Academy's Staff Only!!!!!
Posted 9/2/09 , edited 9/8/09
If we wish for this Academy to become more active, then we all must pull our own weight5, including with our jobs.

This extra work is opitional, you do not have to do it if you don't have time, but let's cut to the point.

There are new members joining everyday, and since we're in all different times zones; we can all send PMs to them.
So they can get a warm welcome and get some questions/shyness out of the way. (Since not all new members read the profile, since they get invited and just join.)

So if you wish to help, please send this letter in PM form to any new members that you see in the 'Feed' as much as you want.

Here are some new members that have already recieve this PM, so don't send it to them again.

-Affliction- , -Coco , -Detective-Neko- , 1life_1Luv , Yume55 , moni656 , laurelboreal , StrawberryPanKiss

Here's the letter.

~Note: Also if you do decide to do this please post the users that you sent this letter to, so we can aviod sending the same messege twice and annoying the member.
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Posted 9/3/09
okay i'll try sending the new members after couple of days if they are not active
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Posted 9/4/09
ok i'll help
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Posted 9/10/09
hey iwas wonderign how come i cant find the shinigami headquaters forum O.O i need missions... so i can get point >.>
Posted 11/2/09
Sent to the following Souriana,Ojamajojen ,animeuser559 ,IchigoXRukia ,2AngelAnna ,XXsoltyXX ,Mage_Angel,nereid
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Posted 1/17/10 , edited 1/17/10

ermm.. I've recently notice the inactiveness of some RP users... (excludes people that only got their charactor within 2 weeks) I was thinkign of sending a letter of some sort to them to notify them.. since other users might want the RP charactor which is not used...
Heres a list of people that is active and don't need to be notified:

Ichigo Kurosaki: kd667
Hollow Ichigo: Necr0Flr3
Orihime Inoue: vampire_knight_guilty_girl
Ishida Uryu: angel052894
Yasutora Sado: dabro1012
Hirako Shinji: gmain3
Kensei Muguruma: CupcakeRawr
Soi Fon: Jennrocks7
Izuru Kira: animateluv09
Shuhei Hisagi: zeroofthesharingan
Rangiku Matsumoto: KyokoBabe
Kenpachi Zaraki: Master-Ren1
Yachiru Kusajishi: moonlight123456789
Ichimaru Gin: Ginettem
Grimmjow Jeagerjaques: Yaketemaru
Nelliel Tu Oderschvank: i_elf

and thats basically nearly everyone..some i still not really sure..
Posted 1/17/10

What kind of letter do you have in mind?
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Posted 2/20/10
I just sent the letter to just-cutie
Posted 2/21/10

littledevil90239 wrote:

I just sent the letter to just-cutie

The letter has been updated. Just forgot to edit the forum post . . .

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