Vent your randomness here!
Posted 5/19/07 , edited 5/19/07
Okay, there's been an increase in topics that are posted for the sake of posting.
It's easy to recognize these random topics, usually beginning with "Oh, this is so random..." or "quick question", or "when you say LOL/LMAO, are you really laughing?", and so on and so forth. These are merely variations of ways to increase spamming, replies are usually similar one-liners and contribute little to the forum. They're essentially a waste of space and forum resources.

So this is a thread for you to vent your randomness instead of creating countless topics advertising the fact that you're bored.

Some guidelines for posting:

- If you're really feeling random and want to post something, POST IT IN THIS THREAD.
- DO NOT start a new topic that encourages repetitive replies (and it's very obvious what sort of topics invite repetitive replies).
- You may reply to a post in this thread, but if someone else has already done so, DO NOT REPLY unless your post offers something new.
- Read the other rules

I feel like a mod.... >.<

*#$U)@($U)@($I_@#%(_($_@#$_@ I HATE MY HISTORY PROJECT!!!
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Posted 5/19/07
Why? Why? Why so many projects when it's almost the end of the year? Why do we have to study Shakespear? Why does Helena talk so much? Tell me!!!!!
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Posted 5/19/07
Yea ok... Nice try, but this is only going to turn into a chat thread.

Rant Thread:

Let the mods close the spam threads.
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Posted 5/19/07
^ Agreed, randomness = spam/chatty posts in my book.
No seriously Senta, I'm sorry but I know this forum and I know this is just going to turn into a chat thread

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