Guys: Guide to getting any girl you want. Guaranteed
Posted 9/15/09
Heloow^^ Sorry to bother you guys ^__^
Instead of having me edit the thread
and delete whatever posts seemed like spam
(like animoo_x used to do..*sigh* i miss you)
Kippu thought it would be a better idea for me to just repost the whole thing
so uhm..yeah.

Any girl you want.
In three easy steps.


1. Make urself as "cute" as possible:

You'll get more being cute than hot..
so get a cool trendy haircut every1s wearing, get a magazine if u need an idea..
Of whatever style shes into: Rocker, street, emo, geek, ect.
and get the pimples off your face and your good.

2. Have at least a little bitta cash

A girl wont stay with you long if your broke...she'll say she will...but she
only will until someone with more cash comes around...then it'll be
"you just dont understand me anymore". Lol. Stay around her social status
and your cool, if you know she makes more $ than you, its best to either not tell her
how much you make or lie. I know it sounds bad, but we live in a bad world.

3. Dress nicely, and dont be a jerk

Don't have an extreme personality...then you'll have to find sum1 weird like you...might take a while..
Instead have a moderate, chill kinda vibe, but be able to be funny. Other than that just dress well, and
if you need help again get a magazine. So dress well, dont be jerk n your fine.

Thats IT!

Basically most women are pretty easy, because generally there pretty material and superficial
They're not as complicated as they would want you to think..
Be cute, have a little $, dress nicely and dont be a jerk and your in.
Most women are opportunists and are not intrested in whats best for them,
but what looks the coolest from what they read or learn on tv and from friends :D
whatevers the best option at the moment..
So make urself look like their best opportunity and your in. Guaranteed

Its so easy its boring....Now you have the secret.

note: To be fair this may not apply completely to about 9% of girls..
a good way to check is too see if shes willing to get with you kinda
worming around her parents or close family...if so your in.

Now girls are going to reply negatively obviously...
they dont want to appear simple and shallow
they'll say "those things dont matter", and "thats not how you can get me.."
and that its really just about a "connection" or "chemistry" Lol
Ignore it. Trust me, you'll be fine.
And any guys who attack these ideas are just trying
to look good and "sensitive" for the girls..
Lol there knight in shining armor to save them from the bad guy (me)
I'll take one for the team ;)


Kippu wrote:

Got a report saying the creator is just spamming his own thread and insulting others. Which I agree with.
Thread is filled with spam. If you're thinking about recreating this thread, then do it so others can pitch ideas into the guild.


Right...ok um..
So if anyone has any ideas to 'pitch
into the guild' please feel free ^^
be careful not to be too disagreeable with me or get too
deep into a debate or you will be in trouble for spamming
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Posted 9/15/09
Thread summary:

Common sense and a rod
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Posted 9/15/09
According to my friend's brother, you should always agree with whatever the chick says, and never argue with her~

I'd hate if a guy did that,
but most girls seem to like
it for some reason

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Posted 9/15/09
bullcrap, its all about self confidence and creating the perfect moment, never leave akward pauses, the weirder you seem, the more likely you'll be approached about it and it creates opportunity. "cute" haircut is bleh,
Posted 9/15/09
Miss Short Fetish doesn't like boys with money.
I like it when he and I can go around begging people for money, it's more fun that way!

Be nice to Kippu and the mods!
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Posted 9/15/09
Hey Turbo, you should try out your own advice and actually get yourself a girl that's not over the internet.
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Posted 9/15/09
You so smart. I never know. j00 must be genios.

T'ank you!
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