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►Welcome to the MHC◄
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Posted 9/9/09 , edited 9/10/09
Welcome to the MHC

Roleplay Rules

1) Please follow all roleplay rules.
2) Please post in paragraph format.
3) Stay in character.
4) Go with the flow.
5) Have fun (:

The MHC Rules

1) Fighting with other Ringmasters without a valid reason is a NO.
2) You cannot leave the Circus grounds without notice.
3) Killing another Ringmaster or their Guardian is treason. You'll atone with your life.
4) Betrayal is absolutely unforgivable.

Information on the MHC

1) Each Division has its own dorm, consisting of one room with a bathroom for each member. The higher the Division, the bigger the room. Divisions One, Two, Three, and Four share a Lounge, which is a seperate building. It consists of training rooms, training equipment, pools, a game room, and a TV room.
2) Council members have a special dorm, consisting of one room with a bathroom, kitchen, and walk-in closet for each member. The Council members have a private Lounge connected to the dorm, consisting of the same things as a regular Lounge.
3) The Dining Hall is open at all times to everybody.
4) There are no particular classes to attend, but you must train.
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First Post~

Eira slept, her face buried deep within Aodhfin's white velvet mane; with her arms laced around his thick neck. Sounds of sleep rose from her, and her chest moved with those sounds.

My Swan, it's time for us to start today.

Eira was standing alone in her dream, in a green meadow, her face scarless, and the wind blowing her hair in circles; as Aodhfin's thoughts and Eira's thoughts became one, a white lion appeared in her dream. I'm still tired. Let me sleep longer Fin. Erin moaned inside her dream.

It's already 10 o'clock, it's time to wake.


Outside of Eira's dream Aodhfin rose, and Eira's head fell from his mane to her bed. She awoke startled and turned to face Aodhfin, "You suck." A rumble purred from the lions throat that resembled a laugh. She stood from her bed, and stretched out her body. Her gaze met the face of the clock that hung on her wall; 6 o'clock.

"You said it was 10 o'clock!" She glared at the lion and motioned toward the clock, irritated.

I was hoping that would motivate you to wake up. You need to go on a morning run anyways.

Eira moaned at the lion and stumbled to her closest. She seized a pair of tennis shoes and slipped them onto her feet. She started toward the door of her room, but then stopped mid-way and turned her head to the lion, "I don't want to go for a run." Fin trudged over to Eira and nudged her back, pushing her forward.

"Fine, fine, fine; I'll go." She playfully pushed the lion's head away from her back and finished walking the distance to the door. Eira marched down the stairs of the dorm, Fin close behind her. When she reached the entrance to the dorms she stopped with her handle on the door. "Are you sure I have too?"

Just go.

Eira moaned and swung the door open, and started her morning run.

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s a b r e . i s . i n n n n n . r e a d y . t o . r p .

Arwen had been up since sunrise. After a long run around the Circus grounds with Toma, she made her way to the dining hall. Toma followed after her, his head nudging against her hand. "Im am going to get myself a nice, cold glass of orange juice." She licked her lips at the thought of the cold juice going down her parched throat.

I would like some water too, Arwen.

Arwen nodded, pushing the dining hall door open. There weren't that many ringmasters awake that this time of day so the hall was quiet and very peaceful. The only sounds that could be heard were the clattering of cutlery on the tables. Arwen felt Toma relax beside her, this was his favourite time of day.
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Posted 9/10/09 , edited 9/11/09
Danni Is Hereee~

Annette woke to the tickling sensation of fur on her face. When she opened her eyes, all she could see was a field of white. It took her a second to comprehend it was just Aiden. Her back was facing the ceiling, and her face was buried in his fur. She slowly sat up, and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. She turned around towards Aiden, and saw his eyes were still closed. The large snow white wolf was stretched out, taking up the whole width of the large bed. Annette smiled and got up. When she glanced at the clock, it read 6:30 AM.

Morning Annette, Aiden's voice suddenly said, as it popped into her mind.

She answered as she walked into her closet, Morning. Hungry?

Not unless you are.

Annette just smiled, and traded her light white nightgown for a pair of black skinny jeans and a white tanktop. She wouldn't be going on a morning run like most Ringmasters did. She prefered running at night, when the stars were out and she could be herself freely. She slipped on a pair of silver ballet flats and stepped out of the room.

Aiden was already waiting at the door, ready to go. She opened the door, and shut it after both of them stepped out. Annette rested her hand on Aiden's head as they walked towards the Dining Hall. Aiden was very large, and his head was a foot above Annette's hips. His large, sometimes terrifying, form provided protection for the shy girl most of the time. Most strangers didn't dare to approach her with him around, and that was how he liked it. He knew how much it bothered her about the whole "becoming unable to speak because she was too shy" business. He mentally sighed. She hadn't changed a bit since the first time they met.

