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25 / F / Wherever I wanna be
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Yamada_Yuuki83 as Okada Aoi (岡田 葵)
-Treats Takumi as if she was his mother, but usually he gets annoyed with her. Deep down inside, she likes Takumi more than as a friend... She always stays alone, for she does not like talking with other people.
Deen22 as Ikehoshi Haruna (池星 春菜)
-Takumi's advice girl. She's like his best friend! She wants to become friends with Aoi, but she won't let her.
hsj9392 as Yoshioka Mari (吉岡 麻理)
-Kazuya's girl<3. xD They've been going out since 1st year of Junior high and they are the famous couples at school...but their flirting..makes us all sick..(lol)
Geh-san as Riko (里子)
-One of the mistresses at the Kizu Orphanage. The KINDEST there.

Nakayama Yuma as Yakabe Takumi (矢ヶ部 拓海)
-Cares for Aoi, but sometimes gets annoyed with her. Ranked as most "kakkoii" boy in the class.
Nakajima Kento as Horiuchi Kazuya (堀内 和弥)
-Loves his girl, Mari. Thinks as Takumi as a rival, because he was ranked as 2nd for most "kakkoii" boy in class.
Kikuchi Fuma as Morii Naoki (森居 直輝)
-The class nerd. He is good at math, and all subjects. He's had a crush on Haruna for almost 10 years now, but since he was always a nerd, he thought that he wouldn't be accepted. (=(( poor him)
Kouchi Yugo as Kanoo Azumi (鹿野尾 あづみ)
-A cool dude. He's not into girls, but likes talking with Aoi.


Okada Aoi and Yakabe Takumi were best friends since they were 3. They were always together, well mostly because they lived together. You see, they were abandoned by there parents when they were 1 years old. So, they had to live at the Kizu Orphanage for almost half there life. Will it stay like that? Or, will they have to be seperated?! Find out soon~~

more characters coming soon....but don't ask to be in it..>.<
:o it gets annoying...
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25 / F / Wherever I wanna be
Posted 8/27/09 , edited 8/27/09
Ch.1 High School Trouble...again Part One
(the italicized orange writing is Takumi thinking)

"TAAAAAKUMI!! It's morning!"shouted Aoi as she rushed inside Takumi's room and started jumping on his bed...well not LITERALLY jump, but eh, you can say that? As the mattress on the bed rocked up and down, Takumi jumped up in his bed, surprised at what had just happend.

"What the...What are you doing in my room!"he groaned, going back under his blanket.

"It's morning!!" she shouted walking around his room, opening the curtains. "And today's first day of High School! HIGH SCHOOL TAKUMI!!!" she yelled at the top of her lungs.

Takumi was still under his blanket, trying to get back in his slumber.

Aoi rolled her eyes and grabbed the edge of the blanket and tugged really hard. The blanket fell onto the floor and Takumi was curled up like a kitty on his bed.

He scratched his head and sat up. "Alright...I'll get ready. Now get out of my room!" he said and threw his pillow at her.

As Aoi walked out of his room, she stuck her tongue out at him. She felt proud, again. For she had annoyed him.

It took 10 minutes for Takumi to put his clothes on. He looked at the clock. "It's only 6!" he shouted, then groaned. School started at 8:30 and the school was just around the corner of the orphanage. It would take only about 15 minutes to walk there.

He walked downstairs to where Aoi was, in the kitchen.

"You're up early, Takumi." Riko said in amasement. Usually, Takumi would be up at 7 on school days in Junior High. But today, since Aoi had awoken him, he was up 1 hour earlier.

"Yeah..Aoi woke me up." he said as he glared towards her.

Aoi ignored what Takumi had said, and continued making breakfast for the other kids. "Takumi, help us make breakfast."

Since he didn't have anything better to do, he did what he was told. Cut the vegetables.

"No, no! You're doing it all wrong!" screamed Aoi.

Takumi jumped and looked back at Aoi. "Then, show me" he said in a stirn voice.

"I'm a dude, you can't expect me to cook."

Aoi took the knife from his hand and started cutting. "Now, you do it." she said, pushing the knife to him.

He rolled his eyes and started cutting it...the RIGHT way.

"That's a good boy!" she said and ruffled his hair. Takumi glared at her again.

It was 7, and they finished the cooking. The kids came into the big hall dining room, where the food was all setted.

"Itadakimasu!" they all said, clapping there hands.

"Today, Takumi-kun helped make this delicious food." said Riko winking at him and Aoi.

"Uso~!" said one child. Then, 2 others repeated.

"Though, he didn't know how to cut carrots..." Aoi said under her breath.

Takumi felt proud of himself, and pretended not to hear what Aoi had just said. "Just hurry up and eat it, you'll be late for school" he said at the little kids.

