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Posted 8/11/09 , edited 8/12/09
The Imperial Fez (Vail Co) a Morrocan meal eaten with my hands.. amazing, delicious.. the meat stuffed pastry was unreal!

Nozawa's (Vail Co) a giant display boat full of exotic sushi like sea urchin, baby octopus, etc

Swiss Hotdog (Vail Co.).. most delicious taste combo ever, Veal hotdogs on baguett with sprouts onions and a curry powder

The Gastorf Zur Gemichlicheit (Minnesota German restaurant) schnitzel with spaatzel.

Korean dimsum (Koreatown L.A. California) some VERY bizzare and amazing foods.. jellyfish salad, sea cucumber, sharkfin in sauce, some sort of kidney (scared) 1000 yr old duck eggs,
many pickled things...
Those are a few for sure!!
I have had so many good meals, but these were a few of the best!
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Posted 9/6/09 , edited 9/7/09

first was when i ate in a Thailand restaurant called Krua Thai w/ my cousins.. i really love the shredded manggo with crunchy thing to be paired with it.. i really love it but i forgot what it is called.. also when i ate the chicken curry from that restaurant.. it is so SPICY!! i can feel the smoke coming out from my mouth! its no joke!! i love spicy food and curry but that was the worst curry i ever eaten!! (no offense to the thailand curry..maybe if it less spicy i would love it...) one of my cousins got an upset stomach bec of

2nd was when my mom, sister, cousins and I ate at a Japanese restaurant!! that was my first time eating at a japanese restaurant that is eat-all-you-can.. when we got there i was very excited to taste the food.. the restaurant is called Mikado.. it is an eat-all-you-can restaurant.. when i tasted the squid sushi it was soo good!! also the tamago-sushi, maki, tempura, but the best of all is the CHICKEN teriyaki!! hehehehe...
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