armor that fit him, because his body was not as muscular. Finally he found a Mage cloak and wore it, while Abraxas wore a suit and armor of warriors.
"Reserve your fighting spirit for now, the Pill's effects lasts for two weeks."
"Abraxas can we even take out your target?"
"I don't know. Probably," he said, sending chills up Vance's spine. "I never fought anyone stronger, or of higher race before. This is my first battling a Ancient Demon."

"Abraxas," said Abdiel, "You don't need to bring Vance alive, all you need to do is eliminate your target." Abdiel hands a booklet to Abraxas.
"Is he my only partner?" Abraxas asked.
"To be honest, he's not really your partner. I'm just concerned for the kid," said Abdiel.
"I'll bring him back, sir. Even if I'm not required to do so, it would be a weakness for me if I let comrades fall."
"You've changed a lot Abraxas, that other kid must've had an influence on you. . . Uh. . . I forgot his name," said Abdiel.
"No sir, but after my last mission, I've realized that some of your training, that relies on partnership, is not that faulty, after-all."
"That's a good sign of maturity," said Abdiel. "But Abraxas." He paused and thought it through. "This isn't really the time for you to play comrade at arms, your target is specifically someone of my caliber. And I don't think I can give you any other important missions such as this. I'm. . . I don't even think you can return unscathed like your previous missions."

"Hey, Abraxas," said Vance, "are you even listening?"
"Yes," said Abraxas.
"So, what's the name of your target?"
"My target is, unknown rank, Ancient Demon, Lord Visc Vreushii."

Words from author:
There might be some confusion, so I thought for any questions about the Anime, please write them on the thread called "What's wrong with the Anime?"
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6th Episode: Day One

There were still chaos in some parts of the sand fortress, but the previously attacked corridors have been returned to normal. Every soldier managed to get things together again, despite the current chaos in some regions of the fortress. Vance and Abraxas were surprised at the pace the enemy was moving. Almost everything returned to normal after two and half hours. The two intruders were blending well, and on occasions some of the rebels would even greet them.
"It's nice talking to you to," said Abraxas to a rebel he just met.
"They sure are nice," whispered Vance.
"Watch your tongue, if they knew who we were you'd be blowing them to the wall."
"I know that," said Vance. "I'm not stupid."
They were scouting for Abraxas' target. It was more complicated than first thought, because for some odd reason Lord Visc, from time to time, vanishes from Abraxas' Bingo Book radar. Lord Visc is even detected beside them sometimes. Knowing the pointlessness of his book Abraxas decided to ask the rebels where Lord Visc is.
"Thanks for your help," said Abraxas with a smile.

"No problem, everyone's in a state of confusion, I'm sure you will find your leader," said the rebel.

There were spells bound to the chains that hang on Mewt's neck, arm, hips, and legs. The rebels were dragging him by the chains. 15 soldiers were needed to drag him, and when he resisted Mages would burn him whole. There was no winning solution for Mewt. He went along as annoyingly as he can. He was to be dragged to the deep dungeon, to further weaken him with ancient seals.
Mewt's cell were especially made for him; it was made quickly but with much attention to the details. The prison cell was customized to dominate a God, with seals, guards, and locks to ensure imprisonment would last for a long time.
Some of the rebels were awestruck at the sight. It was a God in their vicinity, and he was defeated. Some rebels would whisper fear into each other, while the morale of some rebels increased.
One screamed, "we took down a God! Let their whole army come!"
The audience screamed.
Under the dungeon Mewt saw there was no point in struggling anymore. He wanted to rest, even if his room was a prison. They threw him into the large prison cell. The chains around his body became alive and dug deep unto the center of the room. He was rooted to the floor, kneeling, with his arms dragged to the point where it is stretched. Guards were around him, watching every inch of his body.
A Vampire spits at him. "Scum," he said to the God.
A Mage entered the prison cell to examine him. He waved his hand twice, then Mewt burned inside a blue flame. Mewt screamed.
"I'm surprised. A God," said the Mage. "I'm really surprised. I still don't see what the Council is planning, though."
"It's getting a little bit chilly, boss," said Mewt. "Mind turning the heat up a little?"
The Mage tapped his foot twice, and a lightning struck Mewt from nowhere.
"Is that, the best—" another lightning struck Mewt, and this one escaped through his mouth.
"Oh no Lord Mewt... Fire and lightning are just child's play to me. I wanted to verify if you really were a God. It's my first time to see one really."
"It will be your last too."
The Mage snapped his finger twice, and Mewt's mouth melted and locked out his voice. He would mumble and squeak, despite knowledge the fact that he is mute[Get it? Mewt? Mute?], just to annoy the torturer. Lasers fired from multiple points and passed through Mewt, he screamed with the sound escaping his nostrils. "This is going to be a week. But we'll get you to talk nonetheless."