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Eira had been running for almost a half an hour now, but her breathe was still evenly paced, and she was not the least bit tired. Eira had always felt that running in the morning was better than anytime, the best way to start a day. Fin ran behind her, if you could call what he was doing running; because of his massive size, he only had to keep up at fast paced walk to keep up with Eira. Eira began to slow down, so she was beside Fin.

"I'm hungry, let's go back now." Eira's voice was using her signature, I'm-so-adorably-cute-so-you-have-to-do-what-I-say, tone. Luckily for Fin, and unluckily for Eira, he had grown a immune to this tone, and would not let her stop.

A little longer, we will only run for a hour today.

Eira rolled her eyes, "Only a hour," they usually went on hour and a half runs, but Eira wasn't in the mood for one, "I said I was hungry, I need to eat or I'll pass out."

I have never seen you pass out, your stomach isn't even grumbling.

Eira attempted a grumbling sound, but failed. Fine, if he would not let her stop, she would just have to force him. She slowed down a bit more so that she was near Fin's hide. She pushed her body forward, and jumped onto Fin's back. She carefully rapped her hands around his neck, and then used a hand to tug on his mane. He stopped.

Get off me Eira.

"No. Take me to the Dining Hall. I'm hungry."

A low grumble rose from the lion and he quickly turned around and started to run toward the Dining Hall. In no time flat the reached the Dining Hall, and Fin pushed the doors open with a nudge of his head. Eira still on his back he walked in, and over to a table.

Sit, I'm through with carrying you.

Eira slid of his back and into the chair, but only for a moment, she quickly stood and went over to the serving area and began picking out her foods.
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Posted 9/10/09 , edited 9/11/09
Annette watched as a Ringmaster entered the room, on the back of a large white lion. She remebered the girl's name was Eira. After all, they shared the same dorm. She smiled at the sight. She was always happy when she saw a Ringmaster getting along with their Guardian. She had seen some cases of Guardian abuse, and it made her feel sick.

She stood up and placed seven empty plates, covered in sticky syrup, on her tray. One plate of waffles for her, and six for Aiden. She took the tray and threw it into the "Finished Bin", where the plates would get picked up from and washed. When she walked back to the table, Aiden had just about finished licking the syrup and crumbs from the fur around his mouth.

Ready to go? she asked.

I'm ready when you're ready.

She smiled, and he got up. She placed her hand on his head again, and rhythmically stroked his soft, silky fur as they walked out of the Dining Hall.
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Ustiona woke up from the sounds of ruffling feathers and a bright light pricking
at her eyes, which she was used to since it came from her Guardian, Sovranita the White Phoenix.
Ustiona barely opened her eyes. She saw a woman's silhouette take form in the light of her window.
She blinked again and saw that it was only her Phoenix perched on her wooden stand.
"Miro... Miro.." Ustiona heard Sovranita coo softly. "Miro.. Ustiona..."
Ustiona got up out of bed and stretched as quietly as she could. She heard feathers ruffling again behind her.
She turned around swiftly and saw the Sovranita was gone.
"Sova... Sova!" Ustiona called out but quietly. Silence.

"You are a child of fire. You should be up once the sun is, little girl."
Ustiona turned around and met with the human face of Sovranita.
She was so surprised out of her wits that she fell back on the bed.
Anyone would be surprised to see such a shockingly, abnormally beautiful face so early in the morning.

"Get up, Daichi. You'll be late for your training with Miss Cuore if you're late. ssss..." Traveste was up and slithering
across the bed sheets up to Daichi's face.
"Aaagghh!" Daichi opened his eyes to his Guardian's own dark eyes.
He grabbed for his glasses on the side table.
"What time is it?" he asked no one in particular.
"Look at the clock dummy. You'd better hurry or you'll miss breakfast and get a beating from Miss Cuore."

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Arwen picked up the glass jug filled with orange juice. Carefully, she began pouring the juice into the glass, filling it to the brim. Toma took a few steps back, as if knowing what was going to happen next. She put the jug down, close to the table edge. Picking up the saucer of water for Toma, she turned around to walk back to her table. Arwen's elbow crashed into the jug, knocking it down, off the table, shattering into tiny pieces.

Arwen stood there, in the middle of the shattered glass, her lips pressed together. "Perfect, Just Great..!" she said sarcastically, the cold jucie has reached her bare feet, sending a shiver around her body.

"Careful, The glass will cut you. Oh, almost forgot, Told you so," There was laughter in his tone.

