Who agrees that they should add these animes
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Posted 8/19/09 , edited 8/19/09
Do you agree dissagree leave a post of your feelings twords this topic, of course I don't expect all of them to be added, but atleast 1 or two of them would be nice to see on here and if this topic is a duplicate please delete it, thank you!

-Full Metal Alchemist: Bortherhood
-Clannad: After Story
-Lucky Star
Posted 8/19/09
Nah, they're gay.
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Posted 8/19/09 , edited 8/19/09
Definately not Bleach or 07-Ghost, if Cr took over Bleach or 07-Ghost I would be very upset. Its bad enough DB lost Naruto and I have to pay to watch a stream that I cant even fully buffer before watching (god I miss downloading to my hard drive for FREE)

Cable $80 a mo.
Crunchyroll $60 a yr.
Cost per download even though your a member of CR $3.95

The rest of the shows would be great to air on CR not to mention it would probably be a huge quality upgrade.
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Posted 8/19/09
Whether people agree or not, its up to the owners of the Anime series if they are allowed to be streamed here.

Also you should post your suggestion here;


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