The Path
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Posted 8/13/09 , edited 8/13/09

The Path is a 2009 horror personal computer game developed by Tale of Tales for the Microsoft Windows operating system and later made available for Mac OS X by TransGaming Technologies. It is inspired by several versions of the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, and by folklore tropes and conventions in general, but set in contemporary times. The original Windows version was released on March 18, 2009 in English and Dutch. The player can choose to control one of six different sisters, who are sent one-by-one on errands by their mother to see their sick grandmother. The player can choose whether to stay on the path or to wander, where wolves are lying in wait.

Click here for more info, if you're curious.

Okay, I admit, the game does sound very innocent. Girls going to grandma's place, and if you wander off, there are "wolves". But if you'd had played it, you'd know that it's far from innocent and the wolves aren't always animals.

Have you ever played this game? If not, would you like to?

Imo, it's a pretty good game, but really unsettling. Especially Ginger's part, ugh... Carmen's was horrifying, as was Scarlet's. (I found Scarlet's pretty scary because she's in my age group.)

Share your opinions~.
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Posted 8/19/09 , edited 8/19/09
I played a demo of The Path and couldn't seem to get into it. I was really excited about it. but when I actually went to play it, I found the camera angles a little wonky and it really didn't seem as scary or thrilling as I thought it would. Maybe it's just the demo. If you say the stories get pretty good, I might consider giving it a real shot.
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Posted 8/19/09 , edited 8/20/09
I need to check it out.
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Posted 9/13/09 , edited 9/14/09
I would like to buy this game but I don't know, I need some recommendation. If this game worth 9.99 dollars on steam
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