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Posted 8/13/09 , edited 8/26/09
I saw a commercial of 'The Time Travelers Wife' and it made me want to make this story x3 So 'I'll Wait' Is kind of going to be like Time Travelers Wife =3...KINDA.

I'll wait...10 years...

When I was 10,
He promised me 10 more years.
10 years of waiting for him,
until the 10th year.
I would see him again.

> How It All Began

> The Missing Puzzle Piece

> Tommy Pt 1

> Tommy Pt 2

> Tommy Pt 3

> Time Traveler

> Back To The Past

> Find Monster! And A Little Something More

> Time, And The Day At The Beach

More Coming Soon

Part 1 ~ How It All Began

My favorite place to go was a meadow by my house, just ahead of Faith Hill. It wasn't so far, my parents would hold my hand and lead me there every time, I'm 10 years old, and the memory of the path is permanent in this 10 year old's memory.

Mom and Dad thought of me as their little angel. One day we were having a picnic in the meadow, the bright sun coming down on us, Mom and Dad decided to buy me my very first bicycle!

I still needed training wheels though, oh well. Of course I rode on my new bike everyday; usually when It's really sunny out, when it rained; I stayed inside and colored, read comics. Etc. I rode mostly around Faith Hill and the Meadow, I decided a week later, no more training wheels.

And so after falling so many times I kept getting back up, Mom was worried I would get scraped knees, and Dad kept saying over and over again,

"Never give up, never give up!"

And I never did.

I rode my bike just like the other kids did around town! Without training wheels! Yay! I felt like a big girl. One morning I rode my precious bike across a narrow bend, and beyond Lake Yuna- where there were all type of creatures and birds, fire-flies were so fun to catch their when night came. So I finally came upon some garden, for I have not road my bike this far- past Faith Hill and the Meadow, I blinked twice, I was in a beautiful...

Flowers were EVERYWHERE you looked, below your feet, I took off my shoes and got off of my bike.

Skipping to the center of the garden, twirling, dancing like a little princess. This garden was ever prettier then the Meadow! What was it called anyway?

I wondered lying down on my back spreading my arms and legs apart, as if making a snow angel. I let the sun hit me with its rays and force, it made me squint my eyes- I smiled.

"I just want to remain here forever!"

My smile widened, long minutes passed, maybe even hours? A bird tweeted, stretching on some flowers, (the whole ground was full of them all over!) I listened to the tweets, it was a like a song. That could put me right to sleep. So many bountiful creatures surrounded me, the wind carried music and scents, though something strange interrupted my trance. . .

A crinkle of a candy wrapper being un-raveled.


"That's not such a good idea little girl,"

The bird that was stretching flew to the boy and landed on his shoulder, tweeting a song. the strange boys voice was like a note played on a fine piano, What did he mean by his words?

I quickly arose, sitting up with a start and scream, his face blocked my sun, my mystified wide eyes stared into his- his eyes sparkled in the sun, so did his hair, he looked like an angel in the sun.

He mimicked my dumbfounded, mouth open wide, expression. And laughed,

I looked away, embarrassed.

"Hello there." He waited for me to respond, but our eyes never met.


The bird chirped and flew off of his shoulder, flying away around a tree with its colony of birds.

I loved candy. I couldn't resist any longer.

He tossed it, and I cupped my hands and actually caught it.

I looked up at him warmly- "Thank you, stranger."

I closed my eyes great fully, savoring the sour taste of the candy inside the wrapper, it's taste still lingering on my tongue.

"Who are you? Tell me."

I asked softly, he was so beautiful to look at. Is he real?

He winked,

"It's a secret."

And butterflies flit across my eyes, and he went gone. Poof. There he goes.

Was that all a dream? Was he a dream? It couldn't have been, he was beyond perfect though.

. . .

Everything was a blur when I made my way back home riding my bike, the wind going threw my hair, the speed, the thrill, and my peddling became more tedious, my feet were not meant for this!

There was a steep hill I had to ride up, to get threw Faith Hill and the Meadow, New birds roamed Lake Yuna. I have never seen them before. My bike road over broken twigs, and I panted to initiate more leg power.

Maybe from now on I should just stick to walking?


I loved my bicycle too much. And the wind whooshing threw my hair and face; was the best part.

I payed no mind for that Candy Boy, for he was just a part of my imagination, An illusion.

End to part 1

Part 2 ~ The Missing Puzzle Piece

When I finally managed to get home, I was already sweating like a dog, I was so tired of peddling for so long, up hills and such. I saw my Mom up ahead, a worried expression made my stomach churn. Why was she worried? I was only gone for about 5 minutes right?

She ran up to me with turbo speed, and squeezed me into one big hug, I couldn't breath.


Her voice broke, and my eyes furrowed and complicated into a question mark inside my head, I was so confused.

"Mom...? I wasn't gone that long was I?"