"Hey," a rebel cried out, "you two. Come here."
One of the rebels, a Mage, pointed at himself.
"Yes," said the rebel.
The two other rebels moved to him. One asked, "what?"
"Aknanoon seevehr ayn?"
"I'm sorry?" said the other rebel.
"Aknanoon seevehr ayn?!"
"Aknanoon shiver hein?"
The rebel quickly withdrew his bastard sword and smashed the floor. He was targeting the two rebels with much intent to kill them. "Intruder at—"
"Quickly, silence him!"
The Mage blew the rebel to the wall with his magick, but it wasn't enough to stop him. He swung his bastard sword again, but he missed, damaging the walls and floor. The mage was fast, and always kept his distance, while the dagger wielding rebel was quick and would disappeared from time to time. He would block out the dagger attacks from time to time, but being cut by a dagger was not enough to put him down. He continuously smashed at the walls, missing his two targets. He was full of energy, and it was unlikely for him to be stopped. Then a strong gust of wind finally pinned the rebel to the wall, he was beheaded after 1.32 seconds he was pinned.
"Come on," the rebel said to the Mage.
"I almost died. I almost died," said the Mage.
"We need to move before they get here!"
The noise of armors clanking were getting closer. The rebel dragged the Mage by the hand so they could move. The Mage's leg were still shaking. He was mumbling out of fear and regret, he could barely moved and was hindering the other rebel. They manage to lose the group that was moving close. They ran continuously.
Suddenly, a rebel scout appeared beside them and asked, "Aknanoon seevehr ayn?"
"Damn!" said the rebel. He kicked the Mage away, and barely dodged sharp attacks from the rebel scout's unknown weapon. He sensed the scout's weapon's, again, moving around the atmosphere. He ran on the wall to avoid the attacks. He was lucky, he realized, because the Mage was left alone. He would be able to get close, but often he sensed that he had to get away, and he was right. Sharp objects would attack him, but he couldn't see it, he could only sense it so vaguely.
The Mage cried out, "he's using an invisible whip!"
After hearing the Mage it didn't took him long to use his dagger to slice onto the air towards the scout. The scout was sliced and cut more than thirty times.
"What does 'Aknanoon sheever hein' mean?!" interrogated the rebel. The rebel scout laughed, and lost consciousness after being shook violently. "Damn! Let's move quick!"
The wall suddenly exploded, and an Ogre appeared to have done it. It slowly looked at them and asked the familiar question, "Aknanoon seevehr ayn?"
One of the rebels moved quickly, and blinded the Ogre with his dagger. The ogre screamed, but it was cut short when its throat was sliced. It drowned with its own blood.
The two rebels managed to find a bedroom of a rebel. The Mage dropped on the bed, excreting so much energy.
"You need to calm down," said the rebel.
"Give me a few minutes. It's hard for me to calm down. Fuck, help me! I need to calm down."
Abraxas slapped the mage. "You need to calm down, or else they'll be able to track you, Vance."

