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As seen in "Bingo Book: Genesis of Unknown", the group was transported to the giant tower called The Spire and seperated, similiar like what Phaeton did during the SALIGIA Incident.
The Spire, so everyone knows, is a giant tower with four layes. Each layer is a city. The layers, from top to bottom, are called The Clouds, High City, Low City, and The Catacombs. Each layer is connected to a giant pillar in the middle that, in a way, is like a huge elevator. The lower you get, the more dangerous it gets. The Clouds is the control level, in which the high-level Organization V members reside, including Zwei and Nemesis.
Here is where everyone is:

Weiss, Sieghart, Sirberius, and Rubi are at Low City. N.V., Ashley, Dmitri, Yaduri, and Ben are at High City. Mewt and Namel are at one part of The Catacombs while Dos and Larac are at another.

Unlike other storyline arcs like "Growth of Sin" or "The Chase", you can battle Bingo Book targets here. To progress to the next storyline, not all the targets have to be fought or killed. Also, some targets you are not allowed to kill; you can defeat them but you cannot kill them. The goal of this storyline is to reach The Clouds to get to Zwei Manor in order to leave The Spire.

Targets: Here are the targets. If the name is blue, they can be killed unless author chooses to let target live; if green, they can be defeated. If someone wishes to have someone not be killed so that that person may use the chosen target for later use, let me know. Please notify dmitrivalentine for whom you wish to take on. Unless given permission, one cannot defeat/kill an Alquimista or Chevalier without the permission from the story mod (Dmitri). At least for this time, no Chevalier may be killed. Thank you.
~dmitrivalentine (Dmitri)

-Chimarrouro (chimieara created by Vaquero)
Eliminated -Jimbley (chimieara created by Vaquero) (Rubi, Yaduri, Mewt)
- al-Arc (vampiric Nobody of Larac)
-Winter Stark (witch, daughter of Fallan Stark) (Rubi)
Eliminated -Akatsuki Rocain (vampire, Tasogare's older brother, archaeologist who hangs out in The Catacombs, a Juunikoudoutai) {Mewt's}
Eliminated -Tasogare Rocain (vampire, Akatsuki's younger brother, a Juunikoudoutai) {Mewt's}
-Naomi Xion (succubus, Vislumbrar's girlfriend, thought to have been killed by Larac, a Juunikoudoutai)
Eliminated -Sasuke (human, a Juunikoudoutai) (Dmitri and Ashley)
-Jūbei Hyachi (elementalist, Tenkai Hyachi's older brother, current Vahashi (Elemental Lord), a Juunikoudoutai) (Lozaru, Anemone)
-Rachel (angel, friend of Joel & Ael, thought to have been killed by Azazel (Draethius), an Ocheren)
-Giovanni Rest (aide to Nirvanism Maester C. Ling Kett, werecat, unknown Crystal ability, an Ocheren)
-Francesco Calcostado (brother of Daniel (who may be Dante), vampire, an Ocheren) (Sieghart)
-Vasija (vessel for Draethius created from the angel Kyriel, Alquimista, name is Spanish for "vessel") {Dark Face's}
Eliminated -Vilipendiar (Alquimista, name is Spanish for "to despise; to revile") (Dmitri and Ashley)
-Vislumbrar (Naomi Xion's boyfriend, Alquimista, name is Spanish for "to catch a glimpse of; to percieve instinctively")
[Eliminated] -Voz (Alquimista, talks alot, catchphrase is "Spread the word!",pretended to be Duo/ Unknown, special ability is 'Grave Gravidad' which can affect gravity) (Weiss and Sirberius)
-Vaciar (Alquimista, emotionless, name is Spanish for "to empty; to clear", special ability is 'Nulo Vacio' which can nullify any attack)
-Ein Stein (mad scientist, descendant of Frank N. Stein, member of the Final Five) {Dark Face's}
-Carlisle Dezmonariero (codenamed "The Demon Lord's Hand", Chevalier, name based from blacksheep12)
-Micholai Vicktor Thoma-Stark (Winter Stark's half-brother, wizard, Chevalier, name based on MewtMM)
-Zayne Uquiador (brother of Raoul Uquiador*, Chevalier, name based on Sirberius)
-Unnamed Male Chevalier (Chevalier, name based on dethreaper666)
-Unnamed Female Chevalier (Chevalier, name based on dmitrivalentine)
-Heavenly Ruler Nemesis (real name M. N. Nairb, Nirvanism Maester, Crystal ability is 'Temper Swing') [Locked]

*Raoul Uquiador is the shadow elementalist from "Bingo Book - Hit List" that Dante killed
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Spire Of Nihilism

Bingo Book Entry

Mewt M. Morakami vs. Akatsuki & Tasogare Rocain

Before I could even contemplate slaying the stranger, I was sucked through a portal. Within seconds of entering, I was spit out onto a stone ground littered with dust. Next to me was the angel Namel. He must have exited before me, because he was already on his feet.

"I guess that hospitality is an unknown concept." I jested as he helped me to my feet. "I'm sorry about Ailluel."

"Thanks, we can't do anything about it except avenge him."

"True. So, according to that stranger, we're in Zwei's manor. From the looks of it, his cellar."

"No, or at least it doesn't seem to be"He studied the walls.

"Why's that?"

"Before joining the Atlantis military,I studied architecture with plans of becoming an architect.To my knowledge,these narrow passages look like the ones that catacombs are famous for. We have to keep moving."

I followed pursuit. Due to the low roof and narrow walls, we couldn't simply fly, let alone spread our wings. After walking through a maze of halls, we managed to become even more lost. It only took a little longer before we ran into trouble.

The undead. Most of which were skeletons, but a few were recent as they were only starting to decompose. Symptoms included missing eyes, pale dead skin, and the permeating smell of death.

Namel pulled forth a sword as I rendered one of my own. We then began to hack and slash our way through the small crowd. I'd cut this one in half as he severed that one's head. I'd kick one back as he threw it into the wall.Within minutes, we were finished with the practice.

"That was a good workout." Namel was stretching and smiled as he said so.

"I would of had more fun if the group was bigger." I said, like-whys stretching.

We continued on with nothing informing us if the path we walked was right or wrong. The walls were simply stacked boulders that barely protruded outwards. Here and there was some kind of black mortar in between the said boulders. The ceiling was a flat sandstone without seems. The floor was a simple cold-dirt floor. On the walls were torches every seven or so feet.

Eventually we arrived at a small room with five paths forking out in every direction.

"We're gonna be here a while aren't we?" Namel asked.

"Yeah, we are."

"Which do we choose?"

"I don't know, just pick one." I answered as I looked around.

Just then, a torso with arms and half a head appeared, crawling towards us from the path in front of us. Behind it, skeletons and more undead fucks followed. At this point, the other paths contained the same thing. Those who died previously died but never left. These were faster then the ones before.

"They look hungry." Namel pointed out.

"Yeah and they want us food."

"I don't know if I should take it as a compliment or something else."

"I can see how That's a compliment. Wanting to get ate by flesh-eating zombie's who crave flesh and brains."

Before he could reply, the dead on our left attacked. He sidestepped to dodge, pulled forth his sword, and beheaded it. I ran forward, rendered my dual swords and began doing what came natural. After a while of keeping each other within sight, we were overwhelmed and separated. I slowly worked my way over to were he was. I was shocked to find him gone. Surrounded, I fought my way through the path he was closest to. After getting ahead of the undead group filling the hall, I began to run. In the process, I took random turns. I had lost them, but I was also. It was at this point that I realized what I had done was pointless and very, very stupid.

"Damn it! Lost another one! Fuck!"

After calming down for a while, I looked at my surroundings and noticed holes in the walls. Deathbeds, literally. Of course there were no inhabitants, since they were up and about, walking around in search of flesh to feed on.

I need to get out of here, but to do so, I need a plan to solve this maze. I sat on the ground and began meditating, concentrating on the maze. After staying deep in thought for a while, I discovered a possible way to solve the catacombs maze. Since most mazes contain both an entrance and an exit, one wall should never intersect with the other. But, if there is only an exit and no entrance, as I believe the case is here, then all walls are connected. In a circumstance like this, then I should be able to pick either the left or right wall, follow it, and be led to the exit.

Because I was mainly right handed, I chose the right wall. I placed my hand on the wall and started walking. Starting were I was, I rendered a bone club and bashed the wall every twenty or so feet. I held it in my left hand since my right was on the wall. After thirty or so marks, I began running to speed up my arrival, marking the wall every fifteen or so feet.

After a long period of this I some how managed to run into the zombies from previous. They didn't sense me yet, because I had to fight them in order to continue, I bashed the wall and the floor two time each. Upon hearing the noise, they came at me. I began disposing of the dead fucks.

The first to go was a partially decomposed corpse. I swung and caved in his sternum. The next was a skeleton, which I beheaded with ease. I was then surrounded as I was earlier. Within seconds I rendered my enlarged club into dual swords and spun in a 360. I switched the way I held my right sword and beheaded the one in front of me. Simultaneously, I eviscerated the one right of me with my left sword. I reversed the sword in my right hand and beheaded another on my right with a simple swing. I pulled out my left sword, switched the way I held it and stabbed a zombie in the neck on my left. As I did so, I switched my right sword and stabbed it in it's stomach three times. I then switched my left sword, and hit the fuck in the face with the butt of my sword. This sent him backwards, knocking others over as he went. I twirled my swords, brought them up above my head and rendered a giant battle axe. As I brought it down, leveling it with there heads, I spun in another 360, decapitating eight zombie in the process. Afterwords, I began swinging wildly, disposing of two at a time.

