SweepStake Addicts?
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Posted 8/19/09

Okay I LOVE sweepstake and recently I just won 40 dollars in this 3 question , and i was wondering if there are any more survey sites that are out there that gives FREE membership and NO offers to pay? I mean this website was like totally free and i was wondering if u can win money in anyother surveys?

This is the website i won my money in:


Its a 3 question survey and in the end u might win CASH or Tickets to this 250 dollar raffle.
and i got my money Check in yesterday so... yea are there any websites like this? thank you soo much

No i dont think its a spam cause i cashed in my check today and it worked.

So are there any other sites like this?

Thank you SO much.
Posted 8/19/09 , edited 8/19/09
Suck my dick.
Fucking referral scam.
No one go to the link.
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Posted 8/19/09
97.7% Advertisement thread.

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