It was spring, and the forest was blooming with fruits. Vance (14 years old) was enjoying his favorite fruits. He leaped from tree to tree, looking over the trees that surround him.
"Get down from their!"
"But aunt Keiri, I already know the spells. Can't I learn some other spells?"
"I'm not teaching you spells today, Vance. Now get down from there."
"Don't make me come and get you."
The bark of the tree turned into a fluid structure, and without Vance's knowledge it grabbed him and settled him down on the Spring grass. He was still restrained by a brown fluid mana, but it wasn't tight enough to hurt him.
"Unfair. Teach me these spells!"
Aunt Keiri flicked a small object, and it went into Vance's mouth.
"What did you do?! It tasted awful..."
"A friend gave it to me." The brown fluid that restrained Vance dropped into the glass like water.
"What did you put into my mouth?!" the child complained.
"I'm going to teach you discipline."
"But I already have that Aunt Keiri. Teach me spells other than wind spells..." then wind started to surround Vance. It was strong, wild, and mildly violent, but it did not harm him. "What's happening?"
"You need to reserve your energy Vance."
"Did you use an energy pill on me?"
"We don't have that kind of money. But what I gave you something that will teach you to control your magyck."
Vance suddenly disappeared, and left a trace of damaged terrain. He screamed, "catch me if you can!" But he didn't realize that Keiri was beside him, and when he did, he spun from one branch to another. He used the wind to speed up his escape. He crawled through small rings, did ninety degree turns, and even slowed his opponents speed. But Keiri already knew his moves, she's the one who taught him after all.
"Stop running... you can't get away from me, Vance."
"Well I can try!" replied Vance. But after a while his heart started to squeeze unnaturally, and it gave him a sharp pain in his chest. He fell from the trees, crashing unto a mound of soil. He crawled away from the crash site, and tried to hide behind a tree.
"I can sense where you are," said Aunt Keiri. She was not in his sights, but he was in hers. "Its going to deplete your energy... if you want to escape me learn to manage your energy."
"Its hard Aunt Keiri," he said with tears in his eyes. "Its hurting me. Help me, Aunt Keiri."
"Calm yourself Vance Auraguard. Hide yourself from me. Control the flow of your energy. Please, Vance. It might kill you..."
"But I can't..." the winds were spontaneously shifting from a weak form into a strong form. Gusts of wind would destroy the terrain, and strike at the barks of trees, and little by little the wind would take the color of blue. Vance sat down, but he couldn't think straight, all that was in his mind was fear of death. "I want to stop Aunt Keiri, please! I'll do this right next time!" he screamed but no one answered. He started to hate his situation. The pain in his heart throbbed from his mixed misery. Scales started to grow on his hands and arms, he could only feel it but not see it because his eyes were closed. He would cry when he breathed deeply, and the wind would dance violently with his emotions. It would whistle and howl, destroying Vance's focus.
He held his hands tight, and successfully inhaled calm air. He thought about playing in the library, eating good food, and his Aunt Keiri. He would get angry for a few moments, but he managed to stop his anger. The wind started to quiet down. No more whistling or howling, and it slowly turned into a peaceful breeze. He dropped on his Keiri's arms. He pulled her hair because he was mad, but he didn't have the strength to hurt her.
Aunt Keiri caressed Vance's arm. The scales interrupted her hands, but it disappeared after she massaged it. The scales were up to his neck, and jaw. She smiled when her soft hands touched the scales. She was glad that he didn't get severely injured. "You shouldn't have run away from me," she said. "Remember, a Mage needs to use his energy cautiously. If he can't control his magick, he loses."
Vance was still pulling on Keiri's hair.
"I'm going to ground you with no books in your room."
He stopped pulling her hair.