She was nearly crying by the time she pulled away, I gasped for breath.

"You were gone for a whole hour! Your dad and I thought you were missing, or worse, kidnapped!"

I could feel Mom's worry. Her eyes said everything.

How was that possible though? I swore, I was only in that garden for 5 minutes..." I trailed off, using my memories as a source, yes, It was only 5 minutes! I was positive.

A second passed, and realization sparked. Mom said,

"...Garden? What Garden?" She chocked on her words, her eyes darkened, they weren't like mine anymore.

"A garden...! Next to Faith Hill and the Meadow!" I smiled eagerly with my fists lifted up to my chest.

Mom frowned, I don't know why.

Just the memory of it made me happy, but it didn't make Momma smile, at all.

She grew a vain, "NEVER go back to that garden again!" I've never seen her like this... I raised my eyebrows, "HUH? Why nooot?" The words just exploded out of me.

It's like a missing puzzle piece had been missing from my life, and that garden was the final puzzle piece.

. . .

I wanted to see that perfect Candy boy and his Garden more than anything now, just thinking about it got me siked. I shook my head and settled back into reality, Momma spoke,

"Just...DON'T! Please, promise me?"

I sighed, this would be my very first lie. Sorry mom, but this Garden was important to me.

"Okay...Mom, I promise I won't go near that Garden." And with that lie she flashed a smile and hugged me again, I spotted Dad right after, and a group of people, I pulled away and chuckled.

"Mom? Did dad like...start a search party for me or something?" I laughed.

Of course Dad would...they worry about me too much those two...

"Tell em to call off the party, I'm safe and sound." I joked and my short, shoulder length green hair blew in the breeze, the clouds looked bleak all of a sudden- not so pretty blue, almost empty with no color. Rain...? I shot my neck up into the infinite clouds, I saw Candy Boy's face in one of the cloud patterns, then a sprinkle of rain hit my cheek, it made it look like I was crying.

End to part 2

Part 3 ~ Tommy Pt 1

The next day, I would have guessed it would be a rainy day. Darn. I guess I couldn't go bike riding after all. It was really raining hard out there! I wanted so badly to dance in the rain- or in the mud. But my Mom thought I would get sick. So I stayed cooped up in the living room floor, drawing random stuff. A thought popped into my mind, like a light bulb turning on, maybe I should visit Tommy...? He was a very good friend of mine, he lived just across the street, and he was pretty good friends with my parents!

He had this cute dog, he named him Monster for some reason...he wasn't THAT big. He had a Golden Retriever. My parents approved, but said I should be back before night fall.

. .

I looked right and left for passing cars to pass, I saw the green light and proceeded across the street, already my hair was dripping wet and damp, I finally reached Tommy's house. When I got to the door knob, I just knew Monster would hear me and tackle and cover me with his drool, and that's exactly what happened when I turned the knob,

"Monster, monster! I missed you too boy!" I laughed and it's tail wagged back and fourth, he was always so playful! It's slobbers were all over my face.

Later a snap was heard within the kitchen, and Monster barked his way there, it's tail still wagging. A 'sit' command was heard, and monster followed commands obediently and devotedly.

I scrambled back up to my feet and entered the house, I saw Monster in the kitchen, rolling on its belly, and grooming itself with its tongue.

"Oh...It's you again." Tommy said, un-fazed motioning his hand to the open door, I closed it immediately.

"How have you been this summer?" Tommy was one year younger then me, so he was 9.

He adjusted his glasses, which I thought it made him look like an intellectual. Smart.

"Oh, you know. The usual, building tree houses with Dad. Camping..." He said crossly, for some reason, I wanted to show my friend that Garden.

I talked to him about it, and he adjusted his glasses again, "Garden? What garden?"

"Yeah!! I can show you it tomorrow! Will you meet me by Lake Yuna tomorrow morning, say around 10-ish?" I was stoked and exited with that idea.

Tommy sighed, maybe not even interested one bit.

Knowing Tommy he would probably say, 'Flowers and gardens are for little girls,' or, 'I'm a MAN'. Ha, he was NINE.

"Fine." He said, I jumped back in surprise, "Huh? REALLY!?" I asked flabbergasted, and Monster whimpered.

"Yeah, why not?"

Cool! Maybe he might even start liking me.

End To Part 3

Part 4 ~ Tommy Pt 2

I knew I would feel this way, even though Mother said NOT to go near that Garden anymore, I just couldn't obey. The thunder rumbled on and continued throughout the night- each electrical shot to the ground, made a small earthquake. I moaned trying to stuff my pillows in my ears- but that didn't seem to help. I was scared of thunder. Then I tried sleeping under my bed- there was room in there! But it was...weird to do that. Don't you think? I snatched my Teddy bear, that had only one eye, the other was dangling down, and cuddled with him underneath the sheets, lighting flashes appeared in my room each 3 seconds, it was so scary. My eyes fixedly gazed on Teddy. And only Teddy.

