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Posted 8/11/09 , edited 8/11/09
Ok I really don't understand at all. Why made Wolfram a girly uke? I read or see fiction, art, doujinshi, cosplay of Wolfram be to girly uke. What I mean by is that I see him in wedding/dress, unmature, not manly, Mother/Wife, MPreg, and so on Its really upsets me alot.
One Doujinshi name Yukinco, which all of ya should know by now that she made Wolfram very girly and Yuuri to manly. Which I really hate that artist.

A other thing I don't get is that You said that Yuuri look like seme, when I See alot of Conrad x Yuurim, Gunter x Yuuri, Ken x Yuuri, Gwendal x Yuuri, or Sara x Yuuri stuff and Yuuri look like uke to them. I find that bit unfair To WOlfram have to be uke.

Its ok to make Wolfram uke. But Girly uke or any type of uke that doesn't fit him as a charactrer isn't Wolfram at all.
I my self Like manly Uke on character. He a boy and who can fight and protected the king..

Yaoi isn't about sex or chooes who seme or uke which because of the look, perosnaly, hight, or age. Its about love and caring. So that Why I see Wolfram and Yuuri as both uke or seme. If you just read the novel and manga you can understand both them alot better then in the anime.

I also got this of mangafox - post by melodyz07
I find this very truth.

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Posted 8/15/09 , edited 8/15/09
After hours of observation of the anime, I've noticed that both Wolfram and Yuuri have kind, gentle, and tough sides & seem to share the same feelings on politics, family, and friends. Both are dedicated to making sure a war never happens, and both would do anything to protect the ones they love & care about the most. This makes them a very balanced team / duo / couple.

This should be an indication that in such a serious relationship with each other that there would be times when one would be uke, while the other would be seme, & times when they'd share those roles. Which I can very easily see and would accept in both the anime & manga.

In fandom - I believe that because he wears a frilly pink night-gown and is constantly making it known that he wishes to marry, settle down, and raise a family with Yuuri, that is, have children with him, Wolfram is often depicted as a weak, and/or pregnant, girly uke (no offense to us girls!).

This would be because pink is a color that is always associated with girls. Wanting to marry, settle down, and raise a family -have children- is also something you're more likely to hear a woman say than a man - although yes, some guys want that too.

I also think being more exposed to the anime (Wolfram) than the manga (Wolfram) might also have something to do with it.

Personally, because whatever happens to characters in fandom has no real baring on them or the mangas and animes they're from, I've never been bothered by how they're depicted in fandom.
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I also observed that...

And in some pictures of wolfram, i guess not some of them but many of them, he is kinda girly.. especially when he wears a dress...and a pink one too... i mean pink is the fave color of us girls...

and a guy lyk him wears that/? and also that is the reason why most of the people's first expression on him is a GAY!!! totally...

It also bothers me....a lot...

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