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Post Reply If you can have 5 things from any anime what would it be items cloths anything etc...
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27 / M / This Dying World
Posted 12/29/07 , edited 7/27/17

kage bunshin from naruto it is a great practical skill to have

excalibur from fate/stay night it's excalibur

death note from death note it is a great asset

instant transmission from dragonball z/gt be a pretty fun skill

byakugan from naruto when you get into college the idea is very tempting lol XD

edited 5/14/10
I think I'd take the liberty to fix my English and update on what I want...

edited 10/08/12

wow been 5 years this thread... umm 5 new things...

Valkyries from macross

Damocles from code geass like a boss

Vimana from fate/zero also like a boss

gate of babylon from fate/zero geeto ooo babelon like a boss

an Anime chick from my top 10 on myanimelist

edited 2/08/2013

Argonaut, it is a spaceship a cool one at that from Heroic AGE

A bunny girl, yes flame me I'm objectifying a bunny girl

Earth, be a nice place to rule

Nice emperor clothing

Nerve Gear from SAO

edited 06/15/13, holy sheeet this thread is still alive XD

3D maneuvering gear

a potato girl

a railgun

a hero

a spirit

edited 06/14/14

This is the only shameless thread I bump. Come on, it is older than /AMP/.

Tina Sprout type of loli

hi-ERO particles

ommyouji powers

A demon mantle

An assistant

edited 11/02/2014

Protagonists genes

War Maiden

Tuxedo Mask's tuxedo



edit: 04/01/2015

a senpai

a senpai

a senpai

a senpai

a senpai

edit: 09/13/2015

A dirty joke

fireteam of 3 female sky wizards

the ability to steal other people's abilities (charlotte)

Toy gun

Something Genuine Whatever that means... SNAFU

edit: 12/29/2015 something for the new year

Himouto's cloak

A space harem

Tarumaru (non zombie)

A Fafner

A Lance n Masques

edit: 09/15/2016 something for the new year

Jesus holy shit balls could of closed this... but aaaaaaaaaaaaa HA!

Gold cellphone from fate ilya

Greninja Shiny with protean hidden ability

A maid like Rem or Rem (not a fan of the show)

Runes from Macross Delta (get some tentacle action)

the ReLife pill

edit: 12/27/2016 end of year stuff

I want Keijo to be real

Romance of the three kingdom general (the card from soul buster)

a nice rubber (ping pong girls)


the facial experience of a bashful girl giving me chocolates on valentines day

edit: 07/27/2017


C+ skills

An isekai adventure of my own


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23 / F / USA
Posted 12/29/07
hiro from Kirarin Revolution
kataras fire nation outfit and her powers from avatar
the inventions off case closed
sakuras med skills from naruto
and inu yashas brothers swore who can bring ppl back to life thats all
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65 / corner of cyperspace
Posted 12/29/07
mmm.. let see
doreamon's pocket

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26 / F / Philippines
Posted 12/29/07
being CooL and spicy like amu hinamori ( SHUGO CHARA )
being energetic like kirari ( KIRARIN REVOLUTION )
hearthrob like shureei
smart like kanata
cute like ruu-zama
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28 / M
Posted 12/29/07
A death note from death note
An inukami from inukami
3 hot maids in your house from he is my master
Youma blood from claymore
A fuzetsu Skill from shakugan no shana
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28 / M / Moscow
Posted 12/29/07
Death Note
Shinigami eyes
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31 / M / Fresno, Ca
Posted 12/29/07
Kage Bunshin, used it to play joke on people hahaha .

Mido Bann evil eye, used it for my E-Vil plan.

a Gundam, lol just want to have some fun it.

be a vampire like alucard, just seem so cool.

and go super saiyan, don't you think it would be cool, travel around the world within minute.
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28 / M / soul society
Posted 12/29/07
kage bunshin
glam sight
and geass
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25 / F / Taytay,Rizal,PH
Posted 12/29/07
Hina's Kendo Outfit
Saku's Choker
Alice's Cross
Senel's Bracers..

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25 / M / Australia
Posted 12/29/07
alucard's guns
shinigami powers
be smart like L
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30 / M
Posted 12/29/07
kekkaishi techniques

lavi's hammer (D-gray man)

Vash Stampede's revolver

an anime high school life... l0lz...

and their weird hairdos....

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25 / F / In front of my co...
Posted 12/29/07
Innocence [D.gray-man]
Death Note [death note]
Geass [rebellion of lelouch]
Sharingan [naruto]
Mukuro's eye [katekyou hitman reborn]
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Posted 12/29/07
1.)Misa's wardrobe (Death Note) well some like the gothic loli dress
2.)Sakura's Shippuuden headband (Naruto)
3.)Sasuke's bloodline limit (naruto)
4.)Naruto's demon (Naruto)
5.)Rukia's kantana (bleach)
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26 / M / Philippines
Posted 12/29/07
sexy gurls from green green
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29 / M / Manila,Philippines
Posted 12/29/07
Kage Bunshin
Fly Like in DBZ
My Own Pokemon/Digimon
Have a Lovely School Life...XD~
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