After around twenty swings, I began growing tired. I next rendered the axe into dual bone clubs and begun bashing my way through the crowd. Upon dealing death a second time to around twelve corpses, I was free of the crowd. Once I put some distance between us, I brought forth my guns and began charging and compacting energy into them. Within seconds, I had collected enough, so I took aim and began target practice. Every eighteen shot, I had to stop and recharge again. I did in the form of twirling them above my head, forcing energy to them. After a few seconds, they were ready to go again. It took an entire half hour before they were all gone. I felt very weak and worn out. I had exhausted damn near all of my energy. Fucking undead bastards.

In an attempt to gain energy faster, I sat and begun meditating. After awhile, I was interrupted by a faint smell of blood. I sniffed the air in an attempt to pinpoint the direction it was coming from. I stood followed the smell. I listened to it and ignored the thoughts that were debating whether or not I should be doing this. I silenced all of them with a fact. Nothing could be any worse then what I've already faced in my life. Within an hour the smell grew stronger and stronger.

"Mewt, follow me..." is what the blood was saying.

And I listened, I obeyed, I continued to follow it. Maybe into a trap. Maybe into Hell's pit where Dreathius takes his vacation. I don't care, because I can take whatever it is and give it back. Fucking worthless Elders.

My head swam in questions, doubts, etc., my body followed in a detached semi-conscious state.

I snapped free of this other me and came to a stop in front of a giant pillar. I looked around and noticed a plethora of smaller ones. I turned around and couldn't see where I had entered. That's what I get for running around in a detached state.

"Did you know that there is a combined total of more then two million bodies contained within the catacomb's five level maze?"

"Whatever number it was, it ain't no more. It's around two hundred short, maybe more. You know? It hard to count when you get rid of so many at a time." I retorted as I turned around to see a vampire looking at a skull in his hands.

"Name's Rocain, Akatsuki Rocain, and I can't wait to taste you."

"Damn, relations move fast these days." I said jokingly to myself.

"Just because we vampire can live for damn near eternity, doesn't mean we wait that long. We become impatient after years of the same bullshit." Another leech walked out of the shadows.

"As if I couldn't tell on my own. Listen, if you blood suckers are here to kill me, go ahead and try already. I got better things to do."

"Brother, cross off his name on the attendance sheet. He won't be making it."

"Shame, I hear that his balls are such fun."

"You do seem like the type who'd like balls too." I smiled and slightly chuckled at my joke.

"You son of a bitch!" The second said as he came at me.

I chuckled more audible as I ducked to dodge his punch. I upper-cutted as I stood, but before it could connect, I was kicked in the face and sent through the air. I stood, ready this time.

"Damn it Tasogare! Control your fucking anger! He was going to die with little effort on our part. But,once again, your damned anger fucked things up again! Damn it!"

With a flick of his wrist, he revealed eight daggers.Four for each hand, between the fingers.

"I'm sorry brother, I did not think, I didn't mean to-"

"It's alright, lets just get this done."

"Yes Akatsuki." As he said this, his nails grew longer, as did his fangs. His facial features also became more bat-like.

At this, Akatsuki glided towards me in a blink of an eye and punched. I leaned back in avoidance, but then I had to also jump back to avoid being tripped. Again, I was kicked, but this time by Tasogare. I landed and slid into a small pillar. The last time I had fought two people at once, they were apart of the Zodiac. This was the first I had ever fought two skill vampires at once. I stood and immediately ducked. I was happy to hear the pillar being scratched behind me as I anticipated. I twisted to the right and upper-cutted. Once again, I was correct. I then turned back around and punched Tasogare downwards in the back of the head. All in one fluid movement. Akatsuki back-flipped through the air and landed on his feet. He then dashed forward, fist raised. Before I could block the punch, I blocked a kick from Tasogare. Since I was unable to block both, the punch connected, sending me into another pillar, head first. The fight continued in this manner for sometime before I grew fed up.

As i got to my feet for the umpteenth time, I brought forth Dust and Ashes. "I'd like for you to meet my little friends, say hello!" I instantly began charging and shooting simultaneously.

Each shot broke off chunks of pillars. Taking away the brothers ability to hide. I stopped for a breath after three full spins.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are." I waited a few minutes, cautiously looking around. After no reply, I grew irritated. "I fucking hate cowards."

"Is that a fact?" Akatsuki asked, on my left.

"What else would it be?" I asked, not moving.

"I dont know? Why else would I ask?" On my right

"Because your a dumb ass."

"No need for being harsh." I could almost feel him smiling on my left.

"When dealing with chicken-shit cowards, it's required." I returned the smile.

As expected, he appeared on my right. I swung and connected. Tasogare began clawing wildly at me. I stayed out of range with ease. That is, until he screeched.

The tremendous cacophony made me fall to my knees, hands covering my ears. Since my eyes and teeth were clenched shut, I was unable to avoid getting kicked, again. I flew into a pillar and settled on the floor. I stood, ignoring the pain in my chin.

I had to find a way to speed up.


I demanded my body to produce as much as it could. Lucky for me, it obeys when I tell it to do something. Slowly, I felt my heart beat double and then triple as a surge of energy came over me. Once it quadrupled, time seemed to start slowing down as it continued to grow faster and faster. All this as I dodged a few kicks mingled with a barrage of claw induced swipes. I began feeling a sense of invincibility, followed by unparalleled senses.

I could hear their hearts beat along with heavy breathing. The smell of blood was on their breaths. It was fresh, they must of feed within the last few hours. Damn leeches...

I smiled and dodged more punches.

I eventually reached a point were my body was overflowing with excess adrenaline.

At this point, I summoned a dagger, got behind Tasogare, and slit his throat. As his hands raised, I rendered the dagger into a sword and severed his head.

"Nooooooo! Tasogare!!" Akatsuki's was distorted due to the speed difference. " You bastard, you will die!" He then sped up, equal to my speed.

He threw punches and kicks with remarkable ferosity. His eyes were craving blood, my blood.

I ducked, weaved, and dodged, but I was still getting hit.

Did I go too far? I chuckled aloud.

"You think this is funny!? That you killed my brother?AHHH!" He yelled like a savage. "DAMN YOU TO HELL!" His face slowly grew bat-like, as his claws grew longer.

I only dodged his swipes enough to get only small scratches. His speed slightly surpassed mine.

Damn it!

Akatsuki's face screamed angered insanity. A deadly mix. On top of that, my adrenaline was slowly dwindling out of my system. I was fucked if I lose that.

I jumped behind a pillar and called forth Dust and Ashes once again. I began twirling them level with my waist, filling up each of the chambers with bullets of bone. Six shots, ready within just a couple of seconds.

ed out from behind the pillar and looked around. Nothing. I turned around and seen him. I brought Dust & Ashes up, level with my head, took aim and let loose. Four holes in his chest appeared. Two missed. I repeated the process and refilled the chambers with more bone. I stopped, and Akatsuki was at my throat with his claw-hand. Just before, I brought dust up to his chin.

"It's been a real ball, Mewt, but all things must come to an end. Eventually."

I pulled the trigger before he could sever my head.

"Yes it has" I said as he fell limp to the ground.

I then drunkenly stumbled my way over to each of their bodies, and absorbed what I could. I then walked over to the giant pillar and pressed the button.

Before I knew what was happening, I appeared in a windowless and door-less room. The elevator I presume. Now, to wait for everyone else...
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Sieghart, Weiss, Sirberius, and Rubi fell from a portal in the sky. Weiss bended the energy around into a platform to lower Sieghart and himself to the ground. Sirberius drew his gun-blades and fired rapidly to stop his quick fall. RUbi sprouted her white dragon wings and floated down.
Once on the ground, she threw her arms around Sirberius. He looked shocked and turned his gaze to Sieghart who started laughing into his hand.

"Where have you been," she asked sternly.
"Doing long forgotten tasks that can no longer be pushed aside," came a reply from Sieghart.
Rubi glared at him, "I was talking to my Fiance. I don't know who you are or your connection with Sirberius, but if you keep this up, I'll personally killy you."
In a quick burst of violent dark energy, Sieghart was on her right side and kneeling on one knee, "Trust me dearie. You know enough about me to understand you can't keep that promise."

She turned to swing a punch at him, but he had already moved to Weiss's side, pretending to yawn like nothing happened. Then a slightly large energy signature rose in the air which made everyone, but Sieghart, look up.

"Spread the word people. Voz is here to exterminate you all."
Weiss tapped Sirberius on the shoulder and pointed his finger at Voz, "I'm gonna go out on a hunch here and say this is the idiot Voz who's been pretending to be Duo."
"Yea, such a disgrace. Such insignifigant vermin as him does not have a right to use a high ranking name as Duo."
Two energy blades appeared in Weiss's hands, "Shall we exterminate him and get rid of the pest?"
Sirberius rose Heine's Obliteration in single gun-blade mode, "Yes i believe we shall."

