Which drama/movie character are you most like?
Posted 9/3/09
Which character from the dramas or movies you've seen are you most like? Just curious. Personality wise.

I'm pretty split personality so

I'd say I'm like...

Nana (from Nana) as my singer side (laid-back, -and clothing...ahah- really into music, get's along with guys)

and Yankumi from Gakusen, (that whole, she's dumb....but fun.? still, passionate, gets along with guys, goes agaisnt authority, sense of pride and honor) hahaha
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Posted 9/3/09 , edited 9/3/09
probably Akira from NwP..haha..
i am as crazy as he is, but not all the time..haha.
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Posted 9/3/09
makino from hyd. regular person going to a expensive school. O.O
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Posted 9/12/09 , edited 9/12/09
chang hwi in hong gil dong. he always have a cold face but he's a really good person but sometimes i feel like he really lonely

Posted 9/12/09
Aya Ueto in Attention please !!
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Posted 10/1/09
oh god!!!! my personality is so random, finding just one character is imposible!!!
but i´d have to say i´m mostly a mixture of :
misaki from attention please!...
and hotaru from hotaru no hikari, yeah, probably something like that.....
and i guess you could blend in a bit of go eun chan from coffee prince, jajajaja....yeah that´s mostly me.
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