Another shock was heard and this time I heard car alarms go off a second or two later, Man...! Will this storm ever end!? I shriveled up into a ball, my teeth clenching together in fear.

Finally after an hour of hell I found myself to be fallen asleep, the darkness in my room was a problem when I was younger of course, because shadows would always be cast over things- like this one doll I got on my 6th birthday, it was just sitting on my dresser and a shadow was cast over it- and it made it looks so scary! Like the doll was alive and going to eat me! And it always...stared at me, gawking at me.

I dreamt of nothing.

I wonder why?

I would have thought I would of dreamed of the Garden...I guess not. Maybe it's because of the lightning? Probably so.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock going off- even though it was Summer I still had things I had to get up early for, and I hadn't forgotten my plans for today. I wonder if Tommy was already awake?

I checked my alarm clock while yawning, and slammed the bottom for the alarm clock to shut up. I found Teddy not in my arms, but beneath the sheets, and beside my toes. I picked it up into the air and made baby faces, Ooh, looks who's beside my toes! What were you doing? Nibbling on my toes?" I laughed at my stupidity to talking to stuffed animals, ever since I was 5 I had that tendency. "Looks like I made it through the night Teddy! Thanks to you!" I said in my normal voice.

I should probably hurry to Lake Yuna.

'10:06am' The alarm clock displayed.

I better hurry up and not make Tommy wait.

Something stopped be from getting out of bed, like something just struck my brain and heart- "But...Mom." I wasn't at all happy with lying to her, breaking promises. I could get away with it though. Today was a Monday, and both Mom and Dad go early shopping, where the prices are cheap, every Monday morning from 8am-11:30am. So I had until 11:30 to make it back home...


I should of thought about that before I told Tommy 10-ish, maybe I should have said around 9-ish? We would then have a lot of time to spend with each other, I mean, at the Garden!

I raced out of bed and put on my usual favorite blue capris, and shirt that always whipped in the wind, but I liked the breeze of the morning. I was now outside, somehow passing all the obstacles and continuing through the door, and that obstacle was feeling bad because of Mom. I saw a lady, maybe in her early 20's trying to catch her fluttering hat in the air, but it went higher up. I got my bicycle out of the garage and it was slanted against the wall, I cheerfully rode out of the garage and giggled so loudly the lady who had been trying to catch her hat gave me a look because the hat was just going higher and higher, maybe a bird would get it for her?

I sighed while the morning air rushed threw my pale skin, riding toward the depressed lady who had lost her, I suppose, REALLY important hat,

"Sorry about your hat..."

I muttered as I peddled faster, now too far from her, no guarantee she even heard me. I really got used to riding my bike fast like this, I didn't even thinking about falling or getting hurt. This kind of bike I had had no breaks, so I had to stop it with my foot, while I was riding, I stopped too see the nice green fields, and a narrow path that was covered in nothing but water, flowing like a river bend, I knew the farmer here, his name was Quill, he owned the best crops around here, and he had such cute baby kittens! He wanted me to take one home, but I refused since I didn't think I would be able to take care of something other than myself. I tightened my palms against the handle bars, riding along again.

And so I rode past the beautiful glittering moss that was around the Meadow, and sighted Lake Yuna, which was always peaceful in the morning. I spotted Tommy kneeling on both knees and taking a drink from the lake, I got off my bike quietly and sneaked up behind him, tapping him on the shoulder almost causing him to fall,

"HI!" I shouted and he spun around and scowled, "Don't do THAT!"

I laughed and he laughed along later after he calmed down a bit, "I'm here aren't I? So where's this Garden you spoke of yesterday?"

End To Part 4

Part 5 ~ Tommy p3

By the time we already made it to the Garden, I felt the same as I felt when I first saw it, warm, and happy. I did the same as I did before too, took off my sandals and danced in the center, so glad to be here. Tommy just looked at me weird. I fell on top of the flowers and sighed pleasurably, this was like my haven now.

Tommy walked up to me and stared, "This it it, huh?" He looked around the place- and I could see how amazed he was, there were flowers EVERYWHERE! He picked one up by his foot and sniffed it, a bird that was flying in the sky started pecking the inside of a flower, Tommy sneezed, and the petals to his flower went flying everywhere, we both laughed, I hope he wasn't allergic to flowers though...that WOULD explain if he didn't like them in the first place. He sat up next to me and picked another,

"This place is...nice, I suppose," He tried to sound indifferent, not interested. But I could see his eyes sparkling, I sat up too,

"Nice? That's it?! IT'S WONDERFUL!" I stared at his flower that blew so playfully in the wind, I pulled my knees up to my chest and resting my elbows on top of them.

