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Posted 8/16/09
All right now, everybody! It's Souma Kukai's birthday!

As member of SGSK member, I've been thinking about stuff to celebrate Kukai's b'day.
This is one of them : Contest! Kukai's pair picture!

So, all of you (included me) will post the best u think of Kukai's pairing picture.
When Kukai stand beside Amu, when Kukai have competition with Utau, walking together with Yaya, and so on!
When you met the best moment/scene of it, post it!

The category will be:
1. Kukai - Amu
2. Kukai - Utau
3. Kukai - Yaya
4. Kukai - SG [Kukai with other female characters in Shugo Chara series]
5. Kukai - Anime [Kukai with other female character excluded in Shugo Chara series]

The picture can be edited or from screenshots.
(may be for category 4-5 need to be edited first )

THERE'S NO TIME LIMIT! Post as many as you want! Keep this contest go on (forever )
But, for this special August we need something more with theme : BIRHTDAY PARTY!
========================================================OK! Start with topic creator! ^_~ ============
Category 1 = Kukai - Amu

Category 2 = Kukai - Utau

Category 3 = Kukai - Yaya

Category 4 = Kukai - SG

Category 5 = Kukai - Anime
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