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29 / M / Berkley
Posted 8/18/09
Have you written a story that you think you want to share? Or would you prefer just a specific group to read your story first because you're not confident about it? Okay well fill out this form!

Note: Confidence level from 1-10... 1 meaning you think your story is horrible and it should not even be read.. when u say that... the mods will be the only ones who read it and we will not share it... instead we will tell u what we liked or disliked about it to build ur confidence and help you improve... if you say 5... that means you think its just okaay... so we will label your story as "Novice Written" on the story page so that people wont judge you too harshly. If you say 10 then we will put it on the normal story list for everyone to read and comment :)

Your name:
Story Title:
Confidence level:
Story: (Put it in spoiler)

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18 / F / where immature pp...
Posted 8/19/09

Your name: Cathy-chi//Kitkat
Story Title: Love, Never Go Goodbye
Characters: Melody, Kevin, Mr. Hernanadez, etc........
Confidence level:10
Story: (Put it in spoiler)
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M / Okinawa, Japan
Posted 8/19/09 , edited 8/21/09
Your name: Cody
Story Title: Rocket Angel
Characters: Kenji Yamazaki, Ayame Yuki, Naomi Yamada, Kairin Izanagi, Anika Kasuomi, Cleo Hiroshi, Cass Setsuko, Michiru Nanami, Hannah Midori, Hihara Yamazaki, Yuna Yamazaki.
Confidence level: 8
Story (Put in spoiler)
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Posted 10/14/09 , edited 3/21/11
(My story is removed cause I don't want it shown when I leave the party. S-S-Sorry...)
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