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Post Reply who you want to marry?
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Posted 2/6/10
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Posted 7/9/10
i would definatly marry Tsuna because hes cute,nice,and caring
i dont think marrying Hibari is fun since he could bite you to death if you wake him up Dx even if you just try getting out of bed he would wake up
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Posted 7/9/10 , edited 7/9/10
haha!! that is so true TsunaxNatsu (about Hibari) dont forget that he would also always be at namimori high school doing God knows what, and never spending time with you. yamamoto is someone that would tick me off especially if we are having a heated argument and he smiles, laughs and says "ma ma ma" lol!
Gokudera is tooo devoted to Tsuna, its kind of sweet when you think about it they say too much of everything is bad,
tsuna is as you said cute, nice, caring and he may be a coward but when it calls for it he is actually brave even without his pills.
ryohei....i would probably get tired of explaining things in ways that he can understand so no.haha!!
lambo... he looks and acts cool when he is the "adult lambo" but he`s still a cry baby so i would either marry tsuna or lambo.
or reborn haha!!! on second thought never mind ill never find him at home, he would have too many secret hiding places.
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