"I it here, I feel like myself here, I don't know how to explain it...something lures me to this place." I smiled sweetly at him, it kind of made him blush, we were having a moment here. This kind of felt like

"That's one way to put it..." He looked away, and I stared up at the clouds, my cheeks turning peach, "I wonder..."


"Something...weird happened the other day," I began, and he gave me the go to continue, "...I told Mom about the Garden...I was being totally honest, but when I mentioned it...I've never seen her so mad before!" I shuddered to just think about her reaction.

"Huh." Was all he said.

"....." I didn't say anything.

"Strange..." He turned his head to mine finally, we both looked at each other without care, "How's it strange?" I asked.

"Hm...Well, I think I know this Garden...or at least heard of it."

"YOU DO!?" I stared him down, listening well.

"Let me finish, idiot!"

I grinned, "Sorry. Go on."

He looked down at the many flowers that blew with the direction the wind was blowing, "My mom told me about it when I was young, she'd read me bed time stories and stuff like that, she said when she was young, and your mom too, they always used to go up here, they were both so thrilled and beyond happy to see all the flowers," Tommy looked at me to make sure I wasn't spacing out or something, "And some boy...and now, you say your mom gets mad at just the mere saying of 'Garden'? I find that...strange." He looked at me just as confused as I was,

That was strange. There has to be a deeper meaning behind this...both Tommy's mom and mine BEEN to this Garden...what is this Garden really? And could Tommy be talking about...

Candy boy?

Now that I mention it, where is Candy boy?

End To Part 5

Part 6 ~ Time Traveler

It had been at least 10 minutes or so since we've came here, Tommy wanted to leave already, but I wasn't suspecting he was bored or anything- just had other "plans."

"Well, I ought to be going back now, see ya later. Thanks for showing me this place." He murmured and stretched his 9 year old arms, giving me a pathetic wave while he left, Is she just going to sit there? How long does she plan to stay here...?

"Bye!" I called. And got back to wondering about the story Tommy had told, Mom has been here...she knew Candy boy, didn't she...? I lost all track of time. My little heart started to race, for some odd reason, I was just frowning at my flower that I picked up, "Where is he. . .? He has GOT to be real now! Tommy said so!"

As much as I'd liked to believe that, I felt even worse that I was going to the Garden behind Mothers back. I spreaded my legs across the flowers, but crossed my arms, "WHERE ARE YOU!?" I started to shriek more than shout, I was going nuts over here.

And for someone who might not even be real...

I sat in one spot just waiting. "Come out, come out Candy boy! I want to see you!" By the time I said that, he had wrapped his arms around me. My eyes sprang open and I didn't know if that would really be him, was that HIS arms wrapped around me? I had doubted he was real...

"...Sorry for making you wait. I'm glad you visited me Kayu."

I had an epiphany.

"...How do you-?" He was so amazing, he even finished my sentences for me.

"Know your name? I've known you my whole life, I've always watched over you like a guardian angel."

This information made me smile, even though I did not understand, I wanted his arms around me just a bit longer, but before I knew it he pulled away and sat next to me face to face, the sun was doing it's job, still sparkling on his hair- his eyes- his smile that reached his eyes every time, "You must have a question or two to ask." He nodded, took my hands in his and I asked away,

"Oh yes! Well...first...what's your favorite color? Do you like bike riding? What's the name of this garden? Do you live here? Are you like some sort of flower specialist? How did you poof before? Can I marry you?"

My billion questions made him laugh, and I laughed too, "I said one or two, Not two hundred!" He smiled though, and I wondered if he WOULD marry me, perfection he was.

I frowned, not because of the amount of questions I asked,

"I'm sorry..."

"You? Why would you be Kayu?"

"I'd...doubted you were real...and for that I'm sorry." Candy man frowned, and I blurted something stupid out,

"I believe your real now! Your not like...a ghost are you? You don't haunt this Garden or anything right?" He would except such a question from a 10 year old girl.

Candy man laughed, still holding my hands. The clouds were a baby blue color and it was beautiful- I didn't have to look up anymore and see his face- because he was right in front of me.

He truly was.

"No, I'm not a ghost. He smirked, and raised an eyebrow.


"What riding?"

"Garden of Dreams."

"Yes, In a way."

"I know some things about flowers, but I'm not a specialist."

"Well, about that. . ." He shook his head,

"One of these days."

I tilted my head, completely clouded on what he was saying. Oh! He was answering my questions! 'One of these days' huh? It also concerned me that he didn't know what my favorite thing to do was, bike riding. But that was beside the point, so this place is the Garden of Dreams. . .?

I nodded joyfully, " did you...poof before?" I noticed he didn't completely answer that one.

He made an upset face and squeezed my hands, like he was about to say something hard. "I'm already risking a lot talking to you for this long...I'm sorry."

My mouth opened, about to say something but he talked over me, "And you shouldn't be apologizing, I'm the one who should be sorry. I can't always see you..."