Arwen rolled her eyes at the Leopard, "I know, I know. Don't push it." She looked around, trying to find a way out, without hurting herself.
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Aiden lunged at Annette, his claws out and teeth bared. She quickly dodged to the side, and flew a kick at him. He easily moved out of range, but as he moved, Annette flashed next to him, and lunged. She leaped into the air, and landed right on top of him. As soon as her bottom hit his back, Aiden shape shifted into a much bigger version of himself. He was normally only taller than her hips, but now he was much taller and than herself. He was about 8 feet at the moment.

Done already? he asked.

Annette layed down, and wrapped her arms around his neck. She buried her head in his soft fur. I'm.... not feeling well... she quietly finished with a moan.

Aiden just softly sighed, and gracefully lumbered away from the outdoor training room. She could feel the stares drilling into her back- and normally this would've bothered her- but not today. She kept her face in Aiden's fur, and tried to keep herself from throwing up. She really did feel sick, but she had no idea why. It had just suddenly hit her as she left the Dining Hall. She groaned and felt her breakfast coming back up. She swallowed, trying to push it down.

Don't you dare throw up, Aiden warned.
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Ustiona finished dressing and was now tying up her hair with a simple white ribbon.
She looked in the mirror and satisfied with her look, she turned to face Sovranita, hands on her hips.
"So Sova," she pointed. "What shall we do first?" Her face showed eagerness.

Sovranita was still in her human form, sipping tea while playing with a strand of her long hair.
"You should not point at other people, little girl." Sovranita said, her eyes remaining closed. "It's considered rude."
Ustiona was flustered. She disliked when Sovranita made a fool out of her.
She calmed herself and turned to head for the door that would lead to the hallway.
"Where do you think you're going?" Sovranita said.
Ustiona heard a glass clinking against the table but she kept walking.
She opened the door and stopped. "Training. In the garden. I'll be there."
And with that the door closed and Ustiona left.

Sovranita was surprised. She knew she was being a little harsh to Ustiona but
she always admired a Ringmasters' determination to stand up to her own Guardian.

Daichi was leaving the Dining Hall when he noticed a girl laying helplessly on her Guardian.
"Don't mind..sss... her. She's well taken care of by her Guardian. You need to hurry to
Miss Cuore. I have a feeling we're late..sss..." Traveste said while slithering along, keeping
up with Daichi's hurried footsteps.
"Yeah, you're right." Daichi quickly forgot about the girl and hurried towards the garden
for a training session with Ustiona Cuore.

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"Come one come all, for the unbelievable awe-inspiring act of Maya and Fin!" Maya stood balanced on Fin's back, while he walked around in circles. She bowed to the invisible crowd that was making up the garden. Eira sat watching, admiring Maya's refined innocence, and laughed at her use of words, for an eight year old, she had a really great vocabulary. "This majestic, sumptuous lion," Fin shook his head in approval of Maya's words, "is the world acclaimed Fin!" Eira clapped and hurrahed the lion and the girl.

What shall we do first, Princess?

For some reason unknown, Fin's thoughts could also slip into Maya's mind. This did not work both ways, Maya could not respond in his thoughts, as Eira could. "Our first act we will need our dazzling assistant, Eira!" Eira stood from her spot, walked to the pair, and began bowing to the "crowd". "This ginormous lion will jump over our assistant, and I will stay atop him!" Fin began to back up until he was several yards away from Eira.

"One... two... THREE!" Maya pointed forward and Fin began to charged toward Eira; Eira stood perfectly still, and Maya was laughing as if there would be no tomorrow. Maya locked her knees together, and Fin jumped over Eira, with no trouble. He landed softly and gracefully on the ground, and Maya was still in the same spot she was when they first started. This was how Eira and Maya trained.
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When Annette and Aiden reached the dorm, she was forced to get off his back. His current form was much too big to fit through the door. She leaped off- but as she landed, a shot of pain flashed through her head. She lost her balance, and her head was headed straight towards the hard ground. But before she made impact with the ground, an arm reached out and caught her. She weakly looked up at the person.

He had white hair, that was a little longer than the tips of his ears. They were stylishly cut into uneven bangs, that sometimes covered his bright blue eyes. He was wearing a simple t-shirt with jeans, and he had a skinny but strong body build. He looked no older than 18, and his looks were something a girl would swoon about.

He smiled at her, and Annette blushed.

"I haven't seen you like this in a while, Aiden..." she managed to squeak out, as she quickly scrambled out of his arms.

Oh, get a grip. It's just me. Nothing's different, Aiden replied in his mind. Even though he could now speak, he prefered to converse with their thoughts.

But... but... you're human! And you know how nervous and shy I get! And I haven't seen you like this since I was 10! she exclaimed.