The little kids giggled, "We don't HAVE school yet."

"Right..." he finished his food and went upstairs to his room to get his school stuff packed. "Thanks for the food."

Minutes later, Aoi opened the door to his room and stood in the doorway "Did you pack your hanky?! DID YOU?! I'm not going to let you borrow mine anymore, like last time!" she said, and closed the door as she walked back to her own room to pack her school things.

It was 8:05. Aoi and Takumi bid there goodbyes to the little kids at the orphanage and left for school.

"Takumi, you should walk near the edge of the street. You'll get...AHHHHH" she screamed as a car zoomed past her.

He shook his head and said coldly to her, "You're the one that should be careful." He walked faster, so Aoi wouldn't catch up.

Aoi frowned. She hated that tone of voice of his. She walked all the way to school, alone.

After the ceremony for the new school year, they all looked at the board to search for there classrooms.

"Class 2, number 45, Ms. Harukaze's class..." Takumi mumbled to himself. He looked up to see if Aoi was also in his class. He sighed. Just then, he felt someone tap his shoulders and he looked back. "Oh, Haruna~ Long time no see." he grinned.

"Yeah! I know!! How was your Spring break? Mine was..Okay? I guess" she chuckled. "Hey, guess what! I'm in the same class as you! Class 2 right?"

"Yup. Aoi is also in our class." he sighed.

"Oh...maybe this year, I can become friends with her. ...Here she comes now." Haruna whispered. "AOI!!!" she yelled, pumping her arms up and down so she could be seen in the crowd.

Aoi looked at her, for just a moment, and looked the other way.

"Maybe not.." Haruna said, sighing in dissappointment.

"Let's go to class."said Takumi. "We've still got orientation today."

They entered the class.

"Kazu-nyaan~" said a familiar voice.

"Oh.." sighed Takumi. What's worse than having Aoi in his having to be in the same class with a couple that's always flirting.

"Oh! Takumi, how's it?" said Kazuya as Mari, his gf sat on his lap stroking his face.

Takumi and Haruna looked at them disgusted. "So, you guys are still going out." said Haruna.

"Of course!" shouted Mari. "Why wouldn't we be? We're destined to be together~ right? Kazu-chin"

"I think I'm going to be sick.." whispered Takumi to Haruna.

"Me too." she whispered back. "Well, have a nice day~" and they both rushed to sit at an empty seat.

"That was just gross!" gagged Takumi.

"You can say that again~" "Hey, look. Naoki is also in our class." Haruna said, grinning.

"Why don't you just ask him out?" Haruna smacked his arm. "Ow!" he screamed rubbing his arm.

"I WAIT until someone asks he probably isn't into girls like me." said Haruna.

"Can I sit here?"

"Sure? Noone's stopping you." said Aoi.

"Thanks."Azumi sat down at the seat next to her.

The teacher came into the room, and introduced herself. "My name is Harukaze Mika, and I will be your homeroom teacher for this year. I am in charge of teaching you guys Japanese. I hope this year will be a good one~!"

Everybody clapped.

One by one, everyone had a chance to introduce themselves. Until, it came to Aoi.

"Miss Okada, please stand up and introduce yourself." the teacher said.

"I'd rather not Ms Harukaze." she said crossing her arms.

"And why not?" said the teacher puzzled.

"Why do we have to introduce ourselves? I it important? You teachers should know our names and where we're from and all, why bother telling you again?" answered Aoi.

"Yes, but some of the students here do not know you..don't you think it's--"

"It's important to introduce yourself for the people that don't know you and to become your FRIENDS?!" screamed Aoi, "Sure, whatever."

"Here she goes again..." sighed Haruna. "Is she always like this at the orphanage?"

Takumi stared at Aoi, fighting with the teacher. "Nope."

"STAND OUTSIDE!" the teacher yelled.

Aoi glared at her teacher, and slammed the desk. "I'd be glad to!" she stomped off out of the classroom.

Whispers were heard, "No wonder she's in an orphanage. I wouldn't want a child like that!" and another, "Dude, that was cool!"

They could be all heard by Aoi. Takumi just watched as she slammed the door behind her.

She always does that! Why?! I don't get it, why doesn't she act normal like at the orphanage..? It's kind of embarrassing for us at the orphanage too! Ugh..and when she has one of her "attitudes" everybody doesn't like being around her...Why doesn't she want friends? What's so fun being independent? I don't get her!?"

---------------------------------------THE END-------------------------------------------

how was the first chapter? part one?
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
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nice nice nice nice!!


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25 / F / Wherever I wanna be
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deen22 wrote:

nice nice nice nice!!



lol xDD
thnx for commenting :3
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