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Chapter 145
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Posted 9/12/09 , edited 9/12/09

jreams wrote:

lol... I agree with you...
But i dont like Reino either... he is so creepy...
I think kyoko wil have hard time with him...
Ren and Kyoko is still better ><

Hehe, I think Reino is hot though he is a douche sadly, but I like him better than Sho. I have to admit, Sho was pretty hot in his demonxangel PV. I was like, "squeee! *___*" when I saw Sho all dressed up. I seriously think he should keep the wig, but Sho is too funny to have something like that going on. xD

I do oh-so hope Ren does something! It'll piss me off to no end, if he does nothing but his damned smiley-sparkly-quiet rage thing.I don't know, I want him to take some form of action, or use his wits to tick Sho off.

Man, I love this manga for all it's yummylicious eye-candy. *__*
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