He tore away from Rubi and charged at Voz with Weiss. Sieghart put out his arm to stop her from following.

"Let them deal with Voz. We have a slight problem of our own."
"Oh shoot you found me out," a voice cried out sarcastically as a figured emerged from behind a small building.
Sieghart smirked, "Oh please. With your signature exposed at a high level, i doubt you wanted to stay concealed."
"Eh, i guess you are right... Sieghart Reono."
Rubi's facial expressed could only be discribed as shocked, "You are related to Sirberius?"
Sieghart became slightly irratated at the sound of his full name, "In a manner of speaking, yes i am. By the saying that we share teh same blood. And only this man before us would know my full name... isn't that right Francesco Calcostado."
He grinned, "So the 'Propogation' remembers working with me. I'm all too flattered beyond words."
Sieghart's left hand started glowing under his cloak, "Then let our magic do the talking. Seeing how i suspect that you won't be letting us pass through here peacefully.
Franscesco drew a long, black rapier, "And you'd be correct to assume that."
Sieghart turned to Rubi with a look of concern, "Go ahead. Head west for 5 kilometers and you'll come across a large building with a phoenix emblem on the doors. Wait there for the three of us to meet up with you."

Rubi nodded her head, sensing that she shouldn't question his directions or why he knew where to go. Then she took off in Neko form for speed. Sieghart raised his left hand in front of him, and grasped the ball of energy in it with his right."

"Now then," he said seriously. "Let us see what 'Duo's apprentice' has learned..."
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Rubi and Yaduri vs. Jimbley, Guardian of Low City's Elevator

As Rubi was running towards the location Sieghart mentioned when she heard an explosion. She looked up to see part of the ceiling crumble. An unconscious angel fell through the hole.
That's one of the guys I saw back at Faralda, remembered Rubi. Lord Yaduri.
Rubi changed into her dragon form and caught Yaduri in his fall. She brought him to the ground where she tended to Yaduri's wounds using Dragon magic. Yaduri slowly woke up.
"Where am I?" asked Yaduri.
"Some kind of underground city," said Rubi. "I wonder how far down."
"This isn't the only one. There's another enclosed city above where I just came from."
"That's weird. I'm Rubi, by the way. Rubi Delacoure."
"Ah, the famous heir to the Ish'Rai clan. I'm Lord Yaduri, former second-in-command of Evan Nigel's unit. Are you alone?"
"I was with three others but they're fighting two people. I think their names were Voz and Francesco Calcostado. They told me to wait at a large building with a phoenix emblem."
"That one?" he asked, pointing behind her.
Rubi looked around to see the main shaft running through Low City. Carved into it was a phoenix emblem.
"Must be it," guessed Rubi.
"I'll come with you," offered Yaduri. "No point in separating."
"Good idea."
Rubi and Yaduri walked to the central shaft. As they got closer, buildings became scarce. By the time they could see the front entrance, there were no more buildings. A large monstrous being with the body of a lion and bird's head, and a snake's tail stood in front of the elevator.
"Jimbley don't recognize you two peoples," said the chimaera. "Jimbley have orders from Why, uh, Zie, ugh, the scary mask guy to not let no peoples Jimbley not know pass," he said, having difficulty pronouncing Zwei's name.
"Zwei invites us then says we can't go," muttered Rubi annoyed. "Jimbley, that's your name right? Where can we find Zwei Manor."
"Scary mask guy's manor in The Clouds. You two peoples in Low City. Only way to The Clouds is elevator behind Jimbley. You two peoples no get passed Jimbley. Jimbley Guardian of Low City's Elevator. Jimbley's job to guard elevator. Jimbley stop you two peoples."
Jimbley charged at Rubi and Yaduri. Yaduri unsheathed his sword and got ready. Rubi wasn't as pacient and went straight at Jimbley.
"Don't!" shouted Yaduri.
Jimbley slashed at Rubi with his massive claws. Rubi switched to her Neko Form and evaded the claws. She slid underneath the chimaera, dodging his feet and using her own claws to scratch Jimbley's exposed flesh underneath. Jimbley stumpled forward, coming towards Yaduri. Yaduri lunged the sword right into Jimbley's face. The chimaera flopped down motionless.
"Good job," complimented Yaduri.
"You too," replied Rubi.
As they walked towards the elevator, Rubi caught something in the corner of her eye. Jimbley's snake tail was still moving. He was about to snap at Yaduri. Before she could scream, the snake attacked and nawed at warm soft flesh. Yaduri pulled his arm free. Rubi slashed the snake into shreads.
"Yaduri, was anyone else with you in the upper levels?" asked Rubi.
"Dmitri and Ashley," informed Yaduri.
"Let's see if we can find them before Weiss and the others finish their fight."
Rubi and Yaduri went into the elevator.

At Zwei Manor, in one of the basement rooms, Zwei was monitoring screens. He was accompanied by Daniel Calcostado, Winter Stark, and Winter's half-brother, Micholai Vicktor Thoma-Stark.
"Duo's apprentice is having a hard time against this Sieghart Reono," noted Winter.
"Former apprentice," corrected Zwei.
"My brother is powerful but doesn't have the power to control his power effectively," explained Daniel. "You see, he can't make the energy flow to an easily manipulated form."
"I don't understand."
"I'll demonstrate."
Daniel suddenly charged at Zwei, who was sitting down. The masked man didn't even flinch as Daniel punched him in the face. Strangely, Zwei didn't even move. It was like no damage was inflicted onto Zwei.
"Still not getting it," said Winter. In fact, she was more confused.
Suddenly the stone throne Zwei was sitting on cracked. It cracked and cracked until it crumbled. Zwei stood up.
"In the case Daniel used, sis, Daniel channeled his energy through Zwei to destroy the chair," explained Micholai. "Francesco blindly sends out energy without channeling it. You see, the small the radius of the attack, the stronger it is. Remember when we were kids and fought with water guns? Your huge water gun shot a lot out but didn't go far. My water gun with the smaller hole went farther."
"Oh, I get it," said Winter finally.
Zwei eyed the monitor for the entrance to the elevator at Low City.
"Seems as though Jimbley's been defeated," said Zwei.
"I'll let Vaquero know," volunteered Daniel. "It's always fun to give that guy bad news."
"When you see him, tell him that I'm using Chimarrouro as the Zwei Ball's bouncer."
"No problem."
Daniel left. Micholai said his good-bye to his sister and left as well.
"Now, let's party," said Zwei.
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Dmitri, Ashley, Ben, and Yaduri vs. Sasuke and Vilipendiar

