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Post Reply Favourite "underrated" Code Geass character
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21 / F / shitty england
Posted 6/19/10

Though I hated him up to his death.

He just wanted to be loved
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Posted 8/20/10

She was underrated because nobody seems to realize that even after Lelouch used his geass on her and she became millions of times more evil, she was still far better than any of the other characters or all of them compbined. And even though the geass command made her follow a goal that was thousands of times more evil than her previous goal, her new and more evil goal was still far less evil than the goals of any of the other characters.

The series could only have a happy ending if original Euphie achieved her goals, and even after her goals became thousands of times worse with the geass command, her victory would have been better for the world than the actual ending or the victory of any of the other characters.
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19 / F
Posted 9/17/10
i lik both anya and gino so i can't decide between those 2
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20 / F
Posted 11/14/10
1. Rolo
2. Euphemia
3. Gino
4. Anya
5. Rivalz
6. Kanon
7. Milly
8. Sayoko
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18 / M
Posted 1/16/11
jeremiah, though I like anya quite as well
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22 / F
Posted 1/17/11
Considering how large the cast is that's obvious that most characters would not get much screen time out of 50 eps. Although I myself voted for Orange I don't really think he should be in the list, and people are right about Milly. Feels like we should have known more about her and the past with Lelouch.
Posted 2/24/11
Lloyd just cause he was hilarious, he carried being an ass well. And so I must also include his blue haired side kick.

Mao...I felt sorry for him with the way C.C. just abandoned him (to me it seemed like she just abandoned her own child, considering how he got the contract as a child...this is partly why I don't like C.C. and think she is a bit heartless) Also he would have made a great agent for the black Knights, if Lelouch had thought about it or technically if the writers/animators had thought to go that way. I came to this realization after reading someones fanfiction ans was like by Scotts they are so right.

Xing ke is my last choice, I thought it was a pity to have him introduced so late in to the series and then after he epically out-matched LuLu to have him barely appear.
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Posted 4/19/11
Nunnally. The one character who is able to break a Geass completely on her own.

Euphemia could be considered second, as she is able to accomplish much while looking like she's barely trying. However, if Euphemia had gotten her way, there would only be a small little paradise in Area 11, while the rest of the world continued to be oppressed by Britannia. Euphemia's idealism pales in comparison to Lelouch and Nunnally's big picture.
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19 / F / Stalker Street
Posted 8/3/11
I was about to vote for Jeremiah, But chose Anya instead cuz she's cute
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20 / M / omniverse
Posted 3/13/12 , edited 10/13/13
euphemia, she was a purple haired badass with a machine gun and was a great character overall
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25 / F / Area 11
Posted 10/10/14
Would Tohdoh be considered underrated? Anyways, I really like him. He's basically Colonel Badass. I love his English dub voice; Steve Blum is cool.
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14 / F / Somewhere near Asia
Posted 11/15/14 , edited 11/15/14
Well, for the underrated characters, I think it's the Glaston Knights, those Valkryie chicks, Lloyd, Cecile, Milly and Rivalz. Oh and Tohdoh too. He's badass. Also the Four Holy Swords (Urabe, Chiba, Asahina and Senba).

Oh, and I think Tianzi is underrated too. Also Shirley since many people hate her.

I think Nina is also underrated, although I'm not a fan of Nina myself (in fact she is the one I dislike from Code Geass). Just stating the fact.

And from the poll, I picked Anya. She is my favorite from all the choice (she is so cute! ) , although I like Gino and Orange too. They are both hilarious and also badass
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