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Koihime Musou is now here on CR
Posted 10/4/09
i dont lyk journey anime's
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Posted 10/4/09
Every Saturday new episodes supposed to be put up? Seems like that was a lie. :)

CR is awesome, but come on, I need my Koihime Musou fix.
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Posted 10/4/09 , edited 10/4/09

Kira0309 wrote:

STOP UPLOADING YURI!!!! either upload some yaoi or at the least a shonen-ai to appease the opposite sex and be FAIR...or....STOP UPLOADING IT!!!!!!! im so sick of all these disgusting yuri anime being uploaded >_<

swtcakes wrote:

what's an H-video game? what does the H stand for?
anime sounds interesting, the synopsis anyway.

the H stands for hentai....basically its a porno game =_=

as a typical guy sure i like yuri content But.... I personally wouldn't care if they added a number of yaoi titles to appease the people who prefer those anime's.

I would assume the biggest problem is finding the yaoi that's not only being aired for simulcasting but not so graphic it can still be aired on this site and not be some other companies release.

Hentai = pervert / perverted

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