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Real Life Battle-Mechs just got more Possible
Posted 1/5/12 , edited 1/5/12

SP33D3RNam wrote:

I just had to join this chat:-)
so in my honest opinion:-)
mechs are and have been possible for many years. my dad always said that if you can imagine it then you can create it. I found that to be the best motto to live life by. the fact in basic concept all combat machines are mechs. tanks bombers and even drones. what is the definition of a mech? it is a machine used for any purpose it was designed for. if you take a tank and remove its turrent and build a mech looking turrent onto it, is it still is a tank or has it become a mech? take for example the appachi helicopter. it has more tech crammed into and on it than most corporations can afford. and in my opinion the planet can do with a few million less ppl. the biggest problem we face as ppl is humanity. war is not a game. the point of war is to kill the ppl that are your enemies. how exactly does one decide who is the enemy? not trying to pick sides but making a point. take for instance the sadam and america thing. he was wrong in acting the way he did. same with asama bin ladin. but if you go there to kill someone sweep the floor with the ppl. there is no humane way to wage war. if you put 30 ppl in a room and ask them a question as a group, you will 90% of the time get a different answer than if you take them 1 by 1 and ask the same question. its called mob mentality. the more ppl in the group the easier to minipulate them. but i think i am getting off topic. the biggest problem facing mech builders are power and balance. i have been looking into this and researching it for a long time now. my company will start construction of the first prototype somewhere during 2012. the worst thing is that you dont need 20 guys with 5 PHD's each to build it or to research it. all you need is common sense and time. i dont have any of those things and we have only run into 3 problems. and best of all, its built in africa. not all tech and new stuff comes from USA or Japan. sometimes the first ones are made in a poor country and then the tech is bought or stolen by someone else who sees it. its a part of human nature to destroy each other. ppl should research and do stuff to better mankind but we do things do better our bank balance. if we build a nuclear power plant, then automatically we want to build nuclear bombs. the world is gonna be destroyed by humans. fact. we are already killing all the animals and destroying their eco systems. imagine if a group of animal rights activists get a hold of a mech. they attack and kill a bunch of ppl destroying the rain forests. how do you decide who is wrong?

You have some good points. Shit changes.
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