I frowned, and he tried to hide a frown, he tried to smile for me at least, swinging our hands about, "But! As long as were brought tomorrow, I'll try and see you each day!" And that made me smile widely. I giggled. The mood was suddenly changed.

"P-promise?" I knew he said he couldn't promise me anything...but, I just needed the closure. I needed a promise that would always make me smile.

"...Kayu..." He sighed. His eyes saying everything.

"I'm sorry...I have to leave you now..." He then got back up, letting lose our linked hands,

"...Leave?!" I said hastily getting up with him. He had nothing to apologize for...I was glad I met him, even though it would break my heart every time he would leave...

"Kayu...before I go, there's something you should know about me. . ." He started, meeting his lips closer to mine, putting aside a lock of hair that blocked my eyes, "I'm...a time travele-"

But he was gone.

Like in little tiny bits, he almost looked transparent. He left behind something though...

It was a candy wrapper.

End To Part 6

Part 7 ~ Back To The Past

I should have half-expected this, he always disappeared. I wondered though was he really a...

Time Traveler?

I pulled out of my reverie, glancing up and down to see myself alone in the garden. Glancing at the wrapper which stood below my feet.

Is this what I'm supposed to remember him by?

. . .

Somehow at this moment, I thought about Mom and our conversation... Why?

"You were gone for a whole hour! Your dad and I thought you were missing, or worse, kidnapped!"

I remembered that I was only in the Garden for 5 minutes. . .but... My always-soft eyes grew frantic and my whole body shook,

I WAS in the garden for 5 minutes.

Mom said I was gone for an hour.

I know I've been in here now for 10 minutes or more. . .


I knew it now, this Garden wasn't ANY normal Garden. The time was so different and strange. And I think it had something to do with Candy Boy. If two hours really passed. . .

Mom and Dad would be back!

I came here with Tommy at 10-ish, and if two hours really passed... it would be around 12 o'clock!

I'm dead meat. If I even did the math right...

"What am I going to do...!?" I cried, getting down to my knees about to just give up any hope for me. I already felt bad enough lying as it is.

"...Pick up the wrapper. And just go along with it."

I gasped, someone just spoke to me, but there was no one around, was I going crazy? It would make sense, I was hallucinating.

That was Candy Boy's voice though...

I took a deep breath and didn't even bother to exhale, picked up the wrapper and. . .

I found myself sitting next to Tommy in the Garden, side by side, "My mom told me about it when I was young, she'd read me bed time stories and stuff like that, she said when she was young, and your mom too, they always used to go up here, they were both so thrilled and beyond happy to see all the flowers," He looked at me, surprised to see I looked like I was totally out of it, my mouth hung open.

Is this Candy Boy's doing!?

"Are you even listening to me?" Tommy asked bluntly, I paled.

"...Wh-what? O-oh yeah! Um, I think I should go now!"

I understood what Candy Boy did for me there, he brought me back to the past so I could make it home on time, or at least I'd hoped that, but how did he know?

"Huh? I thought you wanted to hear the story? You were so into it 2 seconds ago..."

"I already heard of it. . ."

I lied, Mom never bothered telling me.

Tommy blinked and looked bothered- he didn't say anything though. We both took our leave out of the Garden, though I walked faster, and even started running too. Tommy just thought I was weird, well now I bet he thinks I'm even weirder. So much for him liking me now.

I looked back at the Garden swiftly, "Thank you, Candy Boy, you just saved me." and ran for home sweet home, I prayed Mom and Dad were not home yet.

End To Part 7

Part 8 ~ Find Monster! And A Little Something More

I was back in my living room, just moments to spare before Mom and Dad came threw the door, in their perspective, it looked like I was drawing the whole time while they were gone, I saw them carrying shopping bags and my eyes sparkled,

"Oh! Welcome back! Did you get me anything? Did you, did you, did you?!" I asked, animated. Maybe a bit too much.

They both replied with a head nod and retired to the kitchen, they bought mostly groceries, but I'm glad they thought of me because they bought me the food that I loved.

The sun was still out, it was roughly around 1pm now. I hadn't known what to do- the events that transpired today with Tommy would sure not have been forgotten. I decided I would give him more time to forget before I would play with him again.

But my parents though otherwise; I forgot all about family fun night. Family fun night was just something that we had to do together once in a while, we watched movies, chatted with each other, and other stuff. I found it more hard to wait until tomorrow to see Candy Boy again, and my parents schedule wasn't making it any easier, turns out I wouldn't have time to play with Tommy, our family fun night schedule couldn't squeeze in little Tommy...

The sun had already set over the horizon, and I watched the sun set with my parents on some hills by Quill's farm, that was our last family activity. I think I was getting old for this. It wasn't as much fun as it was a year ago...

Night emerged quicker when the sun was away, and soon all you could see in the night sky was the stars twinkle and the eerie moon, which gloomed down on us humans, it was time for me to sleep now.

