Introduce Yourself
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25 / F / JAPAN!!!!!!
Posted 8/31/09
Letz introduce urself

Fill in these

Chara. Name:
About u:(little description)

About mii thii creator

Username: Miyuki_6
Chara. Name:Oyama Kurisa and Oyama Shinko
About u:im 16 years old.Love animes and usally a lazy a girl who hates her family.
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22 / F / Ontario, Canada
Posted 8/31/09
Username: Rinakwan
Name: Kelley (:
Chara. Name: Kyoya Shima + Ayasawa Arabella (The last names come first<3)
About u: Ima Mod of this group! And a few others too (: I spend most of my time on the computer, but my mom's pissed cause of it xD
I like animes and manga. Also books too! Not to mention T.V, Shopping, Movies, and Especially hanging out with friends. For more info VISIT MII PROFILE (:

~ADD MEH!!~~
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