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What Is your favourite MoonCake flavour?
Posted 9/10/09
Yay!...Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon...i miss the mooncake!
Any 1 here eaten mooncake before? i love it... taste it before at the china town.

i like tiramisu ,green tea ,pandan,chocolate and ice cream flavour!

what's your favourite mooncake flavour?.

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30 / M
Posted 9/10/09
i like chocolate and pandan flavour too!

i dun like th one with a lot of nuts in it.
Posted 9/10/09
i like the snow skin mooncake more than the ordinary plain brown colour skin mooncake

heres my favourite

Posted 9/10/09
snowskin mooncake better!
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35 / F
Posted 9/13/09
i like the lotus with double egg yolk
Posted 9/15/09
basically all...cause i love mooncakes
Posted 9/16/09 , edited 9/16/09
I'm pretty sure that the only I like is "orginal" I think, its like a translusent yellowy beige whitish colour with an egg yolk inside. I dont like the yolk : ( Chocola is O.K too! I can't eat it without tea, not the sweet type of tea tho . . .
Posted 9/16/09
look Yummy!
but i havent eat it i dunno what flavour is better.
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28 / F / Philippines
Posted 9/20/09
any flavor would do... i just can't say no to mooncakes!
Posted 9/22/09 , edited 9/22/09 the mooncake festival over yet?
Posted 9/22/09
look yummy. i like the plain one ^^
Posted 9/23/09
i cant resist mooncakes too!
i like green tea flavour ^^
Posted 9/24/09
basically ...all~~
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25 / F
Posted 9/27/09
all flavour are yummy
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Posted 9/29/09
whoa.....lovely mooncakes...
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