Dmitri, Ashley, Ben, and Yaduri woke up in a white marble city. Everything was white: the buildings, the streets, the plants. The only thing not white was the water.
"Where are we?" asked Yaduri, shaking off a massive headache.
"I don't know," admit Ben.
In the distance, they heard a couple voices.
"Sasuke, now that you're healed up, shouldn't you resume your hunt for Dante?" asked the first voice.
"They sent Tim Drei ever since they found out that Dante joined up with a group called Burning Dawn," said the second voice, presumably Sasuke. "I've been assigned to work with you."
"Me? I don't need underlings. I hate underlings. It's probably Zwei. He knows I hate underlings."
What a repetitive guy, thought Dmitri.
The two figures turned a corner and spotted the four intruders. The Juunikoudoutai member Sasuke wore a black suit, sunglasses, and a haircut that made him look like Yakuza. The other, an Alquimista, wore the classical Alquimista white jacket, black pants, and black shirt; he had two earrings on his right ear.
"Intruders," spat the Alquimista. "I hate intruders. I really do hate intruders." The Alquimista then had an idea. "Sasuke, you want to prove that you can work for me? Kill these intruders."
"Wait!" protested Dmitri. "You have the wrong idea. We're-"
Sasuke took out a Kento Sword and swiped at Dmitri. Ashley barely managed to pull Dmitri out of the way in time.
"Pay attention!" snapped Ashley.
Ashley took out Venerito out. Yaduri took out two swords; he gave one to Ben.
"Let's get this over with," complained Yaduri.
Yaduri and Ashley charged at once. Sasuke blocked Yaduri's strike with easy. The Drill Kill proved deadly. Sasuke managed to jump back but at the cost of his left arm.
"YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT!" yelled Sasuke, enraged.
Distracted with Ashley and Yaduri, Sasuke didn't notice Ben used his Crystal ability 'Rift Lift' to teleport behind Sasuke. As he swung, the sword froze.
"Thanks, Vaciar," panted Sasuke, squirming away from Ben.
"Vaciar?!" exclaimed Ashley.
One of the doors to a house opened and out came Vaciar. Ben struggled to move but couldn't. 'Nulo Vacio' was nullifying all of Ben's attempts to move.
"Nemesis plans to punish Ben Kane personally," reported Vaciar. "I'll bring Ben to her myself. I doubt you can't handle these intruders without my help."
"Whatever," muttered the Alquimista.
"Puerta," he chanted.
Vaciar snapped his fingers and a door appeared. It was different than the Mystic Gate.
A Puerta: the dimensional doors only usable by Las Alquimistas del Siete Sietes.
Vaciar dragged the immobilized Ben with him into the Puerta. The Puerta vanished and everyone else regained movement.
"Lost your ace," laughed Sasuke, his smug face looking at Ashley and Yaduri. He then frowned. "Hey, where's the other g-"
From the second story window of another house, Dmitri stood armed. He aimed and fired two bullets into Sasuke's head. The first missed but the second caused Sasuke's head the splatter. The dead Juunikoudoutai collapsed.
One down, thought Dmitri.
The Alquimista burst into laughter.
"I must say, you helped me deal with an annoying pest. I just hate those Juunikoudoutai," laughed the Alquimista. "I usually hate to give my name but it's the least I can do. I am Vilipendiar, the Alquimista Segunda, user of 'Intención Oscura'*. However, I still hate intruders. And I hate disappointing Vaciar so it looks like I'm gonna have to kill you." He pointed his pointer finger at the house Dmitri was in. "Fuerte**."
A compressed sphere of air shot out of Vilipendiar's finger and hit the house. The white house exploded into a rain of white debris, smoke, and ash.
"Dmitri!" shouted Ashley.
After a couple coughs, Dmitri's voice from the smoke said "I'm okay."
Vilipendiar looked angry. "Impossible. No one can survive a Fuerte head on."
Dmitri walked out of the smoke. A handgun in each hand. He fired a couple rounds but Vilipendiar's Protección***, a barrier, protected him from harm.
"I used my Power of Sloth to weaken your attack," explained Dmitri.
"Tch, I hate arrogant people like yourself," spat Vilipendiar.
"For Atlantis!" Yaduri gave out his battle cry as he charged at Vilipendiar. Vilipendiar stared at Yaduri. The Alquimista's eyes turned yellow and then Vilipendiar chanted "Intención Oscura!"
As Yaduri charged at Vilipendiar, he slipped and fell down. The sword slid out of his hands and tapped Vilipendiar's feet. Vilipendiar picked up the sword and walked toward Yaduri.
"No you don't!" declared Ashley and Dmitri.
Ashley used Drill Kill again. This time she used her Power of Pride to boost her own power and disrupt Vilipendiar's. It was still not having an effect.
I need to do something, thought Dmitri.
Dmitri then used his own Power of Sloth to weaken Vilipendiar's Protección.
"Need. More. Power," muttered Ashley.
Dmitri boosted the strength of his Sin. He then got behind Ashley, placing his hand next to hers on the spinning umbrella.
"I hate those who think they can defeat me, let alone get past my Protección," mocked Vilipendiar.
"What the..." exclaimed Vilipendiar.
A crack had appeared on the Protección where the umbrella was drill at.
It's working! cheered Dmitri.
The crack grew, more and more. It spread like a weed, infesting the Protección. Finally, Vilipendiar's barrier gave in and shattered. The Drill Kill kept going, skewering Vilipendiar.
Vilipendiar coughed up some blood. He glanced at Yaduri again.
"Intención... Oscura," chanted Vilipendiar.
Suddenly the weakened ground where Yaduri lay broke. Yaduri attempted to fly away but a boulder pinned him down.
"Elder God Zairero!" cried Yaduri as he was lost in the dust that blinded the hole leading to The Lower City.
"Damn you!" cursed Ashley.
Vilipendiar coughed up some more blood then died. Ashley took the umbrella out of the deceased Alquimista.
"Thanks for your help back there," thanked Ashley.
"No problem," said Dmitri. "I'm a Sinner now. Shouldn't we work together."
"I guess you're right. It makes for a nice change compared to when I worked along side Diva, and Dominic, and Azriel, and... and...."
Ashley couldn't finish. Valentine had always been an annoyance but always reliable, always thinking of others before himself. Surprisingly, Valentine had been a coward, rarely ever fighting personally. She just couldn't believe Valentine was actually dead.
Ashley decided to think about other things. "Think Yaduri survived the fall?"
"I can still sense his presence," said Dmitri, rubbing his left eye. "He's alive. I'm positive."
"So what now?"
They both heard upcoming footsteps. A minute later, a woman in a white Winter bell-shaped dress with matching hat came running. She had hazel-colored hair and held a stuffed toy.
"Ashley? Ashley de Superbia?" asked the woman, recognizing Ashley.
"Do I know you?" asked Ashley. She finally recognized who the woman was. "What are you doing here?"
"I'm one of the Knights of the seven Valentine Facilities: the Knight of The Spire. Ever since Nemesis' takeover of The Spire, I haven't been allowed to leave The Spire. The only reason they let me live is because Valentine lied that if the Knight dies, the Valentine Facility is destroyed. I think they only bought it because Kurasawa Cross was the Knight of The Cell and they think it was destroyed because of his death, not because of Dante's rampage. Oh, who's your boyfriend here?"
Ashley's face went red. "He's not my boyfriend!"
"I'm Dmitri Valenti," Dmitri introduced himself as, shaking the woman's hand. "And you are?"
"Dmitri, meet Nihilengallia Val Dmitrovitch."
"Nice to meet you."
"Thanks. Not that many people say that to me, especially when they know of my past connection with Valentine de Invidia."
"And what's that?"
She waved her finger during each syllable when she said "I'm. Val's. Ex. Girl. Friend."

*Spanish for "dark intent"
**Spanish for "forte"; all Alquimistas have this ability
***Spanish for "protection"; all Alquimistas have this ability
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Sieghart vs Francesco

Sieghart pulled his hand back and his think, black, tyrfing sword, Artemis, formed with it. He closed his left hand and opened it quickly to form a ball of pure blue abyss energy. He slowly rose his gaze up to Francesco who had his rapier in hand. He stared at him for a few seconds then gave a slight smirk.

"This should bring back old memories ey Franny old boy."
Francesco put his hand to his head, "Yea, memories that don't matter anymore Sieghart. Face it, your time is up. You've been out classed by Duo."
Sieghart scoffed, "As if that little show off could one-up someone who controls the ebb and flow of the Abyss."

Sieghart dashed forward with lightning speed, and rose Artemis across the front of his face. The black started to glow an ominous black aura as he fed it his energy. Francesco readied himself with rapier in front. The tip seemed to glow with electricity.

"Chaos: Destroyer of Heaven."

In a flash he disappeared, a line of smoke soon followed him and shot straight through Francesco who had his sword in the proper blocking position. Sieghart appeared behind him crouched low to the ground. Artemis was stabbed into the ground to stop his momentum, and he took a knee. He stood up, looked over his shoulder, and smiled widely.

"You disappointed me."

Francesco looked confused as Sieghart pointed toward his chest. There were cut marks across his armor that seemed to glow with the same ominous black aura. He looked back up at Sieghart who held his hand up. he gave another smirk right before he snapped his fingers. The black aura streaked across his body as if to be slash marks and Francesco yelled out in pain. He fell to his knees then turned his gaze back to Sieghart who but his sword upside down in his hand, and was leaning on it.

"Try again my dear."
Francesco rose to his feet and aimed the rapier at him, "Lightning Pierce."

The lightning shot off the blade right at Sieghart, who stepped slightly to the side. The lightning shot right passed him, and he turned with a serious look.

"Did you truly thing that untrained ability of yours would work with me?"
"And do you really think that after all these years, I haven't improved it a bit?"

The bolt Francesco shot suddenly stuck Sieghart in his back. His burned skinned polluted the air as smoke rose off him. H started to tilt foward as if to fall, but he stopped half way. His body slowly turned blue and broke off into particles of pure energy.

"Tranquility: Aura Shift."

The energy disappeared into the air around Francesco. He stared at them all as if knowing what was to come. Then the sound of dragging metal could be heard from all around.

"Tranquil Abyss."

Francesco rose his blade to the sky and met with Artemis, however there was no Sieghart. He used his blade to push Artemis away, and as he did it, the energy from before, formed Sieghart's body right in front of him. Sieghart grabbed his face with his left hand and started emitting radiant white energy from it.

"Savage attack."

He pushed down hard on Francesco's head and he slammed him into the ground. A huge dust cloud rose from the area and the ground cracked under the force. Sieghart rose up and dusted himself, looking down at Francesco.

"You should have known better to oppose me."

He started walking away but to his surprise, Francesco was standing directly in front of him.

"Oh, was that supposed to work on me? I thought you were stronger after all this time, but it seems that you've gotten considerably weaker," Francesco said stretching his fingers outward, and clouding his body in his Vampiric Aura. "But now play time is over my dear Sieggy."

Francesco's skinned grew paler, his ponytail of hair turned silver, his fangs grew and his nailed sharpened. He started as Sieghart and smiled maniacly.

"You will now witness my full strength you weakling."
Sieghart bent over and started laughing uncontrollably, "You truly believe that small bit f power will kill me?" He put both hands on Artemis and rose it into the air facing downward. "Let me show you what true power looks and feels like, ignorant fool. Artemis..... P.L.A.S.M.A. M.O.D.E."

