Power, Element and interest
Posted 8/21/09 , edited 8/23/09
tell me what powers and elements you want to have, first introduce yourselves in 'Introduce Yourselves, so i know who you are your powers and element could be your choice so i could place your rank and class in VYAV

Name: sammi521(Creator)
Element: Fire,ice,thunder
Powers: Flames of Death and ice
Interest: Music,anime,drawing
6448 cr points
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22 / F
Posted 8/22/09 , edited 8/23/09
Name: alice542 (Stundent)
Element: Fire, lightning,water
Powers: TO controle fire and start it without a spark, to control darkness
Interest: anime,Music,drawing, games
Night Class President
13761 cr points
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22 / F / In the rain
Posted 9/9/09 , edited 9/9/09
Name: ricki451 (co creator)
Element: fire,water
Powers: Blowing things up at will,Talking and playing with fire and using water for personally fun
Interest: blowing things up,blood,anime,games and rp
28185 cr points
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23 / F
Posted 10/10/09 , edited 10/11/09
not much people go in this fourm
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