Vance was on the bed, sitting upright with his hands on his knees. He was levitating, creating a calm atmosphere in the room.
"You know," said Abraxas, "You confuse me. Sometimes you're the most useless thing, then sometimes you manage to be of use."
"Are you saying I'm cool?"
Abraxas slapped Vance on the head, "we don't have time to be fooling around. We move quickly and stealthily, which makes our job harder." Abraxas thought this would be easy if he didn't have Vance to watch over.
"Wait, I have an Idea," said Vance.
Two rebels, a Mage and a warrior, were walking side by side when they encountered a large warrior.
The Mage said, "Aknanoon seevehr ayn?"
The large warrior was about to ask them the question, but he answered "Naksh Libin Vionne Les Hgraughun."
"Distrauss, diszinn, delrueturs mesz?" asked the warrior.
"The songs of dead sand poets," answered the large warrior. "Have you met with any intruders?"
"Not even one," said the warrior. "It's been quiet for a long time, they're probably dead or captured."
"It's hard to find a place to eat snacks in Phase One. Too many roamers," said the large warrior.
"Well we manage to find ourselves room sometimes," replied the warrior.
"Wouldn't you get killed if you hide in rooms during Phase One?"
The Mage coughed violently.
"Is he alright?"
"He's fine. He's very tired. We survived the dining hall mess... that was one strong intruder..."
"I heard of that intruder. I did my best to avoid that one. He's quick. Hey, you should really get yourself to a healer." He held out his hands to the Mage. The warrior was gripping his dagger tight, while watching the large warrior.
"I'm alright, I'm alright," said the Mage, assuring the bigger warrior. "I want to take down that son-of-a-bitch that killed my buddy."
"Well goodluck to you both," said the large warrior. "I heard he's still on the loose. I'm not going to get in his way, he's way too damn fast. Goodluck." He waved them goodbye.
"You to..."
"Hit that quick rat for me when you get a chance!" the large warrior cried out.

Somewhere, Lord Zane sneezed while fighting.

"what is the plan, Lord Mewt?"
He gasped and painfully tried to get a word out. His body was skewered with swords imbibed with magical qualities. "The plan is your mom!" screamed Lord Mewt. [Deep in his mind, Mewt was scared, but not of the pain, but turning into someone he knows: Larac.]
"Don't make it hard for yourself, Lord Mewt." The Mage whistled and caused Mewt to be covered in a rainbow of flame.
Lord Mewt's saliva fell as his head face downward. He was severely tired, but there was nothing else he could do. He wasn't even thinking anymore, all his thoughts are staying in till rescue arrives.
"You can make it easy or hard, which will it be?"
"Wha?" said Mewt who could barely get a word out, because of his constant gasping.
"You want the easy way or the hard way?"
"You mean easy like your mom?!" [It was like he wasn't his usual self]
"We've wasted enough time here. Bring her in..."
"Bring who in? Your mom?"
The door opened, and a bloody Angel was thrown on the ground. Her wings were lifeless, heavy, and covered in dirt and blood. Perplexed, Mewt could only stare at the lifeless being.
"She's still alive Lord Mewt," the Mage said. He raised her head and shown Mewt her bloody face. He could see Mewt was shock.
"But... But how?? Why is she here?"
"I don't know Lord Mewt. And, frankly, I don't care... If you wish to save her life, just tell us what you're planning."
Mewt kept his mouth closed. His jaw was shivering; he could barely keep his saliva in his mouth. [Pathetic]
The Mage held a sword close to the bloody Angel's neck. "What will it be Lord Mewt," he asked. He dragged the sword softly, cutting her slightly. Her eyes tightened as it cut her.
"Wait wait... I'll tell you what I know."
"Thank you," said the Mage. "I was at first doubtful, if she really was the one in our profile. You certainly have beautiful Angels in your garrison, Lord Mewt."
"But I want it in contract."
"Certainly. We are warriors, after all. We know the code. Bring a Contractor in."
Ten minutes later a Mage came in. His eyes were red, but was very tamed. He was drawing circles, symbols, and runes around Mewt and the Mage who was torturing Mewt. He would look at Mewt from time to time waiting for something.
"I don't want her harmed," he said, looking at the bloody Angel. "I don't want her tortured, raped, or anything that would hurt her. I want you to promise me you'll free her, or else it will be your life. I want her to Glycosa, safely."
"Fair enough," said the Mage. "Anything else?"
"Yes. Your name..."
"Not bargaining for your freedom? Well, they call me Dungeon Master, but I was born with the name: Octetuff. Now, in return, I want you to tell me everything you know, or else we will kill your Angel friend here... Oh, and if you lie, your essence will be our property from now on."
Mewt looked at the seal that surrounded them. So far he knows the seal was done well, no lies in the contract. "Deal," said Lord Mewt. The seals started to move, and turned red, the color of the Contractor's eyes. the symbols crawled on Lord Mewt, while the other symbols crept on the Mage. [flashy stuff]. The deal was successful.
"Now tell me what you know."
"The plan was for me to distract the western entrance, while the eastern entrance will be attacked. An army will be waiting on the north end, while chasers will be settled on the south to track escapees. Oh, and Sirberius is the one tearing through the eastern entrance, one of his goals is to create as much mess as possible..."
"Interesting, you're not lying at all. You, guard! inform them that it is Sirberius destroying the eastern front..."—the guard saluted and went off—"continue on Lord Mewt."
"Dante and Abdiel are also inside the fortress, but I don't know their part. I guess killing your weakling leaders too..." Mewt tried to spit on the Mage's face, but it evaporated before it reached.
"Tell us everything Lord Mewt. Anything you might've missed?"
"That's all I know," said Lord Mewt.
"It's enough, I guess."
"Oh," said Mewt, "one last thing: you're going to die before all of this is over."tinue on Lord Mewt."
"Dante and Abdiel are also inside the fortress, but I don't know their part. I