He swung both his arms down and stuck Artemis not into the ground but himself.
"Ok now Calcostado....... lets play......."
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Duel of Two: Cold-hearted Betrayal

Rubi, and Yaduri took the elevator to The Clouds. When the doors opened, they saw a mansion nearby. Yaduri noticed a sign. The arrow for Zwei Manor was pointing towards the nearby mansion.
"Looks like security is looser here," commented Yaduri.
Rubi and Yaduri began walking towards the mansion. They kept an eye out for enemies. As they got near Zwei Manor, two Chevaliers walked out of the main doors, oblivious of the trio. The Chevaliers parted ways. The hazel brown-haired wizard walked straight towards the trio, finally notice them.
"You must be Zwei's guests," said the wizard Chevalier.
"Let us pass," ordered Rubi.
"Firy, I like," snickered the wizard. "I like. However, I don't remember an angel on the list. Angel, state your name."
"It's rude to ask for another person's name without introducing yourself first," snapped Yaduri.
"Fair enough. I am Micholai Vicktor Thoma-Stark, a knight of Les Chevaliers Du Six."
"Name's Yaduri."
"Evan Nigel's right-hand man," Micholai remembered. He chuckled. "He was a very pitiful Nobody. I bet you don't even know whose Nobody he was. His original was a woman named Evangeline."
"Impossible!" argued Yaduri. "Evan Nigel was around longer than the woman Damien kidnapped."
"Through the Oracle it is."
"So Organization V does have it. Where's Elder God Luke!"
"Elder God Luke is at another of our bases. Don't worry, he's safe. However, you won't be."
Micholai cracked a fire spell at Yaduri. Yaduri flew out of harm's way.
"I'll take on this guy," said Yaduri. "Go on."
"Don't die," said Rubi.
"I'll be fine."
Rubi ran inside Zwei Manor.

Winter was on a balcony, watching marionettes dancing in the ballroom below. She pulled out a piece of paper Micholai had given her before leaving. It was a report by Zwei
Zwei Report 03
The plan has gone acording to plan. We have infiltrated the Black Circle and gained the trust of the four Horsemen. Since we had Sirberius Reono kill most of the leaders of the Black Circle, the Black Circle became cautious. To gain their trust, we've told them that we have a safe place for them. We're thinking of using Stark Castle. Our assassins have already taken out most of the Stark family except for Fallan Stark, Winter Stark, and Micholai Thoma-Stark. Micholai has persuaded his mother to allow the Black Circle to stay. With Kira's meddling, Fallan will most likely be killed off by the Mystic Council along with the Horsemen. Winter will be a problem. She's always with Cardova these days. I'll find a way to gain her trust and eventually kill her. Thus, Micholai Thoma-Stark will be the last one and we'll be able to also obtain the Stark Inheritance, which is rumored to have a gate to the Death Dimension. We need this door to free Athius.

"Zwei orchestrated my family's deaths?" muttered Winter.
Zwei entered the balcony. Winter hid the report.
"Crying?" noted Zwei. "Don't get sad, get glad."
"Presuvius!" chanted Winter.
A pillar of ice materialized in the air. It shot at Zwei. Zwei jumped down to the ballroom.
"Did I miss something?" asked Zwei.
"You're going to pay for what you did, Zwei!" screamed Winter.
"Ah, I guess Micholai told you."
Winter jumped down, casting another Presuvius. As she landed, the main doors opened. Rubi walked in.
"Where's Vaquero!" demanded Rubi.
"You're no fun," taunted Zwei.
Zwei threw a knife concealed in his drapping sleeve. Rubi dodged it by an inch.
"Your fight is with me, Zwei!" shouted Winter.
Winter materialized snowflake-shaped chakrams. She tossed them at Zwei. Zwei jumped straight up. The chakrams barely missed Rubi.
"Watch where you're throwing those!" snapped Rubi.
Zwei pulled a sword out of his sleeve, which seemed to defy the amount of space. When Winter charged at him, Zwei tossed a knife at her. The knife went through the holes of the chakrams and pinned them to the floor. Zwei tossed the sword into the air. Rubi got ready to charge.
"Rubi," pleased Sirberius.
Zwei had taken off his mask to reveal Sirberius' face. Rubi stopped in her tracks.
"Don't you dare pretend to be my Sirberius!" yelled Rubi.
Rubi charged at Zwei. Her fist smashed through Zwei's chest.
"I thought changing my face would make you hesitate longer," muttered Zwei.
Thunk! Rubi looked around to see Zwei's sword stab the ground where she had just been standing. Had she hesitated any longer, she would have been dead.
"You lose," said Rubi.
Rubi removed her fist. Zwei went motionless on the ground.
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Sieghart vs Francesco (continued)

Artemis slowly disappeared, and Sieghart held his hand to his chest where he stabbed. It seemed he was waiting for something, but nothing happened. Then he put his hand to his hand.

"Damit Artemis can't you just work with me when i ask."

Francesco was instantly right next to Sieghart and cut him across the chest. Sieghart slid across the ground and looked up with an irratated expression. Daniel couldn't help but laugh.

"What's wrong almighty Sieghart. I thought you were gonna show me true power."

He ran up at Sieghart and started wildly swinging.

"I was but it seems I forgot to give Artemis his requirement to use my power," he said dodging all of Francesco's swings simply by moving his body slightly to the side or back a few inches. "But don't think that gives you the permission to act cocky. I don't need a weapon or my full power to beat you."

Sieghart grabbed the back of Francesco's rapier and jerked it out of his hand with extreme sword. Without stopping the flow of his movements, he banged it against his forehead, drove his knee into his chest which lifted Francesco a few inches off the ground which was enough to send him flying backwards due to Sieghart throwing the rapier through the left side of his chest (purposely avoiding his heart and major organs).

Francesco was pinned into the side of a building, and in pain while trying to get the rapier out. Sieghart slowly walked toward him with a serious look upon his face.

"I'm not done yet Propagation."

Energy coursed through Francesco's body instantly. Electricty cracked in the air around him.

"Lightning Stream."

The Lightning expanded from his body and struck everything close by. Sieghart got hit by it and was being electricuted, however he didn't seem to be in pain. In fact Sieghart started to grin brightly. Francesco noticed it too late, but for some reason all the lightning he'd released was being drawn to Sieghart. He started to feel weaker by the second.

"What are you doing?"
Sieghart took a deep breath of satisfaction, "I'm just doing what is coming natural to my as one of the few Kim-un-Kur left. I'm making sure I live."

The lightning ceased and Francesco started to feel numb. Sieghart walked up to him and pulled the rapier out of his chest, catching him as he slid to the ground.

"Why have you went against us Sieghart. You were one of the five"

"I haven't done anything of the sort," Sieghart said cutting him off. "I never left you guys. I was put into a into a very high strong seal by the Elders. They wanted to keep a close eye on me, and the others. But once Sirberius killed them, the seal was weakened and i broke free. However my freedom only lasts so long before the effects of the Seal kick in again."

"So why have you come here."

"Zwei summoned me, Weiss, and Ad..... er... Sirberius here along with the rest of the council. Lozaru is in Castle in the Sky waiting on our guest of honor who happens to be a new recruit to my cause"

Francesco was about to speak against, but Sieghart shook his head, "Just stay here and rest easy, I drained you quite a bit."

Francesco, nodded and layed still. Sieghart rose and put his left hand to his chest. He pulled it away and Artemis formed, "I hope you are satisfied. Cause where we are going, we are gonna need all the strength we got."

Sieghart took off towards the area Voz appeared in to see if Weiss and Sirberius were finished with him.
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Sirberius & Weiss vs Voz

With Heine in dual gunblade form, Sirberius started firing energy shots of electric Ka'dai at Voz.

"Grave Gravidad," he said putting his hand out toward the shots.

They stopped and streaked back at Sirberius.


The shots quickly broke apart into pure energy and flowed into Weiss, who formed them into an extremely large Greatsword.

"Lets not play around here," he said raising it with little effort.

Weiss Slammed the blade into the brick ground. The blade turned red nad started to emit large bursts of heat.

"Arc Burst."

A torrent of lava rose from the ground below Voz and covered his body. Weiss smiled confidently and disappated the Greatsword back into pure energy.

"Easy as cake."
"That makes no sense but ok."

Sirberius stared up as the lava fell back to the ground, then he noticed something was wrong. He eyed the lava for a few moments. the lava seemed to be going down, however, it didn't seem to be disappearing. Almost as if it went down on the outside, and back up on the inside, in a infinite loop. He put his hand on the sealed pouch on his side and broke it the seal.

"Come to my aid, help me cleanse those who dare to step upon the Peace we've strived to create. Death Penalty."

The pouch caught fire and it shot out onto his hands. He punched them together and the fire sub-sded to reveal gauntlets.

"Complete Hybrid Form: power output 53%," he said instantly pulling his fist back. The right gauntlet caught fire, and burned feriously until the energy became so pure, it converted into lightning.. HIs left gauntlet began to collect moisture and converted it into ice energy.

"Shatterheart," Sirberius said letting the ice energy fly out to the lava.

Instantly on contact, it all froze, and Voz's body could be see right in the middle with a smile on his face.

"Let me wipe that smile off your face, insolent vermin. " The lightning channeled through his body from the gauntlet. "Flash Impact."

In an explosion of lightning, Sirberius's body flashes from where he was standing, into the now shattered pillar of ice with his fist dug right into Voz's chest. Or at least that's what he though.

"You thought you could break my Protecion that easy," Voz said grinning. "Grave Gravidad."

Sirberius shot back at the ground with blinding speed and crash into it.

