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Posted 8/29/09 , edited 8/30/09
hi guys.. check out dis news about da hae new drama... will you want da hae to accept dis project?? for me.. i hope she will cause i think dis will be her new step for a good career still i love her in her past drama's like my girl, green rose, robbers.. etc... isnt that exciting?

hirs d story............

Lee Da-hae still undecided on Chuno

With Han Hyo-joo out of the historical drama Chuno [추노, aka Pursuing Servants], speculation has been rampant that Lee Da-hae would be filling in the vacancy. On August 4, her management spoke out and gave the official stance: “She has received the offer, but it’s only one of several projects she is looking at. She has not decided on anything yet and is seriously considering several scripts.”

I think despite the cautious wording, there’s a strong likelihood that Lee Da-hae will indeed take on the role. For whatever reason, her management is approaching the situation tentatively, but in cases like this, often the early rumors are confirmed in due course.

If she does take on this drama, this will be Lee’s first sageuk role, and she will be reuniting with her Robber (Bulhandang) co-star Jang Hyuk. It’ll be the first project following her much-talked-about (and much-maligned) quitting of East of Eden, which earned her a lot of heated criticism. (To be fair, the whole production was a hotbed of crazy, so it’s understandable that she wanted out. Her reputation, however, did take a hit.)

I think Lee Da-hae is a talented actress — one of the better ones in her generation — who hasn’t always picked the best projects. (I don’t think she’s made a good choice since Green Rose and My Girl. The three subsequent dramas — Hello Miss, Robber, East of Eden — were duds for her career.) If she does accept Chuno, she’s working with some good actors (Oh Ji-ho isn’t that exciting, but I can’t wait to see if she has rapport with the intense, charismatic Lee Jong-hyuk) and a talented director (Conspiracy in the Court). Funnyman Gong Hyung-jin and Kim Ji-seok are also cast.

Chuno will air on KBS in October.

Via TV Report


Chuno follows the story of Lee Dae Gil, a man of high birth whose family was ruined when Tae Ha, who became a slave after being falsely accused of a crime he did not commit, burns down his house and escapes. Driven by his desire for revenge, he survives his harsh years on the street and makes his name as a slave hunter, dedicated in his pursuit of Tae Ha. Both men become entangled in a love triangle with Un Nyun, a runaway slave who became a nobleman's daughter.


* Jang Hyuk as Lee Dae Gil
* Oh Ji Ho as Song Tae Ha
* Lee Da Hae as Un Nyun / Hye Won
* Lee Jong Hyuk
* Gong Hyeong Jin
* Yoon Gi Won
* Sung Dong Il
* Jo Mi Ryung
* Yoon Ji Min
* Lee Han Wie
* Jo Hee Bong

credits~ dramawiki
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Posted 8/29/09 , edited 8/30/09
This is a duplicate thread. Please use the search engine next time. Thank you.

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