Getting to know everyone
Posted 8/16/09
Hey everyone! I'm Jillian, but you can call me Jill or Cuddles. =3
This is for everyone to just meet new people and get to know each other!
Making friends is great, and you can do that here! ^^

Format (you can choose what to tell people)
Additional information:

I'll go first! ^^\
Username: -_-animelovee-_-
Name: Jillian (preferrably Cuddles or Jill)
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Additional Information: I love giving hugs, and cuddling with people. I also love making new friends. If you need anything else, then add me and ask! ;D

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Posted 8/16/09
We already have an introductions thread here~ But I'm Kara, for the record.
Posted 8/16/09
no1s gona call u 'cuddles' =_=
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Posted 8/16/09
Introductions goes here. Or otherwise this is just another lost group forum post...

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