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Post Reply If you can have 5 things from any anime what would it be items cloths anything etc...
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25 / M / USA
Posted 12/9/13

a potato girl

That's great.

1) Kanade/Angel's software from Angel Beats; making any sort of weapon/attachment for myself would be pretty sweet.
2) A zombie companion from HotD
3) Alex Louis Armstrong's alchemy
4) Alex Louis Armstrong's body
5) Alex Louis Armstrong's voice
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27 / M
Posted 12/9/13
1) Hyoudou issei's Dress Break............. nuff said

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48 / M / Upstate NY
Posted 12/9/13

xNuSeNsE wrote:

1) Hyoudou issei's Dress Break............. nuff said

I saw this thread and my first choice was similar to your idea

1) Hyoudou Issei's Sacred gear (which would include the power of dress break) (from Highschool DxD)

2) VF-25F Messiah (Macross Valkyrie from Frontier)

3) Death Note (from Death Note)

4) Roger Smith's Car (from Big O)

5) My own personal Infinite Stratos (from Infinite Stratos)
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23 / M / Space
Posted 12/9/13
Mythical Zoan Fruit Phoenix version.
Zanpakuto whatever mine would be.
Just like, the whole magic world of Fairy tail to be brought here.
More Maid Cafes in America.
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Posted 12/9/13
Yui's perfect pitch (K-On!)
Hajime's fashion taste (Gatchaman Crowds)
A non-Soul Gem magical girl transformation
Lelouch's Geass (Code Geass)
Alchemy (FMA)

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41 / M / End of Nowhere
Posted 12/9/13
The island base of Iwo Jima from Arpeggio of Blue Steel. Because, really, who does not want to have their own personal island fortress? Even if it does not come with Hyuga (actually I do not know if I actually would want Hyuga), that beach alone is well worth having. Nothing like spending days drinking and having BBQ's on the beach.

Because a secret base needs some form of defense, and girls with blue hair rock, the Heavy Cruiser Takao. Also from Arpeggio of Blue Steel. It is a total twofer.

Since island bases with powerful ship based defenses are all well and good, but somewhat lacking in creature comforts I would definitely want a crew of catgirls. Preferably imported from Catia from Asobi ni Iku yo! I am sure they would be able to keep the island and the cruiser Takao maintained as well as provide needed support.

It is a truism of the naval world, that officers must have swords. So in keeping with tradition I would grab Kain's Psi-Blade from Lost Universe. I would not need to ask for his abilities because I am awesome enough to generate the necessary psi energy on my own.

And finally as it is, remotely, possible that I might get tired of living on a beautiful pacific island with an amazing beach surrounded by catgirls, I think I would keep a Robotech 3rd Generation Garfish Light Cruiser in Battle Configuration with all the trimmings (including the veritech squadron of course) in one of the island's bay's. Just for those occasional jaunts around the universe. I am pretty sure Takao would be able to interface with it as easily as any other ship and the catgirls should be capable of serving as crew as well.
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Posted 12/10/13 , edited 12/10/13
I'm going to include in this list things that... I think have have appeared in some anime, but I'm not sure.

Tabibito no Akashi, from Brave Story (in Brave or Geomancer License) - Technically, this is both weapon and magic.
Yamato, from Devil May Cry - But Yamato is just all kinds of awesome. And that makes two weapons!
Cerberus, from Gungrave - And two huge hand cannons!
An Infinite Stratos, from Infinite Stratos - Because mech suits are cool. Preferably close to mid range.
The Vic Viper, which cameoed in Sky Girls - My favorite old school futuristic fighter. Preferably in Gradius V Type 2.

Put 'em all together and... ???
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26 / M
Posted 6/14/14
One Piece

A Hokage slave to do bidding.

A Stand

Ability to break my own death flags

White Chaika
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M / Baka Zone
Posted 6/14/14
Kamehameha (Dragon Ball Z)

Bankai (Bleach)

Time-travel Microwave (Steins;Gate)

Eva (NGE)

Immortality (Baccano)

Posted 6/15/14 , edited 6/15/14
1) Chakra. (As seen in the Naruto franchise)
2) Good chakra control that can be improved.
3) Tenketsu.
4) Byakugan.
5) Proficiency in Jūkenpō.

It takes nearly the entire list for me to guarantee the Byakugan's use. I went ahead and threw in Jūkenpō for the fifth, simply because it's meant to complement the Byakugan's abilities.

I initially planned for my list to be much more interesting and varied, but then I thought about what all is needed for kekkei genkai and Naruto-style jutsu to work. RL sucks.
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21 / M / IL
Posted 6/15/14
Kamina's Sunglasses
Simon's Sunglasses
Boota's Sunglasses
Gurren Lagann's Sunglasses
and obviously Killua's shoes
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32 / M / Central KY.
Posted 6/15/14

1. Senbonzakura Kageyoshi from Bleach.
2. A Nano of My very Own from Nichijou.
3. The intellect of Sora & Shiro from No Game, No Life.
4. Geass from C.G.
5. All coupled with the badass-ness of Revy from Black Lagoon.

And bathroom64, I'm stealing White Chaika from You...
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22 / F / Scotland
Posted 6/15/14
Any servant from the Fate series

Alchemy from FMA

Haruko's Vespa from FLCL

Ability to breath underwater from Nagi No Asukara

Utena's Outfit from Revolutionary Girl Utena
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21 / F / Academy City
Posted 6/15/14
1.Alchemy (FMA and FMAB)
2. Kudou Asuka's ability to make anyone do what I say (Problem Children are Coming from Another World aren't they)
3. Kido's Concealing Eyes ( Mekaku City Actors)
4. Yoshino's Spirit Outfit (Date A Live)
5. Kuroko's Teleporting ability (To aru Kagaku no Railgun)
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 6/15/14
Sailor Moon's Imperial Silver Crystal
The 7 Dragon Balls
A Gundam
A Death Note
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