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How should Ren/Sho confess to Kyoko?!
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Posted 1/10/10 , edited 1/10/10
I would like either of them to recklessly drag Kyoko onto a live set and declare that she is his girlfriend... orrrrr... Maybe Ren could take Kyoko as a date to some party/wedding and confess sometime during the event..
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Posted 12/5/11 , edited 12/5/11
As of the most recent crisis in the manga - with Ren in his current state he really needs Kyoko's help...and when she saves him, maybe he'll reveal his dark past, and when she accapts it, he'll confess his love and finally conquer the darkness in his heart.
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Posted 3/27/12 , edited 3/28/12
REN...HURRY THE HELL UP!!!! Confess 2 Kyoko when your on one of your TV talk shows & announce it 2 the world 2 let every man know (exspecially sho) that you are in love with her. Rub it in Sho arrogant face & make him go crazy with jealousy. & when the media goes wild they would try & hunt down Kyoko 2 ask her about her feelings & she has no clue as 2 what they are talking about & then Ren would just walk towards Kyoko & confess his love to her for the entire world 2 C, wouldn't that just B sooo awesome. Eeeeeeek it drives me nuts just 2 think that this might happen XD GO REN GO
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Posted 5/23/12 , edited 5/23/12
(In my opinion..)

I think for all of you I guess, you all are a bit WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY overboard about how Ren would confess to Kyouko.
First of all, Ren is as you all say, the matured and gentle type, of course if he confesses just like that, Kyouko would surely freak out and maybe she would close her heart since she doesn't wanna get hurt, right? After all, you read the chapter when Kyouko realized that the other Pandora Box or the box where she kept that love was opened by Ren, she immediately put many, many locks to avoid being opened the second time around.
As for Sho, I don't really know how things would go with him in the future. Maybe he is starting to realize that he likes? or loves Kyouko since he had started to change his style of song, from being a rocker to a balladeer. He would rise and rise to the top and maybe? (In my point of view..) he'd actually say that he likes Kyouko in a live show and then that would certainly freak Kyouko out.

(For those who had read the Chapter 188)
where Kijima-san texted a very cuuute message to Kyouko and then Kyouko replied with " I really like it "
...that would certainly have lit up the jealousy in Ren's soul.. hahaha, maybe he'll also text to Kyouko using colored messages or maybe he'll scold Kyouko about texting like that to your sempai in showbiz but actually he just wanna say that he doesn't want Kyouko texting to Kijima-san again with that colored messages. XD

..Okay, maybe I'm a bit looking at the story a bit seriously???? Cause I always put in top the feelings of the characters whenever I imagine something about Skip Beat..

oh, and @nova_girl 96 , your setting for Ren is not Ren-ish like.

He would never. NEVER say that to Kyouko. really.
Of course he'd wanna marry her but he doesn't want Kyouko to freak out and despise her right? And maybe, if he proposes to Kyouko, that would render Kyouko useless in acting, she'd be so absorbed at that propose thingy by Ren.

..actually, I can't really imagine Ren confessing to Kyouko :'< I just can't grasp Ren's feelings, he's so complicated.
For Shou, that he will say to a live show that he likes Kyouko has a possibility since he always cared for his reputation and then BOOM! he just confessed to Kyouko like that.
as for Reino, he's not really my favorite character and I still don't know what thoughts are running through his mind (since he just had little appearance in the story)
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