Going To Japan, Need Advice.
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Posted 8/31/09 , edited 8/31/09
OK so heres the deal this Saturday the 5th of September of 2009 i will be getting on a plane to Tokyo, japan for my 15th B-day. I will be going with my older sister and we both have always wanted to go to japan and we both like anime.

So what i would like to know is where are some Awsome places that some one my age should go.
Like any sight seeing places, also these places can't be too far from where we are staying, we are going to be staying at a hotel Called:
The Sunroute Plaza hotel Shinjuku.

And of course it's Located in Shinjuku, right next to Shibuya and the read-light district where their are Host Clubs.

So we want to explore all around Tokyo and go to arcades and parks, shrines, shopping, 100 yen shop, ect...

Would also help if you knew where they were located at.

Pretty much choose places you think would be cool to go.

At the end of my trip witch will be September 13th i will start to upload videos on my YouTube Account so that people can see what i have done on my trip so thanks for those who help me out.

Heres the link to YouTube:
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Posted 8/31/09
Personal thread. Not to mention, you can easily find all of this information on Google.
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Posted 8/31/09

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