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Posted 8/11/09 , edited 8/11/09
Experimenting with layers is fun because it gives you instant results. As long as you're familiar with working with layers, using Layer Styles is simple. Any changes you make can easily be altered or removed, with new effects added simply as long as you keep the effect linked to your layer and don't flatten or merge Layer Styles. With these methods you can easily play with shadows, glow effects, colours, gradients, strokes and patterns, to name a few.
Reach the Layer Styles dialog by selecting Blending Options - either from the drop-down in the Layers menu (an icon with the symbol of fx), or by right-clicking the layer.

Drop Shadow
Adds an offset shadow of your layer information. You can choose colour,
blurriness, thickness, shadow angle and contour, along with blending modes.

Inner Shadow
The same as Drop Shadow, only it adds the shadow within the layer information,
making the element appear sunken in, or cut out.

Outer Glow
Adds a soft glow around your layer. Choose from plain colours and complex transitions.
Also gives you full control of size,contour and opacity, as well as blending modes.

Inner Glow
Functions the same as the Outer Glow, only it adds the glow within the layer information.

Bevel and Emboss
Adds a 3D bevel. Editing options includedepth, size, soften, light angle, gloss contour,
strength, colour and blending modes, plus contour and texture.

Offset your layer information within itself to achieve brushed metal effects,
or uneven surfaces if you find elements too perfect.

Colour Overlay
You can override colours in your layer information, be it graphics or fonts.
You can choose colour, blending modes and opacity.

Gradient Overlay
Use this for headlines, fonts, or graphical elements.
Achieve metallic effects or simple transitions, no matter how complex.

Pattern Overlay
Similar to colour or gradient overlay, only with textured surfaces.
You can scale and control the opacity and blending modes.

For websites, logos and graphical elements:
add an outline, in the center of, or inside your layer information.
Pick blending modes, opacity, sill type and colour.
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