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To The North
Posted 8/30/09 , edited 8/30/09
Call me:
I am like:
Some words about yaself:

(I am like....Take an (or more) anime character to describe yourself. How you are.)

For example....

Name: Xtriy
Call me: X
Age: 14
B-Day: 17.05
Female\Male: Genderless
Hobby: Almost everything fun or cool....Both.
Like: Black. Cool stuffs. Action (battle). Have fun - Enjoy yaself. Suprises. Ideas (something to do-Fun stuffs) Watch Anime. Money. Almost everything outside of school.
Dislike: Pink. Preppy things. Skulls. School. Work. Hugs. Read. Angry pers. Babysitt. Force me to wear pink..... (Yeah....Those in my class tryed once...)
I am like: Edward Elrich - Cuz I'm hot-headed like him. Uchiha Sasuke - Those in my class says so... Ciel Phantomhive - Our personality is alike. Other I know said so. Monay D. Luffy - He like adventure and do crazy stuffs. I always search for adventure and do crazy stuffs too.
Some words about yaself: Quiet, Crazy, Brutal, Quick, Loyal....
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F / Buried in Manga
Posted 9/19/09
Name: Dina
Call me: Dia or D.
Age: ( Sorry. I am not allowed to tell you that.)
B-Day: December 31st
Female\Male: Female
Hobby: Soccer and Piano
Like: Piano, Computer playing,Shugo Chara, Shugo Chara Doki, Soccer and Friends
Dislike: cheaters, Liers, Jerks, Steallers and mean people who hurt my feelings or my friends.
I am like: Dia. I understand people in a way that other people cannot.
Some words about yaself: quiet, Obedient, nice , Friendly, understanding and active.

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