Coincidence [Fanfic]
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Posted 9/5/09
Okay, this is my first fanfic and I'll try to make it interesting. It might take me a long time and I won't be putting one chapter at a time. The chapter will be separeted in parts. Hope you enjoy!

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21 / F / With my buddies....
Posted 9/5/09 , edited 9/5/09
Okay... Here's chapter one. It starts with flash back.
WARNING! I only wrote a flash back and it might be very bad but please leave a comment. Positive or Negative.

Flashback… (Normal POV)

“Here kitty, kitty.”
The black cat was facing a strawberry coloured hair girl.
His amethyst eyes were glittering with interest. The girl looked around 12-13.
“Here kitty, kitty.” said the little girl again.
The cat went over and the pink haired girl stroke his fur gently.
“Hi, my name is Amu. Nice to meet you.” she said.
“So, her name is Amu.” The cat thought.

Every day, the cat would go to the Amu’s house and play with her. But one day, when the cat didn’t come, Amu’s WHOLE family died in a car accident. So at the funeral,
When Amu was crying she heard a bunch of people talk about her.
“I heard that she used to play with a black cat.” said one of them.
“Yes. And I guessed that it is because of that that her family died.” said another.
“Guess black cat brings bad luck, eh.”
Amu’s had enough of this nonsense. SHE wouldn’t blame the black cat because her family died. SHE’d blame something called…coincidence.
“Dear, are you okay?” asked a voice behind her.
Amu turned around to see a beautiful woman with long blonde hair, looking at her with kind eyes.
“I am Miss. Tsukiyomi and I am your mom’s friend. You probably don’t even know me…”
“My mom used to talk to me about you. But she is not here anymore…”
“Would you like to live with us? We are only 4 in the family. Me, my husband, my son and my daughter. My son’s name is Tsukiyomi Ikuto and my daughter is Tsukiyomi Utau.”
Amu stared at the woman in surprise. You don’t normally
ask someone to live with you like that but since she had no where to go might as well say yes.

Since then, Amu started to live with them and she became very close with Ikuto and Utau, even if Utau sometimes act very… protective around Ikuto. They spend summer together but when secondairy was about to start, Ikuto left to go to school, in America…

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