"Spread the word."
"How about I spread your body across the side of a building. Gate of Saphira"

Voz turned to stare at a wall of spears, swords lances, etc. Weiss was right in the middle of them all.

"lets see if you can handle 1,581 bladed weapons flying right at you. Ruin Impendent."

The weapons started to spiral around Weiss , formed a large line (with some of them overlaping,), and shot at Voz at once. They all made sharp clanging noises as they collided into Voz's Protecion and burst back into pure energy.

"My barrier can't be broken by this. Its futile to even try to resit me. Spread the word."
"Terra Flare."

A piercing stream of energy, started hitting Voz in the back (which was also protected by his barrier). Voz turned, not even affected by either attack.

"You two don't get it do you," he said pointing a finger at both of them. "Grave Gravidad."

Both Weiss and SIrberius became pinned to the ground, the bones in their body on the brink of breaking from the tremendous force .

"Are you two seriously going to show me pitiful excuse of a fight?"

Voz turned looked down to see a semi-cloaked man walking from around a building. His eyes locked dead on at Voz's. Voz didn't know why, but he was sre he knew the man and that there was a twinge of fear in him whle staring at him.

"Weiss, get rid of his ability already and stop playing around. That goes for you too."

The two of them nodded slowly due to Voz's grave gravidad still pinning them down. That however didn't stop Weiss from being able to collect energy from around him.

" Awake and cut a path through the darkness, and lead my will through the hearts of the damned. Dark Slayer."

The energy started to compress and form a shield on his left arm. A image of a chained pereson appeard on the front of the shield. Weiss struggled to put his right hand over the top and the energy followed. A handle formed in his palm and he took hold of it. As he gripped it and pulled out, and as he did all the energy around them was drawn into the blade. Voz's Grave Gravidad weakened tremendously and slowly disappeared. Voz, now shocked, started falling to the ground.

"Now that his abilities are gone he can no longer stay in the air," Sieghart said leaning against the building. "Cut off his path quickly before he manages to open a gate out of here."

"I knew that Sieg," Sirberius said instantly. "I was way ahead of you."

He was holding Heine again, while wearing Death Penalty. Dark energy flowed into it from the gauntlets.

"How is it that your power isn't gone too," Voz said with a look of fear on his face."

"It is, however the power of my Abyss Weapon isn't fully deminished. It may enhance my power, but it has power of its own. Now burn into the Abyss. Trap Shot."

Heine split into Dual gun form, and Sirberius let a barrage of bullets fly off in random directions around Voz. Viz prepared himself to be hit, but none of them came close to hitting him. SIrberius snapped Heine back into single Gunblade mode, and shot Voz with a energy bullet, but it didn't seem to do much damage. Voz looked all around him to find that the bullets were hovering in teh air. They formed a Dome of dots with no gaps big enough for Voz to get through.

"Its over," Sirberius said snapping his finger.

The place where he shot Voz glowed bright red, and suddenly all the bullets soared toward him, connecting to his body and exploding in a frenzy of smoke. Voz's body shot into the air, right in front of a waiting Weiss.

"Tree of Saphira."

8 large energy swords formed around him, and pierced his body instantly. As Voz's body fell to the ground, an extremely large Ethereal sword formed and slammed down into Voz, pinning him to the ground.

"Amen," Sirberius and Weiss said simultaneously.

Voz's body turned to ash, as the ethereal swords disappeared.

Sieghart had gotten off the wall and started walking off, "Come on you two, we've wasted enough time here. Lets now take this fight to Zwei's castle."
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Duel of Two: Uno, Dos, Tres

Dmitri was surprised of this revelation.
"You dated Valentine?!" exclaimed Dmitri, shocked.
Nihilengallia put up a fake pout. "Geez, you don't have to sound so surprised."
"Nihil, do you know where Zwei Manor is?" asked Ashley.
"Huh? Oh, yeah. I can lead you there."
Nihilengallia led Dmitri and Ashley to an elevator. Guarding it was an angel named Rachel.
"Rachel?!" identified Ashley. "I thought you were dead."
"Well, you thought wrong, Flamel," said Rachel, taking out a sai. "Well, I may not be able to go after Ael's killers -Azazel and Barrel- but I can go after you!"
"Ashlely, three steps to the left, turn thirty degrees!" ordered Dmitri.
Rachel charged at Ashley. Ashley took Dmitri's advice and stepped three times to the left. She then turned thirty degrees. Her umbrella smacked the angel. As the angel got ready for another attack, Nihilengallia used her stuffed toy to trip Rachel.
"Damn you!" shrieked Rachel.
Rachel threw the sai. Dmitri drew his pistol and shot it. The sai rebounded onto the ground near Nihilengallia's feet. Ashley finished Rachel off by drilling her umbrella in Rachel's chest.
"Thanks," thanked Ashley. "I owe you one."
"Let's hope that doesn't have a need to be done any time soon," joked Dmitri.
Dmitri, Ashley, and Nihilengallia entered the elevator. They took it to The Clouds. Outside they found the corpse of a chimera. Nihilengallia read the name on the collar: Jimbley.
They walked over to Zwei Manor, encountering Dos, who had been looking for Larac. In the courtyard they saw Micholai fighting Yaduri. Dmitri could tell that the only reason Yaduri wasn't dead was because Micholai was messing with Yaduri.
"We've got to help him," said Dmitri.
"I can try Clown Theory," suggested Ashley.
Ashley activated her illusion-inducing ability Clown Theory. She made Micholai hallucinate seeing Yaduri fly away. The Chevalier ran after the mirage. Yaduri kneeled down, catching his breath. Dmitri introduced Yaduri and Nihilengallia to each other.
"I thought I was gonna die," said Yaduri. He coughed. "Dmitri, Ashley, I found Rubi."
"Where is she?" asked Dmitri.
"She went inside."
Dmitri, Ashley, Yaduri, Dos, and Nihilengallia ran inside Zwei Manor. They found Winter and Rubi talking to each other next to the body of Zwei.
"Is that...?" asked Yaduri, looking at the body.
"Yep, it's Zwei," said Rubi. "He's dead."
Dmitri gave her a strange look. "Rubi, what are you talking about?"
"What do you mean?"
"My Hawkeye just scanned that body there. I sense nothing from it."
"What does that mean?" asked Winter.
"It means that that body isn't Zwei's."

Micholai entered Nemesis' throne room. He bowed before her.
"Just like we discussed, I allowed for those Sinners to pass," reported Micholai.
"Good," said Nemesis. "I've always had my eye on those Stigmas. Once Zwei finds a way to harvest them, I'll steal them from him and kill him once and for all."
"It will be difficult. Don't forget Zwei is in good favor with Duo."
"I don't care about Duo."
"Even still, Zwei won't die that easily. With him, you have to figure out which is the real him."

"How can that not be him?" asked Rubi.
Ashley examined Zwei's body. The hole Rubi had punched revealed a clay infrastructure. The Zwei they had fought was a puppet.
"No wonder he was able to change his face," commented Rubi.
"So what now?" asked Winter.
"You die," said Dos.
Dos took out his sword and stabbed Winter. She collapsed onto the ground. Ashley quickly activated Clown Theory. Rubi used the illusion to hide her attack.
Dos chuckled. "Do you really think illusions will work on me?"
Dos swung his sword, slashing Rubi. The neko hybrid fell to the floor, bleeding. Yaduri ran over to the injured women, applying emergency first aid.
"I knew there was something off about you," said Dmitri. "When we first met, you seemed suspicious and I felt like you were hiding something."
"I'm always hiding something," replied Dos.
"You know, I can't put my finger on it but I feel like I know you from somewhere."
"You don't know? The true identity of Dos is Zateyr the Horseman of Famine." Ashley cursed from this revelation.
"Who are the Horsemen?" Dmitri asked Ashley. "I only know them from reputation."
"The Horsemen were originally high ranking members of the Black Circle. When leaders Brit and Kami were killed, the Horsemen took over. Eventually, the Mystic Council went after them, taking out Aximili, Mikael, and, so I had thought, Zateyr."
"And it was thanks to you that the last Horseman, Drakov, was defenseless by killing his army."
"Go to hell. Sky Arc!"
Ashley unleashed a gust of wind. Dos went flying into the air, crashing into the chandelier before falling back to the ground. He stood back up, brushing off the dirt from his clothes.
"I've been there, it's not to nice," said Dos.
Wait a sec, thought Dmitri. I'm not sensing anything from this guy. It then hit him. "Ashley, it's a puppet, just like the one Rubi defeated!"
Ashley snickered. "I see, then all I have to do is defeat the blood ruby."
"Blood ruby?" asked Nihilengallia, who was standing out of the way of the fight, hugging her stuffed toy.
"It's an item used in puppets of this degree. Valentine used them in controlling his Frozen Sand puppets. If I treat this just like his puppets, it should be where the heart is."
Ashley charged at Dos. Dos blocked the umbrella, smacking it away before it could start drilling. He placed the sword by her neck.
"Looks like you failed to destroy my blood ruby," snickered Dos.
"I never said I was the one to do so," replied Ashley grinning.
Ashley's attack had doubled as a distraction and to keep Dos at one place. Dmitri aimed his handgun and fired. The bullet struck Dos' chest.
"Im... poss... i... ble..." gurgled Dos.
The fake Dos broke into pieces.
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The Return of a Rival

"This scouting stuff is really not for me."