I slipped into my comfy Pj's and fuzzy bunny slippers and climbed into bed. My mind needed to be put to rest from all this guilt, I yawned and all I could remember was cuddling with Teddy. In the mist of my sleep I was looking at something- no someone. An angel maybe? He spoke angelically, almost like an actual ANGEL. He had a dog by his side, an angel with a dog? I woke up momentarily, dazed, and sitting up.

Just then, I heard some kind of noise outside my window, almost as if someone was knocking at my window, the sound made me frantic, I wanted to see what or who was at my window, but as the expression goes, 'curiosity killed the cat', I shivered at the expression, I couldn't get to sleep if someone was knocking at my window, that's just too creepy. Maybe I'm just dreaming this? Or being paranoid?

The window slid open from the other side, I gasped in horror, "Kayu? I need your help. . ." To my surprise, my heart would had almost jumped out of my chest if that wasn't a voice I would recognize, but what could HE be doing here so late at night?

I checked the alarm clock with a tired gaze, glowering at Tommy, "...It's 3:30am! Can you come back later? When I'm not...HALF asleep?" Though I was still a little curious why he would ask me for help, he'd never ask me for anything before, or ever for that matter...

He gave me a frown and I moved closer to the window, curious to what in the world was going on with my best friend, " it that you need help with Tommy?" When I moved closer the nighttime am breeze entered my room and fanned across my face,


"What!? How?!" I asked, watching the flicker of emotion envelope upon Tommy's face, I'd never seen him so down before.

"I heard him whimpering in the kitchen at about 2 o'clock, and that whimper I knew, he was hungry. So I went downstairs to fetch him some dog food real quick, then all of the sudden, he runs out of the door by using his own personal doggie door, and doesn't even turn to look back, he just...ran away...and I've been looking for him ever since..." He looked down, and I began to sympathize.

"Monster would NEVER do that to you Tommy! You know how much he loves you- I'll- I mean we'll find him together!"

I brought my fists up to my chest eagerly, it was way past my bedtime but Monster was missing, and standing around here doing nothing isn't going to help much!

"...Really Kayu?" He looked back up finally after a moment, maybe I'd seen a smile, though it was tiny.

Tommy, Monster and I go way back- I remember Monster being a little pup, it was too cute! It was the size of my palm alone, and it would always have its ears pulled back because it was a shy little puppy, but the connection Tommy had with Monster was stronger than mine, somehow I'd seen how much they've grown up, sometimes I see what Tommy is thinking when Monster is barking, hungry? Thirsty? Restless? He knew.

I didn't choose to ride my back while going out on this searching spree of ours, it was too late, and dark, I didn't want something to happen to my bike, so we walked our little feet to Lake Yuna and started searching there first. Tommy stuck his head in everyone possible place where it would fit, just repeating, 'Monster? Monster?' I felt bad, Tommy didn't seem his usual safe without Monster around.

I tried looking at the most-unlikely spots, but that didn't seem to work. We ended up searching Lake Yuna for 8 minutes tops. At some point, Tommy even stuck his head in the Lake and held his breath underwater, trying to see if Monster had somehow...drowned. I frowned, "...If I was a dog, where would I be...?" Tommy got up and met my stare, " You think...?" I nodded confidently, pointing toward the Garden of Dreams, "Yes!"

We raced our anxious bodies to the heart of the Garden, the center and the only tree that grew there in one open spot, an angelic voice spoke to me,

"Good, pup. Are you hungry?" The voice was from my dream...could it be-? My dream had all the answers...

A boy, next to him a dog. Monster!

Candy boy stroked the back up Monster head, Monster's tail wagged in joy and barked once he'd seen me and Tommy from a distance, we ran to Candy boy and Monster.

In seeing his Master care so much to look for him, Monster tackled Tommy to the ground and started licking him all over the face, my eyes never moving from Candy boy's face, he was the angel in my dream.

"It's you." I almost ran out of breath, forgetting Tommy and Monster were reunited again, "Thank you. And for before too..." I bowed my head and blushed, having the strange urge to be in his arms.

Candy boy smiled, and even without the sun shining down on us this time around, the moon looking even better in comparison reflecting on Candy boy's every perfect angel-like feature, "That dog...Monster as you call it, just started barking on his way over here, and I couldn't just leave it, I knew you would come for him, and you too Tommy."

But Tommy was still too raveled up in joyful laughs that he couldn't hear us talk, it would almost be like it was just me and Candy boy alone.

"There are so many things I want to know...Time trav- I mean, is it alright if I call you that?"

He smiled gently, turning into little tiny bits again, transparent and floating in the wind, I watched in awe and shock at the same time, "I'd like you to call me by my name." His voice sounded disoriented and not all in place, but still in my eyes- beautiful.

"What is it!?" I asked anxiously hoping he wouldn't completely disappear before I got his name.

