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Experiment B Character thread
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Posted 9/2/09 , edited 9/2/09

Name: Blade
Age: 18
gender: Male
Hunter: yes
victim: no
Bio: when his family was killed by a serial killer the government took him in along with ten others to become experiments. The experiment was to combine the children with other animals making them stronger, faster, and to have that animals traits. He was combined with more than one animal after the first experiment was finished. He was first combined with a King Cobra inheriting its instincts and reflexes. he then was combined with a shark giving him intense speed and strength. He now was extremely aggressive. After three of the boys killed each other because two were prey to the other the experiment was cancelled. or so the government thought. secretly scientist were taking traits from cdertain animals and just adding those to the children. by the time they were done they were super soldiers. Now the government uses these kids to hunt the bats. Personally Blade hates the bats and anyone who is a victim. He is known to kill off the victims from sheer hate.

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