A man sat in an empty room In Castle in the Sky. In the chair he sat, was the emblem of a crown. His dual bladed swords leaned against the back of rhte chair and his white jacke draped over the side.

"The gateway was made a few weeks ago, so today is the day it would re-open," Lozaru said to himself. "And assuming that "He" made it right, this should be the location it opens."

He stood up to stretch and looked around for a bit

"No point in just sitting here, so I'll have a bit of a look around."

Lozaru grabbed his blades and jacket, then he started walking about. He stopped at his favorite place so far, the garden square, to admire the scenery. Then he spotted what he had been waiting for. A black vortex was open right inside the fountain in the center. He got closer and eyed it curiously.

"I wonder if he already popped out."

A strong presence rose from his side. Lozaru grabbed on of the dual bladed swords on his back and held it out vertically. A katana clashed with it, a few inches from Lozaru's hand. The person behind the katana was no one other than Dante.

"Just who are you, and where am I?"
Lozaru grinned, "I'm a friend of the Demon Prince."

Crimson flames engulf the katanas, "So that would mean you are allied with the Demon Lord, Draethius."
"You are mistaken," Lozaru said shaking his head. "I am allied with a different Heavenly Ruler. Though Athius is in his inner circle, he is nothing compound to my Lord."
"And just who would your Lord be. And depending on your answer, you may live to see tomorrow."
"My Lord is the man of many faces. The Heavenly Ruler Duo. And you can be assured he's on your side. He's the reason that you stand before me outside of the Death Dimension."

The flames subsided and Dante sheated them, "Ok so whats your name, where am I, and why am I here."
"I am Lozaru Dissidio, a direct aid to Duo. Currently, you are in the new headquarters of the Mystic Council, Castle in the Sky. And you are here because Lord Duo believes that now is the time for you to fulfill your promise."
"Promise," Dante asks confused.
Lozaru raises a hand, "All shall be explained but not here." He reached in his pocket and pulled out a small orb, "We have to meet with an associate of mine and yours first."

He tossed the orb up and snapped his fingers. The orb flashed and they were both gone.


The three continue'd to walk toward the elevator in the spire. Sieghart had an orb of abysal energy in his left hand observing it closely.
"We don't have much time left. We have to hurry and find Zwei." He then turned to Weiss, "As this was your territory, wgat us the quickest way to get to Zwei Manor?"
"Only way is the elevator. The space in the spire was purposely disorted to prevent instantanious teleporting, meaning my gateways."
Sirberius put his hands in his pockets as he walked, "It's almost as if they pre-saw this happening."
Weiss shock his head, "No it was more Ein's idea. He didn't want people to just pop in an him while he was working on things. I honestly doubt he saw this coming,"
"Whatever the case may be," Sieghart interjected. "Time is not on our side. We must hurting before that remnant of the Elders starts to play its effect again."
"Ok, but one question. Why are we playing along and heading to where Zwei is leading the council," Weiss asked.
Seighart smirked, "Because the flow of the abyss within the Hyroku is signalling their which means Nemesis can't be for from it. We all know how vital that gem is to our plan."

A orb of light flew from Weiss's pocket and shot out in front of them. It hovered for a while once in found the center of the air.

"What is that Weiss?"
"it is the gate orb I have connected to Lozaru. Seems our guest of honor has finally made it out."
Sirberius rose an eyebrow, "How did it connect in here?"
"There is a partial in castle in the sky that leads here. I instructed him to use it to link to me."

The Orb spread out into a portal. A guy in all white with dual bladed swords on his back. At his side was Dante who was eyeing the three with suspicion. Then he caught eyes with Sirberius.

"What are you doin here," he said.
"About to cause a bit of chaos and destruction."
"Sounds like your normal routine."
"Yes but this time it's a much more meaningful," Sieghart says interepting Dante.

Dante's gaze turned to hm in a spiteful manner.

"I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist myself," Sieghart says grinning. "I, as myself, have not see you in a couple centuries, far too long in my opinion."
Dante raise an eyebrow, "Do I even know you?"
"That is a very tricky question," he replied with a larger grin.
"Tricky how."
"Tricky being that yes you know me, but you also don't know me. If i could explain it all then you'd understand. But at the moment, time is not on our side, especially mine."
"Then tell me, why should I go with you?"
Sieghart's eyes began to Illuminate as he showed his fangs, "Because I hold the answers you seek about your past and your connection to Draethius."

Dante stared at him in disbelieft. Sieghart continue'd to store right a him. Suddenly images began to rise in Dante's mind. he kneeled over with his face in his palm, looking to be slightly in pain.

"I see that the magic of the Elders is slowly fading away away with their deaths and my awakening." He stared up into the false sky, "Sirberius I must thank you someday."

"Ha, Don't make me laugh, Propagation," came a voice.
Sieghart snickered, "Another useless face coming forth?"
"The Vahashi of Elementals is no useless face."

A young boy dropped before them almost as he formed from the air. His waist length white hair flew in the air as he fixed his formal Vahashi robe.

"Well you are together with his riff raff, so I don't know whate to label you as."
"keep it up half-breed, just adding fuel to the flame."
"And just what can you do to the predocessor of your brother," Sirberius say with a blood thirsty stare.
"Don't compare me to that abomination you call my brother."
"The brother you hold dear is now an abomination?"

A wave sakura petals swirled in frant of Lozaru. They formed togther a fairly young girl with pink hair. Her silver eyes were in a serpiente state, and were fixate of Jubei. She was wearing a short skirt with stockings, a blouse and boats. She seemed as if she were a school. But the energy she was giving off otherwise.

"Anemone," Jubei said surprised. "If you are here, that worthless abomination isn't too far away."
"I'm going to silence that foul mouth of yours," she said calmly.
"You alone can't beat me. Not without Tenkai."
Lozaru took off one of his blades, "Then I will lend her the strength of my blades."
Sieghart laughed and walked of, "Weiss, Sirb, Dante, lets get moving. Lozaru can handle this by himself."
"And just where are you leading us, "Dante asks.
Sieghart grinned devilishly, "To our dinner date with Zwei."
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Spire Of Nihilism

Bingo Book Entry

Mewt M. Morakami vs. Giovanni Rest

I sat and attempted to meditate. After a few minutes of sitting there, I couldn't reach my meditative state. That, and I felt as if I were being watched. I opened my eyes and looked around the "elevator". All seemed normal until the four walls fell outwards and faded into nothingness. I stood attempted to render sword. Nothing.

"What in the hell?"

"That won't work in here." A voice echoed from all around

"whys that?"

"Because I'm the god here, not you."

"Who are you, Show yourself. Now."

"Patience is virtue, one I guess you don't possess." A human-looking shadow appeared. The voice coming from it.

"To be honest, it and humility are the only two I lack."

The Shadow stepped out of the darkness, laughing. He possessed slightly pale skin, thin narrow eyes with a little flat nose. Blond shoulder-length hair with black highlights. He wore rectangular sun-glasses that he looked over, revealing his eyes to be a yellow-green color. He wore a black jacket and black pants. Underneath the jacket was a white t-shirt, he also had white shoes as well.

"Where are we?" I asked looking at the infinite black nothingness surrounding us.

"Well, we're not in the spire, nor are we in Hi-Ave."

"No shit, really? Just who the fuck are you anyways?"

The man gave a slight bow "Giovanni Rest, at your service. It's good to finally meet you Mewt Morakami."

"So, what? Your gonna try and kill me?"

"No, I won't kill you, we're just gonna have fun for a bit."

"Oh really?"

"Really" he said as he removed his glasses and transformed into a muscle-bound panther as black as shadows.

Within seconds he in front of me, pouncing at me. I hardly had time to react, so I dove to the side. He landed on the spot were I was just standing and slide to a stop. Again I tried to render something and failed. Why couldn't I something?

"Damn it! Oh well, guess I'll have to do this the old fashioned way." I smiled and charged towards Giovanni

He turned around and jumped towards me, I ducked and hit his under-belly. He grunted as he hit the ground. I let a smile go as he stood. He growled and raced at me. Mid-run he stood and jumped. As he landed, he swiped, leaving me to defend my face with my arms. It connected with enough impact to knock my arms in front of my face and leave gashes half and inch wide. He then back handed me and sent flying to the side. I landed and rolled. When I stood, I gave a brief look at my wounds. They were bleeding, but nothing too severe. glanced at him, and it looked as if he was smiling. We both dashed for each other. We met in the middle, with swiping and me ducking and dodging. After a few swings, he stumbled forward, and fell on all fours. I took this chance and punched him in the back of the head twice and gave him a swift kick before jumping back to safety. He steadied him self and shook his head. He stood once more.

"It's nice to actually meet someone who puts up a decent fight." Giovanni said, "But let's turn this up a bit, shall we?"

From behind him, from the darkness emerged five more panthers. Each of which dashed towards me. A thousand thoughts flashed though my mind within seconds. Non of which plausible. I stand and fight, there was no other choice. I braced myself as one jumped after another. I ducked and rolled, as I stood, I punched one in the stomach as it flew over me. I turned and seen that two of them collided as they landed. Two were already running at me, I dashed towards them and dove over them. I landed, rolled, and jumped to my feet and took off running.