guess killing your weakling leaders too..." Mewt tried to spit on the Mage's

face, but it evaporated before it reached.
"Tell us everything Lord Mewt. Anything you might've missed?"
"That's all I know," said Lord Mewt.
"It's enough, I guess."
"Oh," said Mewt, "one last thing: you're going to die before all of this is


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7th episode: Day two is rising

Phase one of the rebel’s anti-siege operation was for taking out spies that might blend in with the soldiers. This phase happens after the enemy attacks have decreased, but since the attacks were done by a few phase one was put into effect immediately. Once it was revealed that the Mystic Council themselves lead the battle inside the fortress utmost caution was reminded of the rebels. For the most part, the parties scurrying in random pairs or triplets of mages hardly encounter the enemy or enemies. The fortress was humungous from ground level to up, never mind the even larger underground system of dungeons. But though this array of rooms and halls were safety for some low class rebels this proved to be a damning weakness overall. Since not everyone knew each other in any chaos their enemies could supplant spies. However the sand fortress rebels are ready for that.
The Mystic Council was known for their infiltration capabilities, known by their enemies. That’s why factions against the council would never last, because the council would implode the factions before it could be a threat. (Whether the sand fortress rebels are a threat is a matter of debate). Aside from the council’s massive offensive and defensive army, they also hire loyal mercenaries and bounty hunters that could be bought. These individuals were either hired for gathering information, or assassinations. They would be instructed by a booklet given to them by officers or low ranking commanders of the council. This book was given the name Bingo book. No one knew why such a name was given. One leading theory is that when the target was found one reaction was sure to come up: bingo. The individuals would then finish their mission objectives as instructed in the book. The most common instruction was death.
Only a minority of people knew about the said book. Most of them were the Lords, Commanders, Generals and leading informants; probably because they are likely targets of the book. It’s the council’s dirtiest trick, a trick that drives fear and loathing. No doubt such a low-handed tactic would only spawn from the wicked mind of their shameless leader: Sirberius.
“There were no signs of any large gatherings heading towards the fortress, My Lord,” she said. “It could be that the information about an army from the north was to deceive us.”
“Should we attack Lord Visc? If the information is correct, then no one of threat would be at Glycosa right now. Their armies would be reduced. We could attack.”
“We’re not entirely certain if the one we have is the real Mewt,” said Lord Visc. “Lilicka, what say of the other Lords?”
“Some of them want to hold a meeting, while the others disagree,” she replied. “So far reports have confirmed no deaths from the hierarchy.”
“This fortress is built to slow our enemies. We will defeat them, council or naught.”
“Is it really ‘Sirberius’ creating destruction?” asked Lord Visc.
“No one has reported to confirm that, My Lord.”
“I see. Ask the generals what they wish to pursue, and initiate phase 2.”
“You command I follow.”
“You command I follow.”
Lilicka stayed behind as the other one left. “My Lord, let us handle the rest. I can call for twenty arms to guard you.”
“You look down on me too much, Lilicka.”
“No My Lord. I only want you safe.”
“I haven’t had this much fun. Let me be.”
“You command. I follow.”

