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(The reasons for everything in the ratings are explained in the review section at the end of the article)

* Visuals: Kyoto animation... that should be enough said... visuals were awesome
* Music: Magnificent... espeecially in first season... but also in second season
* Plot: Just fantastic
* Overall rating: 9.6/10(Another masterpiece by Kyoto animation)

* Genre: Romance/Drama/ (With very well placed bits of comedy, but is not a comedy)

* Company:Kyoto Animation

* Format: 47 episodes including both seasons

* Dates: October 4, 2007 – March 26, 2009

* Synopsis:

First season: Okazaki Tomoya considers himself a delinquent. He hates school, usually turning up late, and has had a troublesome relationship with his father since his mother died. One day on the way to school, he bumps into Furukawa Nagisa, a girl who lacks confidence after being away from school for a year due to sickness. Tomoya finds out that Nagisa had always wanted to join the Theater Club, and convinces her to do so, but later they both find that the club had been disbanded for some time.

Second season: After the events leading up to Furukawa Nagisa’s stage performance at the School Founder’s Festival, Okazaki Tomoya graduates from Hikarizaka High School and begins the process of adjusting to the life of a full-fledged member of society, while Nagisa is retained for another year due to low attendance from poor health. Their After Story chronicles the next ten years in the life of the two, as they find joy, sorrow, and resolution with each other.

* Review:

After "Kanon 2006" I thought Kyoto Animation had created the best anime the world would see for a while. I didn't expect this... And once again it was Kyoto animation. "Clannad" is an absolutely brilliant romantic story of how a semi-delinquent (not really a delinquent just a trouble maker) and a shy innocent girl go through a roller coaster ride of love, challenges, drama, joy, sorrow, and resolution together in what I think is the greatest romance in anime history.

Clannad spans throughout two seasons. The first season doesn't have as much drama and serves more as an introduction to how Tomoya and Nagisa meet and go through highschool. It has some really funny bits, Although it does tackle some serious issues and has it's fair share of drama. But season 2 is when the real drama starts. The first 8 or so episodes of the second season dont really indicate what's coming as Tomoya adapts to society after school. But after that the anime just takes off. As truly mind blowing scenarios are presented and life's challenges are shown. the second season spans through the next ten years of Tomoya and Nagisa's lives and is truly wonderful. As a couple of climaxes in the later episodes present us with some of the most memorable moments in anime history. Not to mention an absolutely wonderful conclusion. Although the conclusion could be just a bit better explained which is why it got a 9.6/10 instead of a 10/10.

But what can I say... This anime contains mind-blowing themes and extremely touching moments. The characters are all wonderfully developed without exception and the minor characters are all crucial to the major characters development. Definately an anime which will make one think especially if watched to the end. And ofcourse Kyoto animation gives us wonderful graphics and Fantastic music. It's hard for an anime to get any better than this... Clannad truly is almost perfection and will be remembered and talked about for time to come... It is proof that an anime truly can give us a work of art.
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My favorite anime in the world!!!!
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