"Call me Rune, yes, that would do just fine."

And he was gone the second after, Candy boy- no, Rune. I can't wait until we meet again... It was almost morning already, so I would see him again very, very soon, but now I'm just glad that I was able to see him twice than usual. Although it seemed like I've devoted my life to seeing his face...every second counted, time wasn't on our side though.

End To Part 8

Part 9 ~ Time, And The Day At The Beach

The soft grinding of the waves, the rocks; which looked like mere pebbles, the many treasures just flowing under the waters movement, and the cry of the gulls high over head-

"You see...I can't age...I stay like this forever, until a miracle happens...Kayu, I can't stay. I can only promise you tomorrow...and then I won't be back anymore, not until. . . after 10 years."

My eyes dropped half-way closed, and I lightly gasped, almost suffocating in his words, "...10...years?"

I tossed and turned in bed, prior to the reunited Tommy and Monster, I still didn't feel complete and happy, my sheets were by now already off the bed, and on the floor. Leaving cold chills down my body, I blamed the open window.

That dream really bothered me.

"......What was that?" I swear I could see the future in my dreams or something, I can foresee events, just like last time when I saw Rune with Monster at the Garden of Dreams. But this dream felt so...REAL. I could hear the tides, the water, the wind that blew my hair around, and Rune's perfect angelic voice was as pure as the water itself.

I never used to dream, until I met Rune. I could...see into the future using my dreams, maybe Rune gave me this gift?

"Hah, ridiculous." I shook my head, but why wouldn't I believe it? I believed in everything else he'd said, and never once thought he would lie to me, nothing is going to surprise me now. This time I woke up with the sound of birds chirping out of my window on a tall tree that reached up to the roof, I smiled gently and climbed out of bed taking a minute to get dressed and slip out of my Pj's.

It was yet another day to see my angel, Mom and Dad were in the living room sipping coffee and reading threw the newspaper, in a small town like this, nothing BIG happens, I told them I was going to go out, though I wouldn't dare mention the Garden to Mom. I still don't know how she feels about that...

I passed Tommy's place with my bike going in super fast speed, I was even faster than some cars! I stopped by Quill's farm to see the animals again and check out the crops, I was in a hurry, but I wasn't completely without a life that I would only dedicate each day to the Garden with Rune. Come on now, I was only a ten year old girl, I needed to live life to the fullest.

"Mornin' Quill!" I yelled out cheerfully waving my hand in the air, giggling. Quill wiped off his forehead with his hand, he always woke up each morning real early, mending to everything in his farm, he was so dedicated. I couldn't take care of a whole farm by myself, sadly...Quill lives here all alone, not counting the animals of course, his was Daloris died of a random heart attack while she was in the fields, I pitied Quill's life when I was younger, now since I'm a little older I see why he still remains here...he wants to keep Daloris' goal alive, ever since she was a little girl she'd told me when I was around 8- that she'd always wanted to marry and have kids one day, surrounding around the crops and livestock, she loved everything a farm had to offer. She was like a second Mom to me.

"Your up rather early, Kayu. Anything special planned today?" Quill's smiled widened while I got off of my bike and ran to meet him, "Oh nothing big! Just bike riding around my favorite places is all..." I stopped running to catch my breath, Quill looked down to me, "Oh? Well have fun while your still young, Kayu! Ah the youth..."

I nodded thoughtfully, "I will! Quill! So where are the chickens? I'd love to chase them again like last time!"

Quill laughed, still glad I had all that energy in me like when I was 5, "They're over there." He pointed to the horde of chickens fenced in, making 'bawking' noises and pecking at the dirt to get lucky enough to pull out a earth worm and gobble it up,

"HI GUYS! REMEMBER ME!?" I shouted leaning toward the fence, Quill walked up to the fence and opened the small door, all the chickens swormed out of there and started running around everywhere. Poking at the fields, and my shoes. I wondered when was the last time Quill let them free like this, the fence for the chickens was pretty big and wide, shaped into a rectangle, the chickens could run around it of course and still be happy, I saw 3 barns next to each other, I bet that's where Quill kept all the other animals, the Cows, then the Sheep, and then Horses. Maybe Quill had more? He was so awesome! I spent 10 minutes playing with the chickens, running around and chasing them till I started to pant and almost fall to my knees because all the energy had been sapped out of me, darn chickens.

"Kayu your still as outgoing as ever." Quill pointed out, and I smiled. "Thanks!" I laughed, I needed to save all my energy for Rune and the Garden of course, I haven't forgotten about that. Quill needed visitors like me nowadays, he was lonely...

"...Well...I'll come back soon okay Quill? I must be off now! Thanks for letting me play with the chickens!" I saluted him off and hopped back on my ride, the wind blew me, "BYE QUILL AND HIS CHICKENS!" And with that I was gone as fast as the wind, slowing down when I spotted the Garden, my eyes sparkled and widened while I giggled in absolute happiness.