“Shit!” Vance cursed. He slid through a corner and ducked behind a statue. When the statue’s head turned to face Vance in suspicion a dagger slithered and sliced through its neck. Abraxas was behind him every step of the way, but could hardly be detected. In time of need he’d appear. A painting with warriors on its canvass started to thrust their swords at Vance, but their throats fell to the same dagger that did the statue.
Vance slipped in a corner opposite of the statue. He was wheezing and shaking his head consistently. His back was against the wall. He could barely breathe with the cloak taking up much of the air.
“Calm down. We got passed their first phase; the second one will be a breeze.”
“But we don’t have their tattoos. All we have is-”
“We’ll have to hide through it all.”
“I haven’t eaten nor sleep, Abraxas. I can’t take it anymore.”
“No. What you’re feeling right now is the effect of the drug. If you’re not using the energy you consumed it will weaken you. When we return to battle you feel refreshed again.”
The chorus of rebels marching was heading towards them. It was getting louder by the minute. Now it sounded from all three sides. The chorus turned into noises of feet stomping, mouths complaining, and weapons clashing into each other. Shoes were dragging along the carpet like a snake with cotton skin. A large number of rebels appeared before them, staring at both Abraxas and Vance.
“Oi! What you doin there?!”
Vance’s face was red. He was waiting for Abraxas’ order, but secretly he hopes to avoid this fight. It looks like this is more than one Wind Magi could handle. Suddenly another party came out of a different hall and saw Abraxas and Vance. One of the rebels walked to them with his axe above his shoulder.
“Is there a problem?”
“We found the statue head in the corner,” Abraxas said. “We thought the enemy might still be around.”
“It doesn’t matter. Phase two was initiated. Your insignia…”
Abraxas flashed his warrior insignia: 22nd Vice Officer. Vance despairingly showed him his: 334th Mage Tactician.
“I’m sorry, this mage barely survived the attacker. A good meal will wake him up again,” said Abraxas.
“He should come with us. We’re headed to the dining room.”
Vance stood up and silently walked towards the group where the Axe-wielder. He was almost mindless of the consequences of him standing. He forgot that it was much easier for them to hide in this phase. Phase two required much more than just fancy words. This time it needed proof that you were a soldier of the sand fortress. They found this out when they encountered a group of rebels that wanted their insignias. They both knew what they meant, but they didn’t know that a specific tattoo was needed for their status. They had to fight four small bands of group to avoid being checked. They managed to steal some insignias, but a tattoo they couldn’t manage. It was too risky to fake a tattoo because they have to be under a seal and strapped in the arms by warriors in order to be checked.
They’ve seen the seal light up once. One of the rebels had his tattoo partially burned, they couldn’t confirm his status. The seal transported the rebel to the dungeon. There’s no way Abraxas would gamble his strength against a seal he’s unfamiliar with.
Abraxas followed cautiously and kept his eyes on the Axe-wielder behind him. The crowd of rebels returned to their usual complaints and accepted Vance and Abraxas to their crew. They were a lot more than vision permitted. There were hundreds more behind them blindsided by the hall corridors. If the two infiltrators fought they would have likely died, or one of them would and the other in desperate hiding.
“Believe me I was happy to hear we’re now on Phase two,” said one Rebel. “I already took five nights straight of guard duty.”
“It went fast; hard to believe if there ever was a siege.”
“I heard the high-ups just wanted to test the ones in the east.”
“No no. There really was a siege. I heard it was twelve warriors, none of them mages, just brawlers and swordsmen.”
“I was there. Some of them used magic. The eastern entrance took the stronger ones.”
“I heard it was the west that had the strongest. One man.”
“Yes, it was one man. Lord Visc took care of him. I was there. My arrows had the strongest magyck in my squad but it couldn’t get passed him. I heard he was a God. I only got myself assigned here in the north because I heard a whole battalion was coming; so far none. I wanted to take care of the ones in the eastern entrance too! But I heard they already took care of that too.”
“You think this was a test?” a rebel asked Abraxas.
“I saw people walk off with missing limbs. It was real,” replied Abraxas.
“Hey. Is your friend ok?”
“He’s fine. After passing through Phase two I’ll get him some food.”
“I thought you have to report to your squad before dining?”
“Half of our squad was wiped out. We were at the eastern front. It was more than twelve people as far as I could remember. Had to be,” stressed Abraxas. “No individual could be that strong.”
The rebels started to listen to him.
“Unless it was a God like the one on the west,” one exclaimed.
“God or Angel, they’ll be flushed out,” shouted one as he flexed his arm with its tattoo throbbing for attention. “This thing will flush them out like rats. They got to have the right energy signature of the tattoo to pass phase two baby!”
“Yeah.” Abraxas exhaled. “Phase two.”
Vance tugged at Abraxas cloak. Abraxas shook his head and tapped Vance hands. They were surrounded by rebels waiting to be checked and in front of them were mages checking the tattoos correct energy signature for ranking, age, magyck, sex and height. The line was long and thick. Abraxas thought it was both good and bad news. Vance hardly thought of anything at all. Something was eating him from inside out. All he wants is a good rest.

