Crunchyland PVP - Chat Rules
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Posted 8/29/09 , edited 9/3/09
Crunchyland PVP rules

1) You must respect all of the moderators on the site and accept any decisions made by them that have to do with the chatroom.

2) The chat is still PG-13--meaning no inappropriate topics, discussions, images, or links.

3) The main chatrooms (PVP Beta 1, PVP Beta 2, etc) are to be ENGLISH-ONLY. If you wish to speak in another language, make your own chatroom.

4) Do not type in all CAPSLOCK (unless occasionally for humor).

5) Refrain from typing something completely irrelevant (random) when others are having a conversation.

6) Do not Flame, Troll or Bully people. This includes agressively cussing/swearing, calling people names that they do not wish to be called, picking on people after they have asked you to stop or arguing with people after they have asked you to stop.

7) Type intelligibly. Refrain from extreme 1337, text-speak, or ghetto-talk.

8) DO NOT excessively drag out words, punctuation marks, or add emoticons.

9) Multiple lines of short words (or lines) such as 'blah,' 'hey,' 'hi,' 'u there?' 'lol,' 'haha,' 'what,' 'bye,' and 'bored' are not allowed. This can be considered spamming and will encourage others to spam as well.

10) No asking for email addresses, AIM screen names, MSN contacts, buddy requests, and phone numbers for people to join your group, etc. PMs, GBs, and buddy invitations exist for those purposes.

11) Excessive roleplaying is not allowed in the main rooms. If you wish to roleplay, you need to create your own channel and roleplay there. Excessive roleplaying after warnings from a mod will result in a kick and, if continued, a ban.

12) 'Truth or Dare' or similar chat games are not allowed. If you want to play a chat game, you will have to make a new room.

13) Do not repeatedly whisper people who don't want to talk to you. This includes using the "/friend message " command to message a bunch of people at the same time. If someone requests that you take them off of your friends list, you have to comply.
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