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(The reasons for everything in the ratings are explained in the review section at the end of the article)

* Visuals:Good enough
* Music: Ehhhh... so so... a bit too J poppish... But it's ok
* Plot: Descent
* Overall rating: 5.5/10 (If you enjoy simple, heart warming animes, it's worth watching)

* Genre: Romance/Drama

* Company:Picture Magic/Trinet Entertainment

* Format: 12 episodes

* Dates: 11 Oct 2005 – 27 Dec 2005

* Synopsis: Tomosaka Kenji lives in a small town on the coast with his sister Suzuka and his father. He lives next door to Konoe Nanami, an eccentric girl that has trouble getting up in the morning, and the two share an extremely amiable relationship to the point that their friends call her “the wife”. While Kenji and Nanami have been close since their early childhood, most of their friends around them think they should become a couple.

* Review:

Lamune is one of the slowest paced animes I've ever seen. Except for the final two episodes there's rarely any drama. The romance between the two main characters (Kenji and Nanami) is heart warming and very nice to watch... But nothing serious ever really happens until the last couple of episodes. I guess a good way of putting it would be to say that watching Lamune is kind of like a vacation in an isolated island... There isn't much to do but the whole point of that vacation is exactly that... Having nothing to do so you can relax and basically do nothing. Well one can look at Lamune as a chance to take a vacation from serious and complex anime and just let oneself enjoy a joyous and heart warming story.

The characters in this anime are simple but they are descently developed. Various parts of them are explored throughout the anime and we learn new things about most of them. The main characters are developed to a much higher extent and most of the time when the side characters are developed it's totally inconsequential to the plot.

The tone in the first 10 episodes (as mentioned previously) is extremely slow paced, therefore simple and in some ways relaxing. Then we are presented with a drastic change as we are given two final episodes of intense melodrama. We are given a conclusive ending but it doesn't seem to fit at all since such a big change in mood occurs.

This anime can be flat out boring at some points, but it also has some charming moments. The visuals are solid and the music is descent enough that it doesn't become a liability... If you're looking for an absolute masterpiece this probably isn't the anime to go for, but if you simply want an enjoyable anime with heart warming moments to relax with, I see no reason why you shouldn't give Lamune a watch.

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