“Lord Visc! You shouldn’t be here,” said Ackrr, the Demon Rebel Leader. “You should be upstairs!”
“I fought a strong one two days ago, Ackrr. If what that thing said is true, then we’ll be encountering a lot more problems from the inside. You need me here.”
“It’s an obvious lie, My Lord. All of them wouldn’t come here. They’d be insane.”
“I know what you are saying, but I feel we’ve borrowed too much time already. I feel that this fortress will fall soon.”
Lord Visc and the Demon Rebel Leader stood idly above the soldiers. They were observing them from an indoor terrace, possibly waiting for some event. Nothing happened though. The soldiers were quietly in line getting checked.
“My Lord.” Lilicka appeared from behind. “Lord Uitwarring—it would seem he’s—”
“A shapeshifter.”
“Yes My Lord. Most of his remains are on his bed. Some… they’re all over his room. For now no one knows how he was killed. My Lord, the information might be true.”
“What do you think, Ackrr?”
“I never considered Lord Uitwarring as part of this army. An ordinary changling could kill him as far as I know.”
“Lord Uitwarring was not the best warrior, true,” said Lord Visc. “But he could defend himself against a Class BA.”
“One of the Lords suggests we use The Escape now, My Lord.”
“There’s no point to it Lilicka,” said Lord Visc. “Those tunnels are much dangerous. In here we can rely on the chaos as our cover. But if they feel they should escape now then they have their freedoms to choose.”
“Yes My Lord. Also, the Mystic destroying the Eastern Front has disappeared. Everyone we had lost trace.”
“They’re hiding within my men,” said Demon Ackrr.
“Where was this Mystic last seen?” said Lord Visc.
“He was last reported at the center of the fortress.”
“This is fun.”

