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Posted 9/14/09 , edited 9/19/09
Hamachi is a system that coincides with the YVD or YuGiOh Virtual Desktop. Hamachi sues the IP or user codes to have a one on one dueling match much liek a one on one instant message chat. You will have to download both YVD version 8.0 (TCG) and Hamachi systems to your desktop to be able to duel with us. Keep in mind we will still duel in chat rooms, but via YVD settings which will be describe in a different forum later.

So it is imperative that you can downlaod and make accesible these two systems to be ale to have fun and share scores on crunchyroll. If you ave any problems with it pleas epsot it on here or tlak 2 me(stealth) or lion so we cna assess the situation. When you finally downlaod those two you will receive via e-mail the network group name and password to enter in our 5ds network. where we chat resulting in us dueling as well. Thnx for ur coorporation.

Here are the links:

Yu-Gi-Oh Virtual Desktop(YVD) Overview by YUGIOH WIKI!_Virtual_Desktop

YVD Actually download link:

Hamachi Download site:
Once you download and followed steps to install it on your desktop. Please click the button that looks like a gear or the Jion Network button and join this network:. 5ds Crib and the password is: stealth

Maker of YVD system and its lsit about YVD updates and etc:
Posted 9/19/09 , edited 9/19/09
It's actually 5ds Crib with no apostrophe and no upercase "d" lol
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