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Japan Anime Media Market Shunk by 10%
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Posted 10/13/09 , edited 10/13/09
'I have seen 3 new anime that might be worth given a try.. But I have to the most part given up on anime, quality has been going down hill in the last 8 years, wen it comes to story and characters. '

Posted 10/15/09 , edited 10/15/09
It's sad but true an a lot of things. I used to have a big anime store by my place called Anime Nuts, and even Best Buy and DVD Planet store had a fairly good selection of stuff, and stocked new stuff. In the last year or two I see less and less on the shelves, the anime store down the street went out of business and Best Buy stores only carry a few big "money making" titles. Most of my anime I have to buy online, or buy region 3's and convert them to Region 1 so I can enjoy em on my TV at home. There's a couple good places here in LA (chinatown), but anime in general doesn't seem as good, at least the stuff I'm into. It seems like a lot of the same stuff, same premise, just different characters or style. It's all too bad, I remember seeing anime on dvd almost anywhere, now almost nowhere.

I also hate the high price for a series on dvd, especially when they divide them up on like 5 dvds, which you have to buy individually, then 4 months later the whole series comes out in a slim case set for half the price. Or worse, buying something like Moonlight Mile vol 1,2, 3 of season 1, only to have season two DVD pulled before it even hit the shelf - I think that company went under and the properties went to Funmation??? Anyways, will I ever get to see the end on DVD?

And don't get me started on the Blu-ray prices, sure they look pretty amazing on my TV but $35 for Akira, come on.

These companies should offer HD quality downloads or something, I'll make my own DVD's. I read about some really cool anime shows in Japan that I doubt I'll ever get to see, because it will never get distributed over here in the U.S.
Posted 10/15/09 , edited 10/15/09
oh well it was bound to happen one day~
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