Vance was almost limping. He wanted to moan but he was afraid to be found out. Abraxas was beside him all the time, walking slowly and following the line. He noticed something was flashing inside his cloak. He picked it out the book and opened it. It showed a three dimensional arrow pointing for him to look up. Vance looked up and saw a Demon wearing a ruby-tainted armor much more prestigious than the ones he’d fought with. The Demon looked down. Abraxas quickly placed his arm over Vance’s head and shoulder. He shoved Vance’s booklet underneath his cloak.
“Argh! This is taking too damn long!” said Abraxas.
“It’s a lot better once it’s over, so stop complainin!”
“I know but the line is too damn slow,” replied Abraxas
The rebel that shouted at him never talked back.
Abraxas whispered, “don’t get yourself killed.”
Abraxas took out his booklet for a second and scanned it quickly. He raised his head and saw that the Demon Vance was looking at was talking to someone else. He saw a great figure of power, it was Lord Visc.
“He’s a spy! Quick—” the mage got his mouth smashed by one destined to be checked in the seal. The accused spy leaped and parried the weapons headed for him. He shouted, “you think I’ll lose to scum like you!”
He ran on the wall but was delayed because of mages casting fire on him. He managed to wave it all off and reach thirty meters away from where he was. Abraxas and Vance stared at him as he ran. He was not Lord Zane, sadly. For if he was, Vance would have felt a lot better.
Then an explosion erupted from the indoor terrace. Demon Rebel Leader Ackrr dashed midair and skewered the spy. The spy hung with his pelvis nailed to the stone wall. The spy snapped his finger and a tiny white ball floated between Ackrr’s eyes. It exploded, but Ackrr was unharmed. His face was instantly covered with the ruby-tainted armor when the explosion happened. Then more tiny white balls spiraled. A number of explosions erupted independently. The line was broken up; some of the warriors defended themselves quickly, while the others got burned. Vance was separated from Abraxas under the heat of the battle.
“Who’s scum now?” said Ackrr unfazed.
“Fuck you.”
Ackrr grabbed the spy’s neck and threw him to the seal. The body reached it in no less than a second. The seal grabbed the spy and transported it to the dungeon. The rebels cheer as they saw the might of their leader.
“If you lost your tattoo, like some of your brothers, then wait it out,” said Ackrr. “We know who we are and who our enemies are.”
Ackrr disappeared.
“Wait, I was in that line,” said Vance. He couldn’t find Abraxas anywhere. “Wait, wait, let me through.”
“Don’t cause up trouble. It doesn’t matter which line you are.”
He fell silent and it caused some suspicion. “But my friend needs me. He’s hurt.”
“He’ll be taken care of.”
Abraxas was nowhere to be found. He bobbed his head but found no familiar face. He was getting closer to the seal too. Only ten people left before it was his turn. Five people were left. He could see the process much clearly now. The warriors would strap their staff to the Mystic’s neck, arms, and legs so it couldn’t fight off. The seal would light up and the inspection began with the Mystic’s right sleeve raised up. He was in despair, because he didn’t have a tattoo on his right arm.
Vance’s feet turned to face backward. He wanted to run as fast as he can, but was constantly in fear of sharing the same fate as the previous escapee. Then, out of nowhere, someone pulled Vance out of the line.
“What do you think you’re doing there?” said the female warrior.
Vance couldn’t answer.
“You’re not from here. You’re from the Eastern Front.” She dragged him to a different line and onto a seal. He wanted to step away from the seal quickly but he was already strapped on the neck, arms and legs.
“Hey we were here before ‘im.”
“Shut up and stay in line,” said the female warrior.
The seal started to light up and the mage inspecting Mystics walked towards Vance. He asked, “Mage? Eastern front mage correct?”
Vance Nodded. He was waiting for the mage to raise his sleeve but what was raised was his shirt. The mage poked at Vance’s belly and looked for something. He didn’t find any tattoo or any indication he was a rebel. Vance was almost in tears but he was too afraid to cry.
The mage uttered, “Nothing special here.”
The seal’s light shut off and Vance walked away from the line.
“Well? You want a candy or something.”
“No. I was—I thought—”
“The dining hall is straight ahead. You’ll know it by the sound of uncivilized jaws munching.”
Vance thanked the Mage and walked away. When he arrived at the dining hall he saw no cafeteria line. The rebels were looking at him strangely. He dashed quickly to get a plate just to avoid the eyes. It was the first time he saw Ard Dune cuisine, and for a moment his fear was replaced with curiosity. He picked the strangest food he could find and searched for a table where he could be alone. He sat at the table at the far end.
“You’re a spy aren’t you?”
“I’m not a spy!” Vance felt his heart pump. The energy locked up inside him was starting to resurface. A small gathering of wind surrounded him.
“Calm down. I was joking around.” It was the same female warrior that dragged him from his line. She karate chopped him on the head to show her humor, and it, oddly enough, calmed him down. “Man the eastern front got themselves scattered too much. It’s turning into a problem now here in the north. What are you eating?” She had with her some Ard Dune vegetables.
“It’s… It’s uhm… meat?”
“Huh. What kind of meat?”
“Ard Dune meat?”
“You don’t know the food’s name. I get it. You really are a spy!”
“No no no. I just don’t remember trivial things like this.”
She laughed. “Why are you so nervous. You’re safe now.”
“My name is Lux.”
“Oh! Uhm. My name is Vance.”
“It’s nice to meet you Vance.”
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