Poll Tournament - September 2009
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Posted 9/15/09 , edited 9/15/09
Well, I've decided to take a second crack at implementing a Poll Tournament. I'm skipping the nomination process (for now), since that was when the first attempt at things fell apart. Basically here's the premise of the tournament.

-Various characters, people, inanimate objects, etc, will duke each other out on a Round of Sixteen Tournament.
-Seeding was determined in a secret convoluted manner which I only know for now.
-Each match will be a one-on-one poll trying to gather the most votes within 48 hours. All polls will be found in the Polls section. Links from this thread will be provided.
-Whoever/Whichever gets the most votes wins that match and advances to the next round. Loser is eliminated.
-In the rare case of a tie, polling shall be extended by another 24 hours.
-In the rarest of cases where it's tied again after the tie-breaker, the lower seed wins.
-The Tournament Bracket shall be re-arranged after every round according to seeding, just like in the National Hockey League. (i.e. this is not a Fixed-Bracket Tournament)
-The last one to survive shall win the tournament!

Now, I could go all out and spam the Polls section with polls from this tournament, but that would border on overkill. Thus, there would only be two matches available for polling at any given time. If a thread dies with no votes in it, the tiebreaker rules still apply! So vote!

May the best dude win!


Here are the Seeding and Matches:

Round I

[1] Darth Vader
[16] Saotome Ranma

[2] Lara Croft
[15] Chiba Kirino

[3] Solid Snake
[14] Kinomoto Sakura

[4] Bruce Wayne
[13] Izumi Konata

[5] Uzumaki Naruto
[12] Ikari Shinji

[6] Samus Aran
[11] Hirasawa Yui

[7] Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog
[10] Narusegawa Naru

[8] Barney and Friends
[9] Himura Kenshin

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Posted 9/15/09 , edited 9/15/09
Match I is up:

[1] Darth Vader


[16] Saotome Ranma

Here's the link to the poll:
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