I got off my bike un-accordingly, leaning the bike against a tree, I couldn't wait to see Rune. I ran to the center and laughed joyously while I saw a standing Rune waiting for me at the center like the angel he was, I ran faster stumbling a few times, because all I saw was him, and I payed no attention to anything else around me, I met him finally and lunged for a hug, he wrapped his arms around me, I was still giggling. He was so warm.

"Ruuuuunneee!" I sang and never thought of letting go of him.

He smiled and it matched mine, "Hello, Kayu."


I looked up to see his face, my chin pressed against his chest, still his arms wrapped around me, my smile grew bigger,

"What is it?" He asked, laughing.

"Oh nothing! I'm just glad to see you!!"

"Me too." He said, and I sighed happily. Burying my face again in his shirt.

A minute passed and we were sitting against the only tree in the Garden, I layed my head against his shoulder and closed my eyes, I knew he would be okay with it.

"Tell me more." I asked, out of the blue, the sun made my skin warmer.


"You. I want to know everything."

He nodded, and stroked my hair for a second, "Well..."

"I can't quite began where to start, I'm...not allowed to leave this Garden, my time here with you is only 3 minutes."

And I understood what he said, I repeated it in my head just in case, eyes still closed, "I see...because in the real world, it's dangerous to stay here longer than the time allotted right? I learned my lesson..." 3 minutes wasn't enough for me though. And if I stayed for 5, an hour would have passed in the real world out there.

He sighed, happy and understanding.

"Yes...but- I'll break the rules for today, just for you."

My eyes jumped back open and I grinned, "R-really!? For me? But I don't want to get you in trouble or anything..."

He shook his head, kissing my forehead so quickly that I blushed a little late, "No problem, Kayu. For you I'll do anything."

I sighed, "Your perfect."

"I know."

. . .

"THE BEACH!? REALLY RUNE?!" I lunged at him again and he squeezed me into a bear hug,

"Yes! I knew you'd like it, judging by your reaction."

"Ooh! This'll be great!"

We walked out of the Garden, and it sure was a sight to see us both leave together, holding hands, though Rune was old, and I was but a kid. I was so short compared to him.

The soft grinding of the waves, the rocks; which looked like mere pebbles, the many treasures just flowing under the waters movement, and the cry of the gulls high over head-

"You see...I can't age...I stay like this forever, until a miracle happens...Kayu, I can't stay. I can only promise you tomorrow...and then I won't be back anymore, not until. . . after 10 years."

My eyes dropped half-way closed, and I lightly gasped, almost suffocating in his words, "...10...years...?"

Whoa...Déjà vu...

He studied my expression and began to frown, I looked like I was about to pass out, "...I'm sorry you have to hear this was supposed to be a special day today, just for us."

"No." I shook my head, trying to smile, "It is perfect. I'm here with you right?"

He put his hands around my face, "I love you, okay? Tomorrow is the last time you'll see me. I'm so sorry..."

For once, I didn't understand. Why tomorrow? Is it because...he broke the rules of ever leaving the Garden...? Then it'll be my fault...

And the day at the beach didn't turn out the way I hoped. . . at all.

But...he said that he loved me. That was everything I could ask for. And everything I had ever wanted.

If I were to wait 10 years for him...that would make me 20 years old! Whoa. Was Rune 20 then?... It made sense, but waiting that long for someone...I couldn't began to imagine. I was young...and if I reached the same age he is now. . .

We spent thirty-minutes at the Beach and went back to the Garden shortly after, where time was different, and I would have to be going home soon, again. . .

We still held hands during our walk, it was different this time. It was like this was the last time we were to be doing this...


I stopped him, "Tomorrow we'll make the best of the last day, okay?" I almost started to cry. But he wiped off the tears before they fell down my cheeks, he whispered, I'm sorry. . . and I started to cry, he disappeared then.

End To Part 9

To read pt 10!
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the whole riding the bike to a garden got me hoooked <3
and i love the candy boy XD
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heheh LOL yea i was thinking how i would make teh grand entrance for Candy Boy XD
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Tmrw part tew will be up 8D
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What I read
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WEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLL D: ........I read garden coming down to comment o.o..8 WORDS >]....and -drags outta hole- D:
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OMG!! It's so sweetttttttttt sweet like pie~ >.<!!! I love it~ MORE PLEASE~
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heheh ~ sweet like piee >w< thanxies.
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Yes, Yes, mooorreee soon ^^
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Love it so far >w<
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i agree with embie! except i didnt hav to squint my eyes...XD and i also saw the commercial of that movie and im like OMG! i sooo gotta watch this!
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Wait wait by "like The time Traveler's Wife" does that mean it's going to be uber depressing?? You already said this would be sad right?

Awww, her mommy doesn't want her to go back D: She must know about it and about the Candy Boy
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