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Posted 8/30/09
Lelouch:hmmm britannia the same as ever.*looks out the window*
Posted 9/5/09
Jiang Lihua (Empress Tianzi): *wonders about the place* umm these places look interesting
Posted 9/10/09
Lelouch:Well now time for me to get ready for school.
Posted 11/4/09
((um no offense but this group is like dead... )
Posted 11/16/09
(yea i kinda figure that out a long time ago)
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Posted 11/25/09
Posted 11/26/09
((yes?! ^^)) ((yea me two dude, but i just didn't want to say))
Posted 12/20/09
(same here lol)
Posted 2/15/10
(@ MimiMei - is there something u want?)

(@ Khmer_boi83 - i also doubt the group's gonna start up again too
Posted 2/16/10
( we have to do something but how...)
Posted 2/28/10 , edited 2/28/10
(idk why not get the mods of the group & talk it over with them? ^^ this way you guys could put chu brains together)
Posted 2/28/10
(gee i would but the mod here isnt on much anymore)
Posted 3/10/10
(oh thats sad then =/ well idk might as well delete the group & create a new one?)
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