Aiden rolled his eyes, and Annette quickly turned around and ran into the dorms. He gave a quiet sigh and followed after her.
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When Ustiona reached the garden, Daichi and his Guardian, Traveste, had already arrived.
"Oh good, you're here early." she said, walking towards them. She noticed he had already brought his sword.
She smiled. 'He's learning fast... that's good.' she thought. She looked at Traveste. She had always been suspicious
of him but learned to trust him after an incident that had happened a year before.

"Uhh.. Ustiona, where's your Guardian?" Daichi asked nervously. He was always aware of what he was
saying to make sure his words wouldn't anger Ustiona.
"Please Spiacente, call me Miro. Ustiona is.. too formal. We're friends here, right?" she grinned at Daichi
and ruffled his beanie. He smiled back, fixing his beanie. "Right."
"So...ssss... where is Sova?" Traveste asked, slithering up to where Daichi and Ustiona were standing.
"She's still up in the room. You can probably see her from the balcony." Ustiona said and then looked up.
She was lucky enough to have a room that contained a balcony and also had a view of the garden.
Ustiona, Daichi, and Traveste all looked up. And as Ustiona said, Sovranita was there perched on
the railing of the balcony, cleaning her feathers.
'So she's returned to her animal form, huh?' Ustiona thought to herself.
"Hey! Sova! Come down here! We're starting training now!" Ustiona called to Sovranita.
"We'd better start training soon, Ustio-- uhh, Miro. I heard some other Ringmasters
will be using the garden for training as well." Daichi said.
Ustiona turned and grinned. "Well that's great. We can challenge them! It'll be good for our training!"
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Annette flopped down on her bed as soon as they arrived at the room. She felt like crap. It was as if needles were stabbing her body all over, and her stomach was being washed in acid. She moaned and clenched her eyes shut. She could hear Aiden moving around in the kitchen- still in his human form- as he was probably preparing her some soup for her stomach. Suddenly, her cellphone started to ring, screaming its ringtone as it lay in her jean pocket.

She groaned and retrieved the phone as she sat up. She looked at the Caller ID. "The President". "Oh shit," she exclaimed out loud. Aiden peered out the kitchen, looking at her curiously. What would he want? You didn't do anything did you? He asked. "No you idiot. You're always with me, remember? If I did something, you would have killed me first," she replied out loud. He just rolled his eyes and went back to work. The phone was still screaming, so she finally answered it. She kept quiet, not saying anything.

"Annette! It's you right! You're there right!" exclaimed the President, who was energetic and chirpy as usual. "Yes..." she squeaked. "Good, good! I have a job for you! Well a job for you and more! You need to meet me in my wing! Pronto! Immediately! Now!" he replied, fast and hyper. He was always like this. But she was starting to get worried. A job from the President was never good. She fiddled with her fingers nervously. "Oh, by the way, you need to fetch Eira and Fin as well! They should be training! Somewhere! I don't know where! But find them! And come here with them! Now! Immediately! Pronto!" he exclaimed again. "Yes, sir..." she said quietly. "Good girl! Well I'm done! Over and out!" and with that, the line went dead.

Eira and Fin...? she thought to herself.

You know, the girl and lion with the flashy entrance to the Dining Hall this morning? Aiden replied.

Ohh! she said. Well, we better get going... she added nervously after a few seconds. She was already feeling way too shy and nervous, even though they hadn't even met yet. Not to mention she still hurt like hell.

Aiden walked to the door and held it open. After you.

She managed half a smile and walked out, Aiden quickly following.

- - - - -

After just a few minutes of searching, they found the two of them in the training garden. Whenever someone glanced over at Annette, her cheeks flushed. She really wished she wasn't this shy. Aiden gently grabbed her hand and gave it an encouraging squeeze. She smiled thankfully at him. She had managed to convince him to stay in his human form, just in case she became paralyzed from her "shyness" and was unable to explain the situation.

The two walked over to the other pair.
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They three had just finished their training session, and both Eira and Maya were dripping with sweat that showed their hard work. They took place on the soft ground of the garden and looked up at the sky. It was a clear day, only a few inflated clouds hung in the sky. Aodhfin had altered his appearance so that he was in his human form and laying down between the two girls.

"I see a puff ball." Maya breathed as her eyes wondered across the sky. "You can see a puff ball, your suppose to see an animal, or some object." Fin pointed out. "Fine then I see sheep wool." Maya retorted rolling onto her side, so that her back was to Fin. Fin sat up and watched as a- who he though was a Ringmaster and their Guardian approached. Eira brought her hand to her face and traced a finger down the scar that went across her eye. "Don't worry about them." Fin whispered as he stood and offered his hand to her. She took it, and with his help, pulled herself up. Maya sat up, but did not leave her place on the ground. Eira started to rub her right arm as the drew closer, her hand drifting along the scars that wrapped around it.

"H-hello, is there something you need?" Eira asked.
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