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Posted 9/9/09
Hey I have started this tread after realising I was spamming the annoucement page, so I thought hell why not have a page to post requests for people to join your team. Put down a link to join and a short description then describe a final goal for your team
So for example

Link here
My name is Kaisho and my team was founded to help to protect the hidden leaf village we specialise in weapon usage.
Our overall aim is to be the strongest team around and finally defeat the Akatsuki (so we can take their place )

i know that example is a little lame (ok A lot lame XD) But this is just meant to be for a bit of fun more than anything else so don't hate me too much
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Posted 9/9/09 , edited 9/9/09
Sorry, no personal threads allowed.

And please don't do this kind of thing in the Main Forums.

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