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Posted 10/18/09 , edited 10/19/09
Name: Caim Angelus
Alias: Caretaker
Age: 19
Personality: Not talkative unless talked to. He makes remarks, jokes or gives criticism about things easily when he feels like it. He doesn't feel the need for friends. He takes care of himself and anyone he's told to take care of.. in any way.. Normally he's just silent.
Bio: Normal childhood, but his lack of compassion for others has made him an outcast. After several times he was bullied he got expelled from his previous school because all the bullies ended up with bone fractures or internal bleeding. Ever since no one dared to do so again, his eyes make it very clear that he'll kill anyone who crosses that line. He tattooed magic symbols on his body making him fast when not burdened by heavy weight and gives him a strengthened mental barrier to protect the knowledge he has collected over the years studying ancient tomes.
- Is dependent only on himself
- Once concentrated he can easily regain control of a chaotic situation.
- Is skilled in the use of either a short blade or a small gun.
- Has a strengthened mental barrier.
- Has fast reflexes when armed with small weapons.
- His intellect makes him capable of remembering knowledge of books or tomes.
- His tattoos make him capable of using magic without certain rituals.
- Is specialized with small weapons
- Has strength beyond human understanding.
- Can use magic
- Gauntlet with knife-like fingertips.
- A set of throwing knives.
- A highly unusual shortsword
- Two pistol with mystic engravings on them.
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Posted 1/15/10 , edited 1/15/10
name: Rosary
age: 18
title: The Baroness of the White Rose
Has a kind personality, sweet, always smile, gentle and protective to her family.if she has to fight, she has no choice.

As she was born with royal blood, she was raised with a sliver spoon, but she grow to be a gentle girl and likes to help others. With her friend Cessy, who she had served her but treats her like a sister,they escape from their mansion when she was 16 and went far away.
As she and Cessy traveled, Rosary realized that she had the ability to control nature, mainly flower vines.As she felt scared of her ability, she left Cessy because she was scared of hurting her.
She met The White Rose, who asked her to join the Royal, which she accepted and stayed at the White Rose mansion,watching the White Roses bloom and taking care of them.

- The power to control nature, but since she is scared of her power,it weakened and made her only control white vines and flower vines.
-The power to tell if a person is lying or not through reading his/her "heart"

A customized rapier and her vines

name: Cessy
title: Prefect
personality: She is friendly, shy, and nice.But her face shows a stoic expression
bio: She does not remember where was she born or who her parents are, Rosary's family took her in and made it her servant but Rosary treats her like sister, which made them close friends. As they escape when Rosary was 16, Cessy decide to follow her no matter what. As she saw Rosary's ability of contolling nature, she saw the future of Rosary leaving her, which became true. She was invited to join the prefects, which she accepted to train herself.She is now staying at the boarding school
-she is a good martial artist
-has the power to see the future(only twice a day or she'll strain her body)
-has sharp senses
twin tantos and a metal rod
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Posted 2/25/10 , edited 3/6/10
name: zoey
age: 13
title:dont mind
the personality: from the oudside she looks like a cute kind girl but dont be sorry when you get to know her true personailty
bio: no one knows anything about her
ablitys: darkness
weponds: knives, scapels ,shears ect:unknown

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