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Possible Persona 5
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18 / Memories Skyscapper
Posted 11/18/10

moratorium wrote:


I still havent finished playing persona 4 lol
i need to finish it i REALLY do.

Nice to hear that! Could you give me the link so I could read the articles myself? I kinda curious about P5, since I didn't hear so much news about it.

anggametal wrote:

please persona 5 for ps2 console....

It's kinda impossible ... IMO, because hearing CATHERINE from Atlus, in PS3, is making P5 more impossible to be publish in PS2, I only had PS2 too orz.

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32 / M / TN, USA
Posted 11/18/10
while I'm for sure excited, i hope they didn't change the ingredients too much from their earlier 2 titles, because I enjoyed P3 and P4 tremendously. Those two are two of my favorite games i believe.
Posted 4/30/12
I think it would be great if persona 5 came out, but if there was a persona 5, I would like it to include a grown up Nanoko, on her journey in the Velvet Room!!!!!!!!
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F / Hawaii
Posted 5/7/12
I would completely look forward to Persona 5. I loved Persona 3 and 4. Although, 4 was a bit off in the story, did not like it as much as 3's story. What I did like more about 4 was the battle, with the slight tweaks.
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Posted 5/10/12
Sony should put it on ps vita it will help to pick the the vita sells quiet alot .
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39 / M / Arcadia
Posted 6/1/12
I hope we get this game
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