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Posted 8/13/09 , edited 12/27/09
(The reasons for everything in the ratings are explained in the review section at the end of the article)

* Visuals: Breath-taking
* Music: Original and quite interesting. Superb use of Pachelbel's "Canon" in one of the episodes.
* Plot: Mostly beautiful and superb. Extremely original and well delivered.
* Overall rating: 9.5/10(Amazing and a must watch for all who enjoy anime)

* Genre: Romance/Drama/Comedy

* Company: Kyoto Animation

* Format: 24 episodes

* Dates: 6 Oct 2006 – 16 Mar 2007

* Synopsis: Aizawa Yuuichi is returning to the town he left seven years ago to live with his cousin, Minase Nayuki and aunt Akiko. However, his memory of his time there is hazy. While being toured around the town by Nayuki, Yuuichi bumps into an eccentric taiyaki thief by the name of Tsukumiya Ayu. However, it turns out that Ayu has met Yuuichi before and that she holds the key to many of Yuuichi’s lost recollections.

* Review:

Where to start... This anime by Kyoto animation is absolutely astonishing! Words can't describe it. A must watch. It is a perfect length as it's not too long that it starts killing itself but it's long enough to develop the characters and the plot perfectly. Every character in this anime is highly original and developed extremely well. Each character has its own charming characteristics which make you drown in an astounding story. Not to mention Ayu's use of the noise/phrase "Ugu" in negative situations as being absolute genious. The plot just can't be described in terms of how good it is. It has its perfect share of intense drama, fantastic twists, Beautiful and absolutely heart-warming romance, and unpredictable originality. The story progresses into an absolute mastery of a climax in the second to last episode and a perfect conclusion in the last episode which fits all the pieces of the puzzle together. And if all this isn't enough to make a perfect anime... The music and the visuals are both breath-taking.

The only thing that kept me from giving this anime the first ever 10/10 in my ratings was the fact the first few episodes are maybe a little a bit slow and don't give you a lead into what an amazing anime you are watching. But boy am I glad I finished it as Kanon 2006 turned out to arguably be (in my mind) one of the greatest animes ever made. Congratulations Kyoto animation on creating one of the most heart warming and original romantic stories ever told.
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Posted 8/15/09 , edited 8/15/09
You know how much I love this anime!!! Great review
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I will watch this, thanks for the recomendation!
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