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Posted 8/14/09 , edited 8/29/09

I already made a page about this game so here it is check it out!

For M0re CG~ simply click this link.

Now moving on, we all heard bout the game of Skip Beat rite! Well wat do u all think bout it!? Any opinion?

Well let me go first lol
I think the game is pretty interesting, isnt? it would be fun playing it, wouldnt? lol
whats more is that the art is more beautiful which is more fun and enjoyable! After all, to me its all bout the art. Cuz when the art aint gud then i dont think i be able to stand it. The story mite be gud and all but still the art should be gorgeous. In order to enjoy it and more kyaa kyaa, wouldnt u agree? lol Anyways I love it, even tho i havent really played. So anyone who playd it. well tell us what u think? how is it? is it boorin fun? WHAT!? We wanna know, dont we all!? Lol

Now yo turn!!? Hehe :lol:
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F / Surrounded By Hel...
Posted 8/16/09
I just saw the photos... OMG! It looks so AWESOME! The graphics are really good. But I'm not really sure about the focus for the game. Are you just trying to hook her up with either Ren or Sho? I love all the photos! NYA~ ^^
Posted 8/29/09
Yes! Looooooooves PHOTOS!
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23 / F / My Own Soul
Posted 9/25/09
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24 / F / CR
Posted 2/2/11
wtf!!?!??! super duper!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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