"I don't think so." Giovanni said as he shook his head.

I glanced over my shoulder and saw all five following me.

"Damn-" was all I got to say before I collided into invisible wall.

I fell backwards onto the ground. I stood, shook my head, turned around, and was flung up against the wall again as a panther collided into me. I slumped forward onto the panther. It ducked and moved out from underneath me, letting me fall to the ground. I hit the cold ground and when I opened my eyes, the dissipated into smoke. Giovanni Was no longer a panther, but a regular human again.

"What happened?" I asked, walking up to him.

"The scape shifted." Gio said as he dashed towards me.

I ducked and upper-cutted, the connection sending him backwards through the air. He landed and kicked back to his feet, and came at me once more. Before he was within range, he jumped and landed behind me. Out of instinct, I rendered a dagger. I felt one as it rendered, surprised as my two previous attempts failed. Before I could follow through, He kicked me in the side of the head. I landed and began to push myself to my feet, before he came down with another kick. I rolled over and avoided it. I stood and rendered my dual swords.

"If you wanna play, lets play"

He smiled at my words. It was a brief one as I dashed forwards, slashing at him. Like a feline, he easily avoided them. He

was calm, collected. Damn him! I lunged towards him, and had the swords knocked downwards, and upper-cutted. I hit the ground hearing the swords fall behind me

"It was fun in the beginning, but i'm now growing bored of this simple..." he paused, thinking of a word "...activity."

I closed my eyes, and when I opened them, I was on the ground of the catacombs. In-front of me was a rounded-square elevator. I stood and pressed the button to summon it. Within a minute, a Ding sounded and the doors opened. I cautiously stepped inside, making sure it wasn't a trap. The doors closed once I was inside, and it came to life as I could feel it lifting. I sat down and waited. I actually rejuvenated after my little 'cat-nap'.
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Duel of two: Part 3 - True Form of Darkness

Elevator sounded as the doors shut. Sieghart leaned against the far back wall. Sirberius spoke out 'Zwei Manor" and the elevator started to move. Dante was against the wall to the right of Sieghart, his gaze fixated onto him.

"It is very impolite to stare at others," Sieghart said closing his eyes. "If you have something to say, then spit it out."
"What do you know about the blood from Draethius that was put into me."
"That much should not be discussed at this moment. The seal has not been completely broekn so telling you could be fatal at this moment. Give it time and the truth wil arise when necessary. However it will not be from my mouth. It will come from the snake that came up with this entire plan."

The elevator reached their distination, chimed, and the doors flew open.

"And that time is approaching quick, Sieghart stated while opening his eyes. "So lets get a move on, time is truly against us."

Zwei Manor

"Is this all you have to offer me for entertainment," A man clad in a hooded cloak stood before them all.

Dmitri, Ashley and Yaduri were the only ones on their feet still.

"How you this powerful. It's completely insane, we don't even stand a chance."
"What did you expect from someone of my stature."
"I'd have expected you to stop playing such trivial games," Weiss says from off to the right.
"Would also have expected you to stop playing with toys when you became older," Sirberius said appearing in front of him.
"And I really expected for you to stop with this horrible Disguise, Zwei... Or is it Duo at the moment," Sieghart said sitting back on the lower roof of the manor.

The man turned toward Sieghart and saphire blue eyes could be seen from inside the hood. Sieghart stared right back at him with the same glow.

"Oh look who it is," Duo says with a slight chuckle. "I knew you'd eventually return to the world, but i would never have imagined it would be this soon."
"Well we've returned alright," Weiss said walking toward him.
"So i am to assume that you would like your place back?"
Dmitri said out of curiousity, "Place where?"
Duo turned to him, "Their place amongst the Fallen Order of course."
"You mean to tell me that Sirberius is working with Fallen Order members now," Ashley yelled out.
"Silence," Sirberius yelled. "Don't let your mind race when you don't know anything about the current situation, nor anything about my past."
Duo turned back to Sieghart, "So I take it that I'm dead on?"
"Indeed you are," Sieghart replied. "Old friend."
"Then face me, i want to see how 60 years of imprisonment has effected your skills."
Sieghart laughed, "I thought you'd say something to that effect."

He raised his left hand and an orb of abyss energy formed in it. Duo lifted the same hand from under the cloak. Suddenly the same orb formed in his hand. Sieghart smiled widely and looked at Sirberius and Weiss. Sirberius unsheathed Heine's Obliteration from his back and clicked it into Dual-gunblade mode. Weiss rose his hand and formed a giant sword which he sat on his shoulder.

Duo chuckle, "i expected this much from you."
"Well if you are going to use this form, then I'll show you no mercy," Sieghart retorted.
"I'd expect no less, Propagation."

Sieghart suddenly disappeared as Duo finished his sentence. Sirberius dashed toward Duo with a giant lurch. He crossed the blades and they glowed red.

"Crimson Cross Slash."

He slashed the gunblades and pulled the triggers. They fired a short beam arc that connected into an X. Duo raised his left hand quickly tossing the abyss orb at the X-slash.

"Tranquil: Barrier."

The abyss orb spread out into a wall of energy which stopped the slash in its track.

"Great Divide."

Weiss came streaking from the air, and he swung the sword down with him for extra force. Duo moved his left hand up and formed another orb, The sword contacted with the orb and stopped, but Weiss still pushed on.

"Its futile," Duo says.

He grabbed the blade by reaching past the orb and pulled it to the side, leaving Weiss exposed. But there was a smile on his face.

"Don't you think we know this."

The sound of a gun cocking lead Duo to look behind him. Sirberius had Hience (single gunblade mode) pointed at his back.

"Pay more attention, Infinity Bullet."

And explosive energy bullet fired and hit duo in the back, which exploded upon contact. Dust flew up from all around, yet Duo still stood before them.

"Foolish people."

Something moved from around his waist and shot our from under the cloak. It lashed around Sirberius and pinned his arms to his sides.

"Is this all you can do after all this time?"
"Chaos: Destroyer of Heaven."

Duo instantly dropped the two to move out the way.

"Sorry buddy but you are way too slow. And we know all about your power. So its best to finish this quickly."

Duo turned to see Sieghart in front of him, Artemis formed in his right hand giving out a black aura. He looked at his body to see slash marks of black abyss energy on his cloak. The marks stretched out into the actual slashes and Duo fell to his knee. Sirberius, now wearing Death Penalty, had the fiery gauntlets pointed at Duo with open palm. Weiss had his left arm out with a golden-red eye in front of it. Around it were 8 spikes collecting energy.

"So if you don't mind, fade away into nothing," Sieghart said laughing.
"Burning Demon Beam."
"Terra Drain Cannon."

They both fired on him, but it didn't seem to affect him. In fact Duo started to laugh with Sieghart.

"Seems like its feeding time," he said lowly.

Weiss and Sirberius were overcome by an enormous pain as the energy they were releasing was forcefully drawn out of them.

"You are just going to continue abusing my abilities aren't," Sieghart said angrily.
"I created this form to do that," Duo replied.
Sieghart grinned, "As if some knock off can beat the actual thing."
"Then drop your act and show your true power to the world."

Weiss and Sirberius began to glow a bit. Suddenly their bodies turned into a black and white aura. The auras floated through the air and onto Sieghart.

"Adreim, I'm going to Borrow a bit of your power."

He put his hand to his back and clutched. Heine's Obliteration bursted out of a storm of abyss energy. Sieghart split it into Dual-gunblade mode. He slammed them into the ground and put his hands out.

"Give me your power, to make the evils of this world kneel before me. Death Penalty and Death Sentence."

The fiery gauntlets formed on his hands and feet as he lashed out a daggertail whip chain.

"Fake Duo, ever see me go this far? Watch close in awe to make sure the next Duo copy of me is more accurate."

He twisted the daggertail around his arms and grabbed it in the middle.

"Complete Hybrid Form."

Sieghart's body began to become covered in abyss energy and transformed into Adreim's body and clothes.

"Power output 100%."

His body began to burst with energy with such for the air around him began to blow.

Complete Hybrid Limit Break, Power output 101%."

He whipped the chains out around the handles of the gunblades. They melded together and became one. The flames ignited the daggertail which set the gunblades ablaze. Sieghart pulled onto the chains and it yanked them into his hands. Their power roared feriously.

"True Abyss Weapon, Heine's Demise."

The "Fake" Duo stepped back as Sieghart raised the newfound weapon.

"This is the end for you."

He tucked the right blade to his side as if it were in a sheath.

"Time Spell: Standstill."

A red clock formed under him and everything froze. Then the clock started ticking.

"Chain cut."

Sieghart stlashed and left go of the gunblade. The chain flew out with the blade and extended with it. It arc'd as he pulled the chain and it cut right through the fake Duo. Sieghart did a vertical slash with the left blade and did the same thing. He pulled them back into his hands and aimed the guns at Duo.


He pulled the trigger just as the clock finished. Time suddenly resumed. Two streams of abyss energy streaked through the chest of the Duo. All four pieces split apart and hit the ground.

"Maybe this will teach you to challenge a Heavenly Ruler... Zwei..."
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