Gender Bender Dramas
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25 / F / in yur dark heart
Posted 9/12/09 , edited 9/13/09
so what do you guys think about gender bender dramas??
as for me nowadayz i am in for the gender bender drama and could you please recommend me some to watch

.please comment
thank you ................XD
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23 / F / world w/out stran...
Posted 9/12/09 , edited 9/12/09
` mendol ikemen idol i think ~ !!
Posted 9/14/09 , edited 9/14/09

Painter of the Wind!
Posted 9/14/09 , edited 9/14/09
Hana Kimi
Coffee Prince
Posted 9/26/09 , edited 9/26/09
I'm not being sexist, but Iook, when I went to CR, alot of girls here and where the hell are the boys -.-? CR relly have a large female unbalance. We need more guys here, I'm a boy myself, and the discussions are compIeteIy out of me. I don't fit such girly discussions Iike who wanna go out with who, romantic discussions, which guy is the hottest...... The poll shows 90% of these people are actually female >.>
C'mon, why there're so little male population in CR, I see lots of girls here, but where're the boys >.<
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27 / F / California
Posted 9/26/09 , edited 9/26/09
its hard to find like gender bender dramas
so far i only know two and thats

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