recomened me a yuri
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can someone please recomened me a yuri movie iv only seeing a few but id like to see more and there hard to find so if you could giv me a link that would be helpful ^^.

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Lol since ur thread is going to get locked anyway
let me entertain you with some girl on girl action

image removed

^now thats the way to mod

↓ whats not pg13 about the art of love?

The fact that you can see nipples. Which is against the rules. Watch it. ~Kippu
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Posted 9/5/09 , edited 9/5/09
As turbo said It will be locked. =.= Put a spoiler on the picture please , this is a PG-13 site.

@Turbo , Call it